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    For this year's vacation my family and I decided to go to Cuba. I knew a little about this place because it has been on the news lately because their leader,Fidel Castro,is ill.I had a general idea of where it was but I didn't pay much attention to it because it gets swamped by near countries like Jamaica and so on.We chose Sunwing and my dad payed for the deal 1 day before Conquest Vacations went out of business so we got lucky because the Sunwing prices were cheaper.We had around 4 days to prepare for everything but used 3 of those days to go shopping and 1 day to actually put everything together.We had waaaay too many things to bring but we stuffed them in the suitcase anyway because I thought that we should wear 2 different outfits each day plus bathing suits.Boy was I wrong.I think my family was the only one that actually changed clothes at all during the vacation.During the flight to Varadero,our destination,I met many people.Since they all were coming from Toronto, they all spoke English.This is in contrast to our hotel because there,I think, each employ had to speak 3 different languages fluently :English,Spanish and French.I hung out with many of the people I met during the flight during the vacation and I'll never forget them (facebook comes in handy for this).Sitting behind us was a couple that my parents became friends with.The creepy thing was whatever we did,whether we were waiting in line or something else,they usually ended up behind us.They were behind us in the flight when we were coming back to Toronto.I really love planes so I'm cool with flying anywhere at anytime.This flight was comfy and the movie we watched during the flight was Quantum of Solace.I had wanted to watch this movie for a long time but it turned out not that good.


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