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by eva m teacher: Mr. D

I LOVED IT SOOOOO MUCH!!! I've been watching AmericanIdol since forever This yer, most tof the Top 13 contestants were really good but Kris was my favourite since the beggining and HE WON YAY. When they announced the winner I was sooo happy. I really liked Adam too but Kris was my favourite. I come to school the next day and everybody's saying that Adam didn't win because he's homosexual. I don't believe that at all. Adam has mad vocals but Kris had a better personality. I know it's wrong for people to vote based on the contestants' personalities but we all know it comes nto play when voting. Even if it came down to their perrsonal lives then I think they would be even because Kris is married which would make a lot of girl-fans not vote for him. Going into the finale, I liked both of them and I would be satisfied with the winner even if it was Adam but I liked Kris more because when it came to the type of music he was going to produce, I knew that I wold rather by an album that's more based country/pop(Kris) rather than heavy metal/rock(Adam) so I made my American cousins vote for Kris. The finale was AWESOME. In my opinion, it was one of the best finales American idol has ever had. Queen, KISS, Keith Urban, Cyndi Lauper, Queen Latifah, Lionel Ritchie, Carlos Santana, David Cook,Jason Mraz, Black Eyed Peas and Steve Martin all performed during the finale. (I honestly just named the previous artists off the top of my head.) We even got to watch Kara DioGuardi perform on stage and I have to say her voice is WAAAOOOOWW! She perfrmd with "Bikini Girl" known for only wearing a bikini at the auditions. Bikini Girl won the American Idol award for Best Attitude and she came onstage to accept the award with a bikini and started to sing the song she first sang at the auditions. At the auditions Kara told her that she "didn't have the chops to sing that song" and she Kara that her "demonstration wasn't any better". At the finale, they both sang a song onstage and at the end Kara ripped off her dress to reveal a bikini underneath. Ryan Seacrest told everybody that she was very nervous about this and that they had dared her to do it if the producers gave money to her charity. My mom (i guess) sorta thought that she and Kara had some sort of sisterhood bond because Kara's half Albanian and when she took off the dress, my mom was very upset at her. Anyway, I wrote this blog to mostly congratulate Kris, our new AMERICAN IDOL. (yay) If you didn't get to watch the finale, I STRONGLY suggest you search for some online website that will let you watch it for free. I'm going to leave you with some videos of my favourite parts of the finale. Enjoy!

Kiss A Girl- Kris Allen and Keith Urban

Bikini Girl and Kara

KISS and Adam Lambert (I love his boots here)

Final Song-This happened after Kris was crowned American Idol.He's singing his first single co-written by Kara DioGuardi ony for the winner called No Boundaries.I LOVE the SONG and I promise to do everything in my power to put it in the Top 10 Billboard charts of Virgin Radio. At the end, his wife comes up behind him and hugs him.

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