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by michael g teacher: Mr. D

Three months prior to this signs publishing there were 57 moose attacks in Sydney, Australia. 47 people were badly injured by the moose attacks and 8 people died. After 2 years of studies, reliable scientists discovered that the moose’s were being angered by the license plates on cars. After much discussions and debate the Australian government decided to hunt down all moose’s in the area. At first, all moose attacks ceased and people could carry on with their daily lives and drive their cars safely. Sadly four months after this plan went into effect there was a massive moose attack from the surviving moose’s and 20 people were trampled The government that what they had done was the wrong course of action, and had only angered the moose’s even more. To replace the old plan the government put up moose signs which told people to be careful when they saw moose’s and to avoid getting close.

So far the new plan has brought the moose attack rate up 78%, but has successfully notified people to be on the lookout for moose attacks. Even though there have been more attacks the injury and death rate has decreased drastically, because people have sped up or turned around when they see moose’s. The moose attack signs have been a great success and has saved many lives.

(All the above is all false and made up, but really people better safe than sorry, watch out for moose’s)

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