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A cozy little stop where, technology in language arts, history and geography, meld together for Room 301 students at Deer Park.

by sangeun p

teacher: Mr. D

Class Assignments
Blog Entries

Title: Strengths..Weaknesses...Next Steps (06/03/09)
Description: Write a minimum of 5 attributes for each section.

Homework done on time
Asks questions to clarify meaning
Follows directions
Cooperative and reliable often leader in a group
Utilizes time effectively
Uses feedback to improve work
Accepts suggestions with positive attitude
Participates in class
Displays confidence

Needs to ask for assitance or clarification often
Does not use class time effectively
Easily distracted in group situations
Needs to use constant feedback and reminders to improve
Tends to rush work
Issues with time management
Needs to make greater effort to improve on......
Does not participate in class
Classroom materials are not organized
Does not come to class prepared with all materials

Next Steps
Take more time and care with work
Utilize time more effectively at home and school
Indentify areas for improvement
Learn to follow directions
Learn to accept feedback
Improve class participation
Improve group work and leadership
Develop a plan to solve problems
Develop goals

About the Blogger

I am Sangeun, and I enjoy doing a whole bunch of stuff. I do some sports outside of school, which are swimming, snowboarding, and skiing. I enjoy all three, and I hope to continue doing it. Aside from that, I love reading. I mostly read fiction books(I find them more interesting), and that is pretty much about it. Have fun looking at my blog!

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