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Spring Break Fun

 I am back from spring break and ready to tell you about it. So hold on and get ready.I went to whistler for spring break so I am going to tell you about it.


I went up there for 4 days and 3 night's we where skiing for 3 days and i went of the biggest jump i had ever went off in the medium terrain park on the first day. we went off huge box's and jumps it was really fun because we went to the terrain park about 5 times a day.

We went on some okay tree runs except the second one because we had to take off are ski's and jump off a clif with rocks coming out of the side of it. Then we went down another tree run which was more fun but harder. I love tree runs a lot.

Also the lunch was fabulous I had a powerade and a huge piece of pizza. My dad and his freind had salads and who knows what else. My 2 other freinds had pasta and fries. And my other freind had a piece of pizza like me.


We where back on the trails early for another fun day of skiing we started off at the terrain park because no on ewent there yet and it was just groomed. we went there a couple more times. then when my freind went off a box and fell but I was after him and got so much speed I went over him.

Then we went back over to the middle lodge on blackcomb mountain. I had a cheeseburger with bacon and cheese. Also I had a fruit cup and a choclate milk. My dad and his freinds had the same thing as last time i think that would be really weird. But thats just my opinion. My freinds had the exact same thing to. Gross...

Finally the car ride home was really long but really fun because we went through vancouver and I saw a ferrari on the way back. We stopped at White Spot. We had a great time over spring break. I had and ice cream with lunch it was delicous.

So that was my spring break writing and there will be more to come before school ends. Not the spring break writing. Different stuff but you will have to wait for me to write those. I know the suspense must be crazy... to bad.


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