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Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by BC teacher: Mrs. Gatz
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I think that Jodee was bullied becasue she's great at speechmaking and not because she doesn't do any of the popular things. Because Jodee got the Candies sandals and the designer jeans but she still didn't feel accepted in the 'cool crowd'. When she got tested in the bathroom by Sharon,one of the popular girls in school, and her followers,I think Jodee felt as if she needed to pass the test. So Sharen started to talk to her and then she offered a cigarett to Jodee but Jodee didn't want to fit in that way, so she lied and said she had a cold I've seen a situation like this happen to a girl called "Pickle" (by the way I'm using random words because I'm not going to name names) . So people in my class started to say that Pickle started a rumor  but I don't know the whole story.Anyway we were all down in the locker room and Pickle wasn't down there and two girls took Pickle's clothes and put them in the shower and ran water on them.So after they were finished I took Pickle's clothes out and I reported the whole situation to an adult.So I was being her friend when everyone else ignored her and she came back So I think that the most areas where this happens is in places where only certain people see it and no adults around.

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HI! My name is Brielle Clary and my favorite animal is a lion.I love the colors lime green and light blue.I'm getting new contacts!My best friend in the whole wide world is Rae. I have a horse and 2 dogs. My family is the best! And all of my best friends are in the same family, which is cool.I absolutely love the moon and nightime.OH! I couldn't live without my music!!!

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