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Title: Persuasive Essay II (06/01/09)
Description: What's something that really bothers you about your school, town, or neighborhood?

Article posted June 10, 2009 at 03:02 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 973

Are you ever worried when your kids go down slides that there will be curse words on the slide? Or when you go down the slide you feel mad because there are curse words on the slide? I know I do!

First of all, kids might write curse words on the slide because when me and my friends were playing and when we went down the slide we saw curse words that were really bad. And then other kids went down and then started to write curse words on our slide.

Second of all, kids might start to say the curse words. I heard that some little kids were sliding down the slide and saw the curse words and thought it was cool so they started to say the curse words.

And most importantly, it makes our town look bad. When my cousin was over she went down the slide, and she saw the curse words. Then she said, “this is a horrible town!”

People who write curse words on our playground slides might do it because they might think they’re cool. I think they are so wrong because it makes our town look bad.

If you don’t want kids to start saying curse words then don’t write curse words on our slide!

Article posted June 10, 2009 at 03:02 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 973

Article posted June 4, 2009 at 03:28 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 129


Do you smoke? Or smoke in front of your kids. You should stop smoking. WHY?

First of all, it can hurt you because you can get lung cancer, and your teeth will turn yellow. Your wife or husband or maybe boy or girlfriend won’t want to kiss you.

,you can die because the smoke goes through your body and into your heart. Your family would be sad.

Another reason is that it hurts people around you. My friend’s mom smokes in front of her kids and my friend has asthma.

The most important reason is that you influence kids when they grow up. My aunt smokes, and she has two kids. They say when they grow up they want to smoke. One of them pretends to smoke with a real cigarette.

People smoke because they think it makes them cool and be like grown ups or because their parents smoke, but I still think it is wrong because you can get asthma and you influence little kids.

Do you smoke? Well, STOP it. Do you or your kids have asthma? Or are your teeth yellow or your kids pretend to smoke? Then you are influencing your kids to smoke. Then you know what to do, STOP SMOKING OR ELSE.

Article posted June 4, 2009 at 03:28 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 129

Article posted June 1, 2009 at 02:41 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 94

Have you ever seen graffiti and felt so mad, because people are making your town look not nice? Well, I have! People should stop doing graffiti!

To start with, it doesn’t make the town look nice. Whenever I’m in the car with my mom, sometimes I see graffiti on the walls of a building. I mean, it makes the town look not nice and clean. If people just built a new, nice, and beautiful building and people go and write graffiti on it, the nice, new building won’t look so beautiful anymore.

Another reason is you can’t get it off the walls. When someone is writing on the walls, it’s almost impossible to get it off! Once my friend went to clean up her fence because it had graffiti on it, and she tried to get it off, but she couldn’t!

Most importantly, if people see it they will do it too! When a teenager sees his friend do it, the teenager will think that since his friend is doing it, he will think it’s cool, and he will start to do it too! And who wants more graffiti?

The people who do graffiti might do it because maybe they think it’s art, and they think it’s cool. But I think they’re still wrong because even though they think it’s art work, it’s going to make other people do it. It makes our town look dirty, and it’s impossible to get off!

So if you see someone doing graffiti tell them to stop! Stop graffiti today!

Article posted June 1, 2009 at 02:41 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 94

Article posted June 1, 2009 at 02:37 PM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 134

2 bottle top

3 bottle top

4 bottle top

5 bottle top

6 bottle top

7 bottle top


Don’t throw your trash in my yard

my yard

my yard

don’t throw your trash in my yard

my yard is clean!

Do you want your town to look good? Do you want your lawn to look good? Then you should throw your garbage away!

First of all, it smells. Sometimes it’s really bad that there are guests coming over, and they smell it. They might never come back because it smells so bad. It also looks dirty, and people won’t treat you the way you want to be treated because of how your yard looks.

Another reason is that other people have to clean up; the people that work in the town have to clean it up!  It is really gross because the garbage could be a half eaten something or a cigarette or a drink bottle and they have to touch it!

The best reason is that it pollutes the earth. Animals could die, and people could get very sick because they breathe it in. Also little animals like squirrels could eat it!

The people who litter might say I don’t care if the town’s workers have to clean it, up it’s not my garbage; it’s not my job to clean it up. The town’s workers are here to clean up our garbage! They are still wrong because the town’s workers should not clean up other people’s garbage. Yes, it’s their job to clean up but not other people’s garbage.

If you want your lawn and other peoples’ lawns clean, then you should help and throw your garbage away. MAKE A DIFFERRENCE!

