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Conflict Diamonds

Humans have always enjoyed and shown off expensive and rare objects. Throughout human history we have come across items or objects that we feel are of great value and are worth almost anything. One of the most recent objects that have caught human attention are diamonds. Diamonds have been around for millions of years but have only recently become known as lavish or expensive to humans. Many diamonds are mined in mines or streams by legal mines with paid worker and proper working conditions but not all diamonds are mined this way. Those diamonds that are not mined legally in third world countries are known as conflict diamonds.

Conflict diamonds, what are they, how are they produced, where do they come from and what effect do they have on people? The definition of a conflict diamond is a diamond that has been mined in a war zone area by force or slavery and being sold for weapons and to fund war.

How are conflict diamonds produced? Conflict diamonds are produced through slave labour and violence. In mines producing conflict diamonds, miner are often killed and beaten, some even have limbs decapitated by rebel over watchers.

Where are conflict diamonds mined? Conflict diamonds are almost all mined in Africa in rivers or streams where miners use alluvial mining, which is when miners sift through the sand, mud and gravel using shovels, sieves and even bare hands. These parts of Africa are usually war zone areas where rebel groups are trying to take control of the country or in many cases trying to make money. The rebels obtain miner by traveling from village to village and abducting strong men and boys to work in the diamonds mines, while killing the weaker men and boy and taking the women for entertainment.

Rebel groups can profit up to $300 million a year through the trade of blood diamonds to European and North American countries. Even though there are certain process that attempt to separate conflict free and conflict diamonds that have brought down the number on conflict diamonds, conflict diamonds still slip through into other countries and are sold for high amounts.

With the amount of diamonds in Africa and diamond prices so high rebels groups can make huge profits and purchase more weapons which allows them to continue to go from village to village and taking innocent people and forcing them into work. If people stop buy conflict diamonds they can help put an end to the cycle that conflict diamond cause where people get hurt and killed so small groups of people can profit while others suffer in inhuman and cruel ways.

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