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A cozy little stop where, technology in language arts, history and geography, meld together for Room 301 students at Deer Park.

by sangeun p

teacher: Mr. D

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Title: 81-82 Creative Spelling Word Story (09/08/08)
Description: From your list of 25 spelling words, choose 10 words that you and your table group would like to use. These 10 words will be used throughout your story. Half of your story will be shared with your table, the other half will be all of your own.

Length: 1.5 - 2.5 pages
Due: Wednesday 3:30pm
Font: Times New Roman or Arial
Pt: 11 or 12

Please indicate your words by either highlighting, underlining, or bolding them in order to show us your words.

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On a cold and lifeless night, Erik Lloyd, an average twenty-one year old walked home from a long and treacherous day at work. There had been a stressful business meeting about plans for future projects, and the revision of previous work. There had been a TMC recall for motor gasoline leakage in their home town, Board Road, California. One of the many topics discussed was preventing the creation of defective motors, and this caused the meeting to be held far after regular release time.

He picked up a newspaper on the way back, and after a relatively long walk, finally arrived at his house. He looked at the date to verify it was the most recent issue, and was assured that it was indeed the correct date. It read September 12, 1939 at the top of the page, directly above an article about a massive declaration of war being announced. Erik was very tired and didn’t want to read anything about distress or anxiety.


The knock of a door woke Erik up.

“Mr. Lloyd?” asked an unfamiliar voice at the door. The mysterious person knocked again.


Erik rushed to the door to greet his unexpected visitor. The door swung open and Erik finally came face to face with his guest.

“Who might you be?” Erik enquired politely.

“US military. You are over eighteen and are required to fight for your country.”


“The Navy.”

“What if I refuse?”

“You can’t refuse, sir.”


The training for the Navy was both physically and mentally challenging. In some situations Erik’s arms felt about as reliable as a thin layer of plastic holding up a piano. Completing the courses required extreme discipline and determination. Some activities were as simple as push-ups, but others were more complex, such as completing obstacle courses or climbing walls or following instructions. The only aspect that was consistent was the difficulty and dreadfulness of each exercise.

When the training finally ended, there was a meeting.

“Good work, men,” said the general. “Congratulations on your training. Let us discus our plans.” He pulled up a large, paper canvas and began drawing a diagram.

For hours, the general discussed maneuvers, positions and plans. For each lesson, he would visually demonstrate. After hours of talk, each lesson was finally covered.

“We are ready to enter the battlefield. I compliment you on your efforts and I wish you luck.”

Erik had an important question to ask.

“General?” Erik asked.


“How long is this war expected to last?”

“Most likely only a couple years.” The general answered.


The ships were much larger than Erik would have ever expected. They had massive weapons and stretched out runways everywhere. There was a large tower towards the edge of the ship. The men onboard were not clean as very little time went into keeping good hygiene. For days nothing interesting happened. The ship sailed without harm into different territories. Days turned into weeks and finally weeks turned into months until finally, a significant event took place.

“Captain, a ship has been spotted in the radar!” yelled one of the men.

“Which direction is it going?” asked the supervisor of their area.

“Heading in our direction, sir.”

“Do you have a precise distance?”

“Around a mile, sir.”

The captain became frustrated.

“Why didn’t we spot it sooner?” he asked boldly.

“I’m not sure,” the man replied. “It must’ve had some sort of radar resistance construction!” Within a few minutes, Erik could make out a strangely shaped ship in the distance. Above all other aspects of the craft, painted on the side of the boat, as clear as a headline in the newspaper, was the Nazi symbol.

“It’s not ours, open fire!” the captain yelled. But before the ship could attack, the Nazis made the first move.

“Torpedo!” yelled a man advising the control room. Within seconds, the entire ship started to buckle. It shook violently, throwing the crew off their feet. After a short lapse of time, the ship was in flames. The wood Erik was standing on crumpled and he fell into the haul of the ship.

“Are you all right?” a man standing beside him asked. Erik tested his own limbs to verify his uninjured state, and after realizing the good condition he was in, questioned his fall.

“How far did I fall?” Erik asked.

“Around twenty feet.” the man replied. He saw the expression on Erik’s face, so he continued, “You landed on a pile of spare life boats. Now is not the time for this, though. The ship is sinking and we must get out of here!”

“How?” Erik asked.

“There’s obviously a hole at the bottom of the ship,” he answered. “We can swim down and go through it.”

“Right behind you!” Erik yelled. The soldiers swam successfully to the bottom of the ship, driven by both adrenaline and hope. When they reached the bottom, a grave surge of both anger and disappointment went about them. The entire bottom was covered boxes and various junk. After exchanging glances of disappointment, the man went for the surface. Erik was about to follow when something caught his eye. He looked closer to see what it was, and quickly realized that it was an axe! He could use this to escape! He went for it, forgetting about his deficiency of air. His lungs aced, but he would not give up. He swam for it with all of his strength. He was around fifteen seconds away. He kept swimming, the pain kept getting worse, but he kept his determination. Almost there, he thought. Seconds of this treacherous moment drew out into long and painful lapses that felt like minutes. After a few more seconds, he reached the axe, and after grabbing it, he headed for the surface. He was low on air, however. He was not positive he would make it to the top. After many painful strides, he finally fell unconscious.


“W-what?” Erik stammered as he was woken by the man he had tried to escape with.

“You fell unconscious in that water. I went down and saved you.”