Article posted June 1, 2009 at 02:37 PM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 134

Article posted June 3, 2009 at 03:13 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 119

Have you ever been to the town of Mamaroneck? If you haven’t, you need to come out from the rock you live under! Mamaroneck is really awesome!

The first reason the town is special is my mom and I go to Payless to get new shoes. The first time I went to Payless I was four. It was awesome. I bought two pairs of shoes. They were both Air Walks.

Another reason is there’s good food at Sal’s. For example, they have good gelato.

The biggest reason is my uncle works at the movie theater. I always get in free.

Some people say that they hate the town because they raise prices on sales that were low. Also, the town is crowded. But I like this town.

If you don’t like this town then get out! Mamaroneck has good stores to buy stuff and good places to eat. You need to come to this town!

Article posted June 3, 2009 at 03:13 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 119

Article posted June 8, 2009 at 03:12 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 97


If you like recess would you want to play for exactly 30 minnutes? We should play for 30 minutes.

The first reason is that we have to recharge because then we are ready for anything and we won’t fall asleep.

Another reason is that it is the only time we have freedom to do whatever we want to do for 30 minutes.

Most importantly, it is the only time we can exercise to make our legs stronger and our bodies healthy.

Teachers don’t let us play for exactly 30 minutes because they say we never pay attention and always scream. Another reason is that we always walk the track so slow and that takes away time. But their wrong because it is the only time we can exercise.

Now remember, if your teacher never lets you play for 30 minutes, write a letter to the principal and say that it is the only time we can exercise.

Article posted June 8, 2009 at 03:12 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 97

Article posted June 3, 2009 at 03:02 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 121

Are you tired of students cursing around you? Come to my school. People here don’t curse often. You should not curse!

First of all, students can be obsessed with cursing. Once, a person was cursing and laughing. When people become obsessed with cursing, it can bother others. One of my classmates curses a lot.

Next, curses are bad words. People who curse a lot say bad words very often. Once, someone was so mad at me he cursed a lot. Cursing means bad stuff.

Most importantly, you will get in trouble. One time, one of my classmates almost said a full curse word in front of a monitor. He almost got in trouble. Cursing always means trouble.

Students who swear could say, “I didn’t mean to curse.” Or, “my parents were cursing.” Students could curse because they were mad or they saw someone else cursing. They’re still wrong because even though students could be mad, they could say, “Please stop.” They shouldn’t have to curse. It could hurt others’ feelings.

Students who curse MAY be bad people. Cursing CAN mean a bad situation. You may learn some curses, but don’t use them. Tell on the people who curse. So if you don’t want to risk getting in trouble, go and be a curse-free person!

Article posted June 3, 2009 at 03:02 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 121

Article posted June 8, 2009 at 03:29 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 125

Don’t you want clean bathrooms? And go into a nice bathroom for once? I would! Well, let’s see what we can do. People should redo public bathrooms!

First of all, the bathrooms stink! Don’t you ever walk into a public bathroom and it smells…A LOT?! Well, I have for sure, and I wonder, “Whoever cleans these bathrooms?” The bathrooms smell bad because people don’t do their business in the right spot or they do but they never flush the toilet. YUCK!

Another reason is there are cracked walls. Ever wonder where all the bugs come from in the bathroom? Well, there are these little cracks in the bathroom walls. One time my friend and I walked into a public bathroom and a huge cockroach came out of a cracked wall so me and my friend started yelling and screaming and ran out of the bathroom and never went in there again!

Most importantly, little kids learn from that and think it’s “cool” doing bad stuff like not doing their business in the right spot or leaving toilet paper on the floor.

Some people might think the bathrooms stink and they say, "Who cares? They’re just bathrooms and what do you expect them to smell like flowers?!" People could say, ”who cares?” Or they might say, “So? What’s wrong with cracked walls? Who cares?” Maybe it looks cool but you should do that stuff at home or at an art studio. Plus you're teaching kids the wrong thing.

Still, do you want to go into a bathroom and it smells disgusting, has gross bugs, and graffiti? Well if you don’t, REDO THOSE PUBLIC BATHROOMS!

Article posted June 8, 2009 at 03:29 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 125

Article posted June 9, 2009 at 04:00 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 100

Do you like to eat without problems and in peace? Because I think we should get new trays for the lunch room.

I think we should get new trays for the lunch because they don’t break down in the garbage. And that’s bad because when they go to the junkyard some animals might eat them.

Second, they kill plants and trees and we need plants and trees to breath or else we will die.

