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Editorial – Suicide Article

Erin Anderssen from the Globe and Mail writes about Mr. Helchert-Dinkel, a 46 year old nurse who allegedly encouraged suicides in several different countries all through the internet.

This article was very interesting yet disturbing. It is terrible for the families who recently discovered that their loved one may still have been alive today if it weren’t for Mr. Melchet-Dinkel. Mr. Melchert-Dinkel should be dealt with because it is nowhere near the norm that people should encourage other people to end their life.

Unlike the families affected by this, some believe that Mr. Mechet-Dinkel should not serve jail time, but rather be treated for mental illness, because what he is doing is wrong and obviously not sane.

Why would Mr. Melchert-Dinkel encourage this if he is a nurse? Doesn’t this defeat the whole purpose of being a nurse? Along with being a nurse he is married with two teenage daughters, would he want people encouraging his daughters to kill themselves?

One of Mr. Melchert-Dinkels ex-coworkers said he believes that this is all a mistake, the Bill Dinkel he remembers would never have anything to do with something like this. Even though this could be true, that the Bill Dinkel he once knew was not like this, people can change.

It is sad that these people were encouraged and were probably taken advantage of, if they were already depressed, at the same time though why would these people be talking to someone they met on the internet? Isn’t it stressed enough in the media not to talk to people you meet online, and once suicide is mentioned in these terms wouldn’t you immediately end all communication with this person?

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