“The axe… D-do you have it?” Erik asked nervously.

“Yes.” the man answered proudly. Erik jumped up and asked boldly,

“Where is it?” The man lifted it off the ground.

“Right here. Let’s break out!” The man began hacking at the walls. The smoke made it very difficult to breath, but after a short period of time, a large hole formed in the wall. “Let’s go!” yelled the man.

“By the way,” Erik began. “What is your name?”

“Calvin.” The man answered clearly. Calvin jumped out of the ship and began swimming to the surface. Luckily, the ship hadn’t sunken much, so it was not a great effort to reach the surface.


After the experience of the war, Erik and Calvin developed peacekeeping campaign ideas. Their goal was to eliminate war in the world. They hoped to see a better means of diplomacy.

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The Life Altering Altar

I awoke on my wedding day anxious as ever, my wife to be Sarah an eager business woman marrying an ex-navy scuba diver like me , its very hard to picture.

I was thinking about the challenges i had to overcome to make this a wedding a success , first of all the menu was a pain to put together because of my soon to be family in-law's diet restrictions and allergies. on the other hand the priest was very unreliable he was always late for meetings and rehearsals with my fiance and I.

I also had a slight suspicion that her father was going to sabotage the wedding , he never supported of Sarah and I. Sarah's father had already threatened me for Sarah's well being, he had also threatened not to come to the wedding.

I was changing in to my brand new Armani suit when my pant button shot into the wall, one more thing to make me more anxious . I was trying to figure out how to fix it until i saw my belt.

the music started to playing, the organ bellowing loud as could be my fiance walked through the huge wooden doors grasping to her mothers hand at that moment i pictured our first date, we met in a scuba diving class i taught, from the moment i laid eyes on her i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

I quickly snapped out of it,she was standing at the altar next to me with her illuminating smile.The priest was saying a whole bunch of words i did not understand, until i heard those words I now pronounce you husband and wife the church bells started to ring it was the happiest time of my life i thought to myself i grabbed her hand and i started running for the door I was so happy and then BOOM!! face plant on the hard concrete floor, the happiest time of my life turned into the most embarrassing with everybody watching and the cameras flashing but i could take it i had discipline from the navy .

after moving around my jaw for about twenty minutes I carefully walked towards the limousine we had to go home and relax before we embarked on another journey to the tropical islands of Hawaii .

Were in the airport its six a.m and I'm tired as heck i don't know where I'm supposed to go at this rate I'm going to miss my flight i finally find the check-in desk finally a slight bit of relief were walking over to security uh-oh my stomach dropped, a couple years back in the navy i was doing a reconnaissance mission when an enemy guard shot me in the leg with a harpoon gun stupidly i broke the shaft leaving the blade of the harpoon is now lodged in my right thigh.

The moment I'm dreading is finally here the security officer told me to walk through the metal detector as i pace through it i here a continues beep the man asks me to stand to the side he waves the portable detector over my thigh he says "sir,can you please come over with me".

I walk out of the tiny room it was even more embarrassing then my spill in the church. Sarah's waiting to the side shaking her head in disbelief, oh gees it hits me were going to be late for our flight i sprint towards the gate as fast as I can praying I'm not going to fall, just in time.

finally a shot of good luck there were too many seats in economy we got bumped up to business class this is going to be a relaxing ten hours.

We arrive at our luxurious Maui beach resort, this is going to be great there are so many activities I don't know where to start,I'm browsing down the list something catches my eye its my passion "reef scuba diving " I'm so excited and I cant wait to tell Sarah. I walk over to Sarah on the beach to ask her where she wants to go for dinner she says we should try the Italian restaurant oh god I hate Italian food, but i don't want to make Sarah angry.

we are sitting eating dinner I have the shrimp linguine I take three bites when it hits I'm like a water fountain after i eat Italian food i splurge it all out, oh my god what have I done I have all the eyes in the restaurant aimed at me what else could go wrong.

Well this as about as embarrassing as it gets I think you have heard enough about me well anyways thats how my wedding week was Pretty funny eh.

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Well, telling you about myself I will talk about my years in school,what my usually state is and my personality. But ill also describe some of my hobbies ,what I do for fun and through out this whole Blog you will learn a little bit about me.

I’m a cooperative student but sometimes

forgetful when it comes to doing my homework.

I think schools fun at times when I’m with my friends learning something fascinating or experiencing something new. e.g. trying out

for a school team.

I’m one of those people who are usually happy

but sometimes can act crazy and outrageous. I’m usually clumsy but helpful example I trip a lot but I can also be giving at times.

Some the sports I play are tennis, baseball,

and soccer. My favorite sport would have to be “Ultimate Frisbee.” For fun majority of my time

I go to the movies or play my guitar and

I also can Rollerblade.

Overall I’m a student that’s loves school and being with my friends and I can’t remember what

I do most of the time but I’m true myself and what I have to say .

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This was another amazing summer for me at camp timberlane.

i went up to camp on june 29, and stayed there for an amazing two months!!! I can honestly say that this was the best summer of my life!!!!

we did everything from skatepark to ropes to just chilling on main beach. with amazing councilors and an even better cabin nothing could have been better!!! the new owner of our camp has changed the camp in a much better way... we have new two day programs like colour wars and battle of the sexes. we also have new activities like paddle boats, water tramp/ blob and we now have a new skatepark. Camp couldn't be better!!!!

I cant wait to back for third month in the winter, and i'm even more excited for next summer!!!!

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