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by michael g teacher: Mr. D

Both Blood Diamond, the movie, and Chanda’s Secrets,the book, take place in Africa where their main characters suffer from emotional and hearth braking losses. In Both stories the main characters goes through life changing experiences, and by the end of the book are left with new perspectives of the world they live in.

Blood Diamond is about a man named Solomon Vandy, who is a Mende fisherman. One day while Solomon is picking up his son from school he sees trucks driving towards his village. Inside these trucks are Revolutionary United Front Rebels, who have come to raid Solomon’s village of Shenge. The rebels take supplies from the village, but the really reason they have come is to take children to become child soldiers and enslave a few strong men to work in the diamond mines. The rebels capture Solomon and his son. The rebels use the diamonds they find to fuel war and buy weapons with the money they get from trading their diamonds with the western world. While working in the diamond mine Solomon finds a massive diamond, not wanting to give it to the rebels he digs a small whole and hides the diamond there. Moments later The Sierra Leone government forces invade the rebel camp and mine. Solomon is captured and taken to a prison in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. While in prison Solomon meets Danny Archer who wants this diamond that Solomon has found. Danny and Solomon go hunting for the diamond, but what Solomon really wants is to be reunited with his son.

Chanda’s Secrets is about a young girl named Chanda Who lives in South Africa. Chanda’s community lives in fear of the disease AIDS. Chanda lives with her mother Lillian, two sisters Sara and Iris and one brother Sully. Chanda has lost her older brothers and father to a mining accident. At the very beginning of the book Sara dies. Before Sara’s death she had strange rashes and would not eat, but other than that no one is sure why she died at such a young age. Throughout the book Chanda’s mother gets sicker and sicker. With Chanda’s mother getting so sick and needing to stay in bed all day Chanda starts to have to do all the work. Chanda eventually realises that her mother might have AIDS. While all of this is happening Chanda discovers that her best friend, Esther, has turned to prostitution so she can afford to bring back her family back together, which was taken from her when her parents died from AIDS. Chanda must fight back and stay strong even though everyone she loves is dying or being hurt by AIDS.

Chanda’s Secrets and Blood Diamond are very different and have different themes and messages, those being AIDS and AIDS awareness and blood diamonds and how they fuelling war. Even though these two stories are very different they hold many similarities. In both stories we see how some women have had to turn to prostitution just to support their families, which shows how in both stories there is a high level of poverty. Also we see how in both stories the white man is at the top and has caused death indirectly. In Chanda’s Secret the mine that her father and brothers die in is a white owned mine, and in Blood Diamond white men are buying the blood diamonds that are fuelling the rebels and allowing them to buy weapons. In Both stories the main characters want to leave Africa to get a better life for their family and them.

Both stories carry very important and serious messages and themes. Even though each story is unique and different in their own way, but at the same time they have many key similarities. Both tell stories of people fighting against the world they have been put in to trying to find a better life.

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