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“ The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY” ( Note: I am aware that this is a a movie title)
Weekly Book reviews by: Me issue #1

As I’ve stated in my “who am I” blog; I like to read and write. So here’s a blog where I can write about what I’ve read. The title of blog is more than just a little self-explanatory, it’s a book review blog. And on this blog I’ll post info and feedback on many different books. I’ve categorised these books in such a way that they will go into one of three categories; (obviously) the good, the bad, and the ugly. “The Good”, being the books that are full good writing, character development, plot and etc. “ The Bad”, being books that are… well, what one could only describe as the exact opposite of the description prior. Ohhhhh and “The Ugly”… we’ll get to the ugly eventually, so prepare yourself for next time, because you’ll be sure to one heck of a rant. Now, on to this weeks book…

I’d like to start my first post off on a good note, therefore, I have decided to write about a “Good” book. This weeks book is entitled “Shade’s Children”, and is by the probably not so-well-known (although not rightly so) author “Garth Nix”. This book takes place in what is probably the near future and a time describable only by the words; apocalyptic, and grim. A time when there are always shadows dancing quietly in the night. A time where, always in the day there anxiety in your heart, and a mind out for blood. A time… when the very muscle, sinew and minds of your once-colleagues are turned into the very things that shall bring the hand of Death, screaming down upon you. Although despite the rather macabre description of what is just a frequent occurrence, this book will almost certainly leave the reader wishing for a sequel, and more of Garth Nix’s brilliant and inspiring writing.

Ultimately, the story is about a group of teenagers and young adults who are the only people left in the world, and band together with what it is mostly an intelligence and personality surviving that is contained inside a computer program, and goes by the name of Shade. Together the fight off group of monsters, that now inhabit the planet, and eventually manage to get rid of them and sav- oh that’s right. My one rule is not to give out the ending of each book, so I encourage you to read them. (anyway) This three hundred page action-thriller has it all from fights and death to victory and losses, and in my opinion be appropriate for anyone 12 and over is ready to experience action and thrills with a little side mystery and romance. I seriously recommend reading this good book!

The Book “Shade’s Children” gets: **** out of ='http://

I also recommend reading all of Garth Nix’s titles such as:
The Ragwitch
The Keys to The Kingdom series

Well, that raps it up for this weeks entry, until next weeks review, This is Liam saying…bye…

My rating system:

***/****/='http://= Good

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