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Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps was seen smoking marijuana. His explanation for his inacceptable behaviour was " I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way". However, as a role model to many around the world, he has set a bad example. After I have perused the article about the incident, I came to believe that Phelps is not fully aware of his responsibilites as a gold medallist and a role model to many people, especially the young people. He has argued that he is sorry for his bad judgement and that this will not happen again, but the question is, is Phelps sincere about this or is it just his way of trying to get out of the press' spotlight?

Before this incident, Phelps had been admired and looked up by many fans. However, this incident has definetly brought his popularity rates down and now Phelps is at a stage where another little mistake could ruin his career as an olympic gold medallist. Phleps is still young and it is understandable for him to act youthfully, but when his actions are affecting many fans around the world and swaying other people's previous beliefs of how one should not do drugs, then it is now time for Phelps to make the right decisions and seriously consider what choices he should make in life.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes and other people around the world who have prominence in their society should be aware of their responsibilities because there are people who look up to them. Phelp had made a bad decision when he chose to smoke marijuana but I hope that he has come to understand his role in the society as a gold medallist but also a role model to many and what actions are expected of him. He is still young and many people at that age make similar mistakes but everyone had higher hopes for him. However, let's for now trust Phelps to learn from his mistakes and choose to make better ones in the future.

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I am Sangeun, and I enjoy doing a whole bunch of stuff. I do some sports outside of school, which are swimming, snowboarding, and skiing. I enjoy all three, and I hope to continue doing it. Aside from that, I love reading. I mostly read fiction books(I find them more interesting), and that is pretty much about it. Have fun looking at my blog!

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