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In January, a photo of Michael Phelps was released in a British tabloid, the photo showed Michael Phelps smoking from a marijuana pipe. The newspapers around the world are saying he acknowledged 'regrettable behavior' and 'bad judgment'. I don't think that there was even real marijuana in the pipe, its a photo, how much evidence is in there?

After reading more into this it seems that Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott was going to investigate Michael Phelps. I think that this Sheriff just wanted his minutes of fame. Lott said that this was not the case and it didn't matter who it was, they were going to be punished anyway. I disagree because not everyone is followed by cameras, so really it is not the same. Finally, the Sheriff said that there was not enough evidence to file charges, so Michael Phelps was officially out of trouble.

Even though Michael Phelps was in that photo, I still like him as an athlete. I think that this whole thing should not have happpened. It was just because he is a celebrity and some people had taken advantage of that. I hope Michael Phelps is doing well and that he learns that the cameras are always watching.

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I am a Deer Park Student , I love pets and learning about animals. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I also love listening to music and going to concerts.

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