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by teacher: Professor McGonagall
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one day I was driving my lamboghini on the mean streets of LA. Then I pold up to A red light. after that a ferrorie pold next to me. He revd his enghen and I revd my V10 enghen. wen the light ternd green my wheels were screching. I cood smell the berning ruber inside the cocpit of the lamborghini. Then I shooted forwerd. I ternd left and hit the side of a dump truck and screemed NNNOOOO!!! Not the pant! I ternd and drove west to the beach. Then I sow a cop. and the race is on. I sow the ferrorie and ramd it head on to get in front of it. Then I raced to the finish line. The finish line was thee stop lights from the starting line. I roced tords the fenish line. I past it and crasht in to a corivet, hummer,lamborghini,lotis,ferrorie,lamborghini bike, and ford mustang delership. then I screemd ferrocooooo!!!  

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