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For three and a half years of my life, I lived in the Kingdon of Saudi Arabia. I will never forget my experiences, my personal scars, and even the law there. It was a very strange law there. Well that is to me and a lot of other people i know. Some of the laws there, we brake everyday here. Such as in KSA, there is no pork allowed even in the country. That is because the Pig is a sacred animal in the religon of Islam. Another one is that there is to be no alcohol in the country. But some of the laws there are just down right cruel. Especially to women.
In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive. They have to wear an Abaya which is a black sort of robe and head scarf that is either allowed to show the head (that is what my mum whore), one that had eye slits, or one that was spedially made so they could see through it but no-one could see in. Those covered the whole face. The worst thing was that it was black and that colour attracts heat so on summer and even spring days when the temperature got up to fourty-five degrees celcius they would rather be in an over than outside.
Women were not the only people that wear traditional Arab clothing. Men wear it too but under much less harsh conditions. Actually, I wore a Thobe and Gutra once just to see how it felt and it was really comfortable. Anyways, the Thobe is the white robe they wear and the Gutra is the red and white checkered head piece they wear. Colour wise, I'd rather wear the men's clothes than the women's clothes because white repels heat.
Like in America during the time period of racism and slavery, women are segregated from men and girls from boys. They went to different schools, different work places and if you were not related or married, home.
So in my conclusion, I would never regret moving to Saudi Arabia because of the experience of their culture, their laws, their homes, and most of all, the people I have met there. But if you are a women, it might not be at the top of yourdream lifestyle list.

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Hey my name is Logan I am 12 years old and I created this blog. I go to Deer Park Public School in Toronto, Ontario. I love soccer and I my position is forward. My favourite soccer team is Arsenal FC which is based in London, England. They play in the Barclays English Premier League and their biggest rivals are Manchester United FC and also Chelsea FC. My birthday is April 30th. I have a mom, a dad, an older brother, and a younger sister. I have a PS3 and a Wii. My favourite game is Fifa 08 and I can’t wait until Fifa 09 comes out in Canada. My favourite foods are pizza, pasta, ribs, and every kind of soup. I lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for three and a half years. I really like art and design and when I grow up I want to become a soccer player or an Interior Designer or a Photographer.

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