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On Friday, January 23, the Leaside Wildcats played the Willowdale Redwings.  The last time these two teams played Willowdale won 4-1, but they controlled the game.  Their whole team is a year older than Leaside.  But this game, Willowdale did not dominate, in fact both teams had many chances to score and it was end to end.  Part way throug the first period, Willowdale, took the lead 1-0.  With thirteen seconds, a girl on their team took a great shot and scored.  In the second period, Leaside started out by scoring a goal.  Unfortunately, the referees were aweful at refereeing and did not see the puck go in the net.  A few minutes later, the girl who got the second goal for Willowdale, scored again, allowing them to take the lead 3-0.  The period finished with a goal by Willowdale, but a  the referees called it back because one of their players was in the crease.  The third period had many penalties and a lot of chances for both teams.  Leaside got a goal and kept Willowdale at three goals.  With one second left, with Leaside's goalie pulled, they got another goal.  For the second time that game, the refs did not allow it.  The final score was 3-1 for Willowdale.  Hopefully at their next game against each other they will have half-decent referees, unlike that game.  Leaside plays again tommorow against Brampton and Willowdale plays Brampton on Sunday.  Overall, the game was exciting.  We will have to wait and see to know what the outcome will be when they face off again on February 6.         

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My name is Nicole. I am 13 years old and I go to Deer Park School. I really like playing sports and being with my friends.

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