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A cozy little stop where, technology in language arts, history and geography, meld together for Room 301 students at Deer Park.

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I found that in New York a popular book was It's Complicated:The American Teenager by Robin Bowman, I found this cool because I too like to read about other people's experiences and this book is all about the different experiences of teenagers across America. I found that in both Toronto and in Kingston, England Twilight by Stephanie Meyer is a very popular book. At the local library in Kingdotn they were having a Twilight night and I think that would be fun to attend. In Vancouver The Contest by Gordon Korman is a very popular book and he is a pretty well-known author here too. His books are mostly about adventure and I wonder if because Toronto is such a urban city we dont like to read so much about adventure. I found out that in Sydney a popular book was Lamplighter by David Cornish. In Hong Kong the series Geronimo Stilton is very popular, that series was very popular here a couple of years ago. It is neat how that same book are read around the world.

I found that in London the book Girls, Girls, Girls by Jonah Black was very popular which is kind of funny because the book is all about how to figure out girls in general. In Rio de Janiero the book Sandman is very popular. I find it very interesting how the same books are read all over the world.

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Hi, my name is Claire. I am a grade 8 student at Deer Park P.S. My favourite sports are running, both x-country and track, volleyball, football, basketball and ultimate frisbee. I also like to read and play guitar and piano. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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