Last of all, they pollute the earth. First, sometimes people throw the garbage into the ocean and the trays go. Or instead of putting the garbage on a boat they just go and dump it out in the middle of the ocean. That’s bad because fishermen go out and get fish. But they can’t get the fish to sell and eat. The fish aren’t there because they died or moved.

I think the lunch people don’t get new trays because they don’t have enough money or they don’t have the time. That’s bad because they kill our environment.

Do you like to eat lunch at school without problems? Then if you do, go to your lunch room and ask for different trays.

Article posted June 9, 2009 at 04:00 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 100

Article posted June 5, 2009 at 07:48 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 87

Have you ever seen a person with yellow teeth and bad breath? Well, if you have now you know why you shouldn’t smoke.

First of all, when you smoke it effects your brain. For example, you start getting loss of memory, and every smoke you take your life gets shorter and shorter.

In addition, when you smoke you start to cough. When you smoke, a lot later you’re going to have problems breathing.

The biggest reason is that when you smoke it doesn’t just effect you. It effects the people around you. When you smoke, people start to cough and they cover their nose because they don’t want to breathe in the bad smoke.

People smoke because they think it will make them cool. But I think it’s still wrong to smoke because it effects your teeth and brain.


Article posted June 5, 2009 at 07:48 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 87

Article posted June 5, 2009 at 07:11 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 91

Do you know people who say curse words all the time? Do you think that what they’re doing is bad? Well, I do. I think people shouldn’t curse all the time!

First of all, it’s bad for your reputation. What if you want to become famous or get into a good college? The chances are you probably won’t because they know you curse all the time.

In addition, you can get in trouble. I heard about one kid who cursed to the teacher and got in so much trouble.

Most importantly, little kids might hear you. I heard that little kids are like sponges, and they listen to everything you say. And if they hear you say curse words they can keep saying them a lot for their whole life.

I know that people sometimes curse because they’re stressed out and their parents curse all the time. But I don’t think that’s an excuse. You still should be the better person and know that cursing is wrong.

If you want to be a good person, and prosper in life then be a good person and don’t curse all the time!

Article posted June 5, 2009 at 07:11 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 91

Article posted June 2, 2009 at 02:37 PM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 105

Don’t you hate it when people smoke and throw their cigarettes on the ground? Well, I know I hate that. People shouldn’t smoke.

First of all, don’t you hate when people throw their cigarettes on the ground? It makes the town look dirty, and it can pollute the air. Once they are done they throw the cigarettes on the ground. People can step on them or babies, dogs, or cats can pick them up, and they can die from putting them in their mouths.

Also, people might ask you to smoke, and you don’t want to. People might force you to smoke but you don’t want to. This is called peer pressure.

The biggest reason is second hand smoke. Have you ever been next to someone when they smoke? Well, I have. People shouldn’t smoke because they might cause other people to get lung cancer, and they might die because of that.

People might think it is cool to smoke. They might think that if they smoke they can become popular. I think that people should not smoke because if they do I think they won’t become popular. It is not cool.

So, if people smoke there are lot of cigarettes on the ground, people might ask them to smoke, or smokers can give some one second hand smoke. So please stop smoking.

Article posted June 2, 2009 at 02:37 PM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 105

Article posted June 3, 2009 at 02:43 PM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 85

Are you sick of Choir? Are you trying to decide whether to make Choir optional or not? If you have these questions then you should read this. Music teachers should not make us participate in Choir.

First of all, it isn’t fun. You aren’t allowed to talk, and if you do you get in trouble. So it is basically more time to get in trouble. And who likes to sit around for thirty minutes?!

Another reason is it is a waste of time. If not a lot of people sing it’s just people doing nothing or people getting yelled at to sing. I know I would rather take a boring test or read; I don’t even like those things.

And finally, the boys don’t like it. I HATE it, but that’s just me, I know some of my friends would rather do homework so they can play later than do Choir. To me, it is just more time to get in trouble. When kids get bored they try to find a way to entertain themselves. It's also just another place that stops a kid from letting his or her energy out. Then they will do worse in school and worse with kids after school.

I guess “some” kids like singing or being on a stage. Well, I can do a presentation on a stage but not something as embarrassing as singing. But I think they are still wrong because not “everyone” likes to sing so this is miserable for people like me. They should just have a group or sign up to do that stuff like the play if you don’t want to do it just don’t sign up.

Now you can see that music teachers should not make us do Choir because you can get bored, talk, and get in trouble. Do you want to get in trouble? Well, I don’t think so. So music teachers, make Choir optional.

