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by michael g teacher: Mr. D

As some of you already know I love squash and play at a competitive level. This weekend I was very excited because I was playing my first squash tournament since the end of the school year. I won four of my six matches, which I am pretty happy about considering is just moved up into Under 15 category.

My first match was at 6:50 pm on Friday night and was fairly easy, even though it took a bit to get back into it I won 3-0 in games. My next match that I played was against a very good player who in the end came in second place in the whole tournament. After an okay game on my part I lost 1–3 in games to him. After losing this game I dropped down to the consolation round. My next game wasn’t till Saturday

Saturday was a fairly straight forward day for me, with all easy matches, but since I had to play three games, by the third game I was pretty tired. In the end I won all of my matches on Saturday 3-0. The only match that I found challenging was my second game, but I was still on top of my game and won 3-0 in games. After this I only had one match left for Saturday and that was fairly straight forward, I won 3-0.

Sunday was a bit of a bummer for me, because my first game was at 9:35 so I had to get up fairly early, and inconsequence I was really tired at the start of my match. My match was against Dan Clark, who I had played before, and have beaten, but I hadn’t played him in a year. This we my longest match of the tournament and went on for about an hour, which is really long for a squash match, most are about 30 minutes. I won the first game 9–2 then the second game, I lost 0–9 which was pretty much the end for me. After that I lost the two last games and in the end the match went to Dan and not me. Even though I was frustrated that I lost and I felt I should have won, I was still happy about that game because both Dan and I played extremely well and we both were exhausted by then end.

Overall this tournament was great I got a few good games in, and had a ton of fun.

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