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Over the summer I went to Six Flags, New Jersey. I've been to Six Flags before, but that day I was planning to ride the world's fastest wooden roller coaster, El Toro! (That's spanish for bull.)

When we were parking in the parking lot, I SAW IT! Right then I knew why it was called The Bull. First of all, the whole roller coaster was huge, and I was just really focusing on the huge drop in the beginning. Somehow I was so scared to go on it, but also somehow I wanted to ride it SO BADLY!! The drop went completely straight down. And I still wanted to go on it. I saw other people riding it, and I could hear their screams.

Since I had been talking about the ride ever since my parents told me that we could go to Six Flags, they said we could go on that ride first. When we got to the ride I measured myself and I was tall enough. I think all you had to be was about 48 inches. My heart was pounding, and there was no line. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get on that ride with my family. There were two coasters riding and there was only a little of a line so it did not take long.

Then it was our turn to go on the El Toro. My dad and I were in front of my mom and brother, but we weren't the first cart. When the ride starts off you go on a hill, then you turn, then. . . WE WENT DOWN THE HILL!! I was screaming but loving the ride at the same time.

The ride is personally one of my favorite rides ever. I had so much fun.

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