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I have been to 3 high school open houses in total and I have to say that all three schools offered me great programs. However, I now have to narrow it down to the high school that I believe is the best choice for me. I, as many people did, applied for Vaughan Road Academy's IB program and is glad to say that I was accepted in the program. I am still in the process of weighing the positives and the negatives of the schools and trying to figure out what courses I need to take to become a great psychologist. I am really considering the IB program because it goes into everything in depth and I feel that that is the kind of program I need, to be a successful psychologist. It is an important time for me as well as the other fellow grade 8 students and so I honestly can't say what high school I am going to right now.

I was very impressed with NT's open house that DP went together as a school. They had organized it very well so that the students were getting the information they needed to be able to consider NT as their choice for high school. However, I felt that Northern's open house was more disorganized and they didn't give me the vibe that I needed to consider the school as my choice for high school.

That is my high school experiences for now, but I will definetly add to this when I recieve more information about other high schools and have other things to write about on this blog!

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I am Sangeun, and I enjoy doing a whole bunch of stuff. I do some sports outside of school, which are swimming, snowboarding, and skiing. I enjoy all three, and I hope to continue doing it. Aside from that, I love reading. I mostly read fiction books(I find them more interesting), and that is pretty much about it. Have fun looking at my blog!

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