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The Oka Crisis occurred in 1990 and changed Quebec's opinion about the Mohawks completely. When the people of Qubec decided to expand a golf course on the land that the Native Indians supposedly "claimed", there was an uproar. 3 people died in that fight and the crisis is still remembered today.

In the beginning of the Oka Crisis, the Mohawks were fighting for their land, but as the crisis continued, the Mohawks started to rebel against the government for their rights. At first, the people of Quebec supported the Mohawks, telling the government that it was the Native Indians' land and the golf course should not be expanded. However, when the first death occurred during the crisis, the people of Quebec were not happy. An SQ officer was shot and this completely changed Quebec's opinion of the crisis. Quebec then started organizing events that rebelled against the Mohawks. One of those several events was a ceremony held by the people of Quebec when a model (a doll) that represented the Mohawks was burned.

During the scene of the burning, I was horrified. I saw the faces of the Quebec people, smiling as if they had accomplished a good deed. This, as the reporter stated, reminded me of the Civil war in America. In the civil war, black people fought for their rights and claimed that people should not be discriminated because of their skin colour or background. The same situation had happened in Canada where people were being treated differently and weren't given the same rights because they were "different". This crisis really showed me that Canada had a number of difficulties along the way to creating a law system that would give equal rights to all people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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