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I would like to live in a Capitalist society as we live in now. This is due to a sundry of reasons, of which the following are only a few.
The first fact that must be pointed out, is that the country we live in is a capitalist country. This alone, could be taken as a reason. (Not to say that if we lived in a communist country I would agree with it). Considering that Canada is quite a respectable country of course. Capitalism is practiced by an abundance of other countries (probably the majority), and in this case, it could be said that jumping aboard the bandwagon isn’t that bad of a thing. To have a dictatorship, for obvious reasons, would be a horrible choice for society. (As events throughout history have shown us). To have a proletarian society is out of the question, because no one really likes to work that hard. At least, not many people. Therefore, the only realistic contender that capitalism might have, is communism. Throughout the years -and even now- many countries have had a communist government. However, most, if not all have ended, or are going, badly.
This is because of the things that having a communist society requires of us. Simply put, to have a communist society, means that everyone is equal. So if both you and your friend were doctors, and you worked double shifts just because you wanted to, or you just worked harder. And your friend slacked off and worked hard occasionally. Yet you would get the same pay. Wait! That in it’s self doesn’t seem fair.
Well, in a capitalist society, you can go as far as you want. There are no limitations. You can carry yourself as far as you want, instead of in a communist society, where you only get what you need.
For these reasons, and many more besides, I would like to live in a capitalist society.

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