Article posted June 3, 2009 at 02:43 PM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 85

Article posted June 1, 2009 at 02:34 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 86

Do you want to have a clean bathroom where it smells good and looks good? Well, if you do then start cleaning up the bathroom. People should keep the bathrooms cleaner.

First of all, people won’t go to the bathroom if it is dirty. They might not go and they will need to hold it in and that is bad. Once I heard that a kindergartener had to go to the bathroom but it was so dirty that she decided to hold it back. Then she had an accident in her class.

Another reason is that people might slip. If water was everywhere, and someone wasn’t looking, he/she might slip. If the floor was slippery, people may get hurt.

Lastly, germs get everywhere. In 2009 there is the swine flu. People can get sick. People will not be able to come to school.

People say it is fun, and it makes them look cool. But I still think they are wrong because it makes the bathroom look dirty.

If you don’t want germs and water and napkins to get everywhere then clean the bathrooms!

Article posted June 1, 2009 at 02:34 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 86

Article posted June 8, 2009 at 03:20 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 113

Stop, stop, stop littering all over the place!

Do you feel that littering is bad for the earth? I do.People shouldn’t litter all once!

First of all, littering can spread germs! You can get very sick and you can step on it and you can get hurt (if it was glass).

Also, littering can give you a 250 dollar fine. That’s a lot of money and you can go to jail if you don’t pay the fine. I heard that a person littered and got caught and he didn’t pay the fine so he went to jail.

Most importantly, it kills the earth. It could contaminate the air and you can get very sick or even DIE.

People could say there aren’t enough trash cans or they can’t find the trash cans. But they’re still wrong! It kills the earth. If the earth dies, we get contaminated air!

Well, there you have it! That’s how the earth dies, so do the earth a favor: Don’t litter all over the place!

Article posted June 8, 2009 at 03:20 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 113

Article posted June 2, 2009 at 02:40 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 87

Do you want your child to smoke or drink? Do you want them to have a short life? Do you feel they just never listen to you? Teens should stop smoking and drinking!

First of all, they could get drunk and hurt other people. Someone in my class knows this person and their uncle came home drunk. His wife wouldn’t let him inside the house so he tried to break through the window. Then he broke his whole arm and there was a pile of blood on the side walk. That’s how bad it is to be drunk.

In addition, it is very bad for your insides. Smoking can make your teeth yellow, your hair fall out, and your finger nails turn yellow and brown. You can also get lung cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer, and stomach cancer, and die from all of the cancers.

And most importantly, you can die when you are really young. Once in the village in front of Sal’s Pizzeria this kid that was about 14 was asking for a cigarette from this old man. The old man was just ignoring him. He’s’ already 14 and smoking! He’ll probably die young.

Most teenagers think their cool for smoking and drinking in front of their friends which is bad because they can’t stop. But I think they shouldn’t smoke or drink because it can slow their life down.

Smoking and drinking is bad for teens because you can die when your young and you’re not cool when you smoke and drink. I mean, why do they smoke and drink anyway? Do they think it’s cool? TEENS, DON’T SMOKE OR DRINK!

Article posted June 2, 2009 at 02:40 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 87

Article posted June 3, 2009 at 03:13 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 75

Do you like to steal? Well, stop stealing. People should stop stealing. First of all, you should stop stealing because you get into trouble. You get into trouble because stealing something that it is not yours is not good. There was this kid who went to Toy Box with his mom. This kid stole ten little skateboards to play with. Then, they told his mom what he did, and she needed to pay money. Another reason it is bad to steal is because you can go to jail. Also, you show little kids. Little kids watch someone steal, and they learn to steal. Most important, stealers think they are the best. Stealers think they're the best because they have almost everything, and they think they are rich. I see people with fancy cars because they steal, and they think they’re the best. People say they steal because they want those things and want to be rich. But I think they are wrong because they are stealing other people’s things. If you want those things go to work! Do you want to go jail? If you don’t, stop stealing!

Article posted June 3, 2009 at 03:13 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 75

Article posted June 5, 2009 at 07:38 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 88

If you see someone stealing don’t do it because you can get in trouble. People should not steal.

First of all stealing is not right because because others may do it too.

Also, someone can be hurt during a robbery.

People may steal because they want to be rich or cool. On the TV there was someone stealing at a jewelry store and other people in the store. That is not right.

Someone can get hurt during a robbery. It is not right, so don’t steal.

Article posted June 5, 2009 at 07:38 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 88

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