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The Bikemitzvah was easy. Not to say that it wasn’t hard…but it wasn’t hard. I trained so hard and for so long that it was simple. It was fun and exciting, but luckily it was exactly according to the plan. Here is that layout from day 1 to day 3.
The first day (from Beaverton to Minden) there was an intense wind! So it was good and bad, but mostly a side wind. The first B&B we (we being my dad, trainer, friend and I) was very nice. The owners were a bit crazy but only in a way of making your stay ABSOLUTELY perfect. Day 1: 153 k in total, flat.
The next morning we woke up to a temperature of -1’c at 6 0’clock. But that day ended off being smooth as well, only getting lost a few times and a few dogs chasing us (a group of pit bulls for four whole minutes!) It went by fast. That night I stayed in a very cozy motel (best western) by myself (which was awesome!) and must have taken at least ten baths. By now I was tired. Day 2 : 128 k in total, rolling hills.
Last day, the shortet , hilliest most intense ride in Ontario (known as the hilly canyon amongst riders). I was doing the last day with 13 road bikers, other than the last 30 k I do all alone. It lived up to it’s expectations. This put me to the test, I had a cramp in my right gut so whenever I pedaled there was a sharp pain in my leg. But I made it in pain, but I made it. Day 3: 71 k in total, no flat, only hills.
The party was as great as possibly imagined, with nice speeches and exuberant people, it was perfect.

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