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A cozy little stop where, technology in language arts, history and geography, meld together for Room 301 students at Deer Park.

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It is very difficult to believe all the things that are happening right now. There is the trouble with trading, and also the need for railway links, confederation of the colonies, and the Fenian raids. But recently, I have heard a rumour that the Americans are planning on taking over the British American colonies. The fact that our town is located near the border is very alarming and my family is in constant fear. We were hoping that the government would somehow separate the British American and the United States' border. I am very concerned about what might happen to the people of British American colonies if the Americans took over the whole North America. This is why I think confederation should happen between the colonies. I am willing to fight for the country if that is what it takes to save it. I do not believe that we should just sit here and wait to see what happens. We need to take actions. We need to confederate now. I will not put my family in danger and if confederation is what it takes to be safe, then I believe that is what we should do.

Sincerely, a concerned citizen

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I am Sangeun, and I enjoy doing a whole bunch of stuff. I do some sports outside of school, which are swimming, snowboarding, and skiing. I enjoy all three, and I hope to continue doing it. Aside from that, I love reading. I mostly read fiction books(I find them more interesting), and that is pretty much about it. Have fun looking at my blog!

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