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Symbolism is the act of symbolizing something. A symbol is used to represent something or someone, or even a group of people. Symbolizing can be very useful because is shows people who the things belong to, where they go, where they’re from, what they do etc., symbols also save an explanation for something because for example, if you have a tattoo of the Olympic rings, there is no doubt you have gone to the Olympics. It is a short way for you to communicate to people that you have done something, gone somewhere etc.

 Some symbols used in Chanda’s Secrets are when Esther dresses in skimpy clothing, it is a hint that she is hooking, you don’t know is she is yet but the author hints it by the way she dresses. Another symbol used is the fact that Mrs. Tafa has a telephone is a symbol that she is wealthy. Before the author describes Mr. Tafa’s job, he describes the things that they have, that imply that they are wealthy. A third symbol used in the book is when Chanda, her mom and Mrs. Tafa go and visit the doctor that Mrs. Tafa raves about with all his fancy certificates, and he is talking about all his remedies, and he says he has cure for AIDS. This is a hint that Lillian has AIDS, the author doesn’t give anything away, but the reader’s suspicion has been building about whether Lillian has AIDS, and this adds to their suspicion. Also, when Jonah comes back and he has all the symptoms of AIDS, the author is hinting that Lillian and Sara have AIDS because Jonah and Lillian had Sara together. A last symbol used in the book is when Chanda phones the general store owner in Tiro and asks him to ask her mom to phone her, and she doesn’t, it is a sign that she is not well.

Overall, symbolism can be very useful because it can keep the reader intrigued because they have so many hints and they just want to keep reading to find out what the end result is.


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