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Article posted September 1, 2009 at 05:46 PM GMT • comment • Reads 349

Yay! I got into the sixth grade advanced math placement! But there's a LITTLE problem  ONLY SEVEN PEOPLE PASSED! That's not enough to have a full class, so we split up, 3 and 4, and we're going to seventh grade math! My brother had TOO MANY people in his advanced math class, so they split into two different classes! TWO FULL CLASSES!  Out of ALL of the fifth graders going to Kulshan, seven passed! Weird... 

Article posted September 1, 2009 at 05:46 PM GMT • comment • Reads 349

Article posted May 26, 2009 at 10:15 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 138

The Declaration

Dear King George the 3rd, we, the Continental Congress, find your taxes and laws unfair. We would like to break free from England; to become a new country. We declare independence!


We believe that all men are created equally, and should be treated fairly. We have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We will from a new government! We will fight for it, too! A new government with prove better for the People of America! A new government will NOT place ridiculous taxes on tea, sugar and stamps! A new government will have a fair way of electing a leader. The time has come for us to abandon England, ‘tis time to start a new country!


The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party were not rebellious acts; they were men, men standing for freedom! You may have sent us to the New World in the beginning, but we are finished with your taxes and mistreatment to the People of America! You must listen king, for we are Finished with you toying with us, it is time to take command!

 Alice             Hedwig      Tweety      Swindle

         Reepicheep         Annabel Green       Renesmee                      Bex

Lyra         Pigeon           Saphira ThimbleTack


Article posted May 26, 2009 at 10:15 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 138

Article posted May 8, 2009 at 08:11 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 233

My Favorite Sculpture

Our class went on a field trip to a college to see some different sculptures. Our assignment is to write about our favorite statue. My favorite sculptures were these small, metal people. They were green and so cute. The sculpture was technically a whole lot of small sculptures… The thing I liked about the sculpture was that it showed the power…of women! The little people that were men were laying around, or carrying little rocks. The women were carrying heavy loads, like a 40 lb. boulder! Amazing, huh? The leader of all of the 1 ft. tall people was a 4 in. woman. She was tiny, even compared to the little people. They were kinda cute, and yet kinda scary. I stuck my fingers in the eye sockets of one little guy, ouch. Well, I guess that’s all for today…or is it?

-Hedwig (The coolest owl ever!)

Article posted May 8, 2009 at 08:11 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 233

Article posted April 22, 2009 at 05:18 PM GMT • comment • Reads 193


When My Friend Found Something Weird

It was a sunny afternoon and I was dying for ice-cream. I had no idea what was going to happen that day. I was just about to give up searching for ice-cream money when my friend called me. She sounded really anxious.

“ You’ve got to get down here! Now!!!!” she said, gasping for breath.

“What is it? I really don’t want to waste time playing some dumb game or looking at road kill.” I said, remembering the time she called in third grade, wanting me to come see the squirrel that had been run over in front of her driveway.

 “You’ve got get down here! Come see! Come see it!” and then she hung up.

“What does she want?” I muttered as I hopped on to my bike and started heading over to her house. She was sitting on her porch when I got there. She looked very pale and worried.

“It’s ‘bout time!” she said, standing up. “Come on, I found it over here,”        

She led me into a small clearing in the woods next to her house. “Look!” she said, pointing at a black shape a little farther back into the woods. I walked a little father out. She whimpered.

“Stop being such a baby!” I hissed. I crept up to the shape, being cautious in case it tried to attack me. When I got closer, I realized it was just a normal suitcase. “What’s so weird?”

“Open it,” she whispered. I flipped up the lid. Brilliant green notes gleamed in my eyes.

“It’s money,” I said, gasping the same way she had when she called.

 “I wonder how much it is,” my friend whispered.

We had just started counting when we heard footsteps. A voice that must have belonged to these feet echoed into the clearing. “Who’s there? I know someone’s out there! Show yourselves!” said a crackly voice.

“It’s my neighbor, Mr. Smith. You don’t wanna mess with this old dude!” my friend said in a small voice, she was obviously scared.

“Then run!” I said. I snatched up the suitcase and tore though the bushes; the last thing I wanted was some old dude finding our treasure.

“What are you doing?” My friend called out. She was right behind me, her face shining with tears.

“I’m saving our fortune!”  I yelled back at her as I swatted away branches and cobwebs.

“I want to put it back! It’s not right to steal!” She said, cuts all over her face from a thorn bush. “I’m stopping here!” she said, sitting down on a nearby stump.

“Ugh! Hurry up he get us!” I said. But no later then the words were out of my mouth, a firm grim formed around my arm. I gulped and turned up to look at the wrinkled face.

“Well, well, well, what have we got here?”



“I’m telling you, we didn’t steal it!” I shouted. Mr. Smith had pulled us into his house that smelled of cabbage. Alex was silently crying on the couch. Her lap was soaked with tears.

She had had a fit on the way here, screaming, crying and kicking. But it was no use; he had a strong grip, so she just resolved into silently crying.

“A likely story,” he said, walking away. He came back with the phone.

“What are you gonna do, call our mommies?” I sneered. He frowned at me. He had no phone book, and I had never seen him in my life, how would how would he know my phone number? I watched carefully as he dialed the numbers. 9-1-1! I started screaming. My friend sat on the couch, sobbing so hard that her face was tomato-red.

“Stop! We didn’t do anything!” I cried. He looked at me in a menacing way.

Then I heard, “Hello? What is your emergency?”

He paused for a moment then smiled and said, “I caught some thieves red-hand, found ‘em with a suitcase full of money,” There was silence for a moment, then,

“We’ll be right there,”



When the police had arrived, we had to answer a series of questions.

“Did you know that the money was someone else’s?”


“Then why did you take it?”

“We thought no one wanted is,”

And so on. After about 56 questions more, something really weird happened. There was a loud BANG! And the window nearest to the couch shattered, adding more cuts and bruises to the old ones my friend had. We screamed as someone jumped through it and grabbed the valuable suitcase from the policemen.

“So long suckers!” He cried in a deep voice. Then he wrestled the two policemen and Mr. Smith, knocking them out.

“Get him!” I shouted. We lunged forward and wrestled him until the police woke up, who then took out some handcuffs and clipped them onto the bad guy. In all this commotion, the news reporters started swarming the house accompanied by an ice-cream man, who took the money from the police men and came over to thank us.

“Thanks girls,” he said, shaking each of our hands, “It was my money from the whole summer!” He was a round, cheery man with a round red face and a button nose. He looked like how Santa would. (If he were real.)

“Wait, you earn that much?” I asked rudely. But he obviously didn’t mind me being rude, in fact he smiled.

“Yep, them kids love me on the hot days, each ice-cream is 25 cents at my van, 75% lower than at the store,” He paused. “Ya know, I really owe you,”

We both blushed as we said, “It was nothing, really. We don’t deserve a reward,” Although, I secretly thought we deserved that suitcase, it should be our (or my,) reward money. I mean, it’s not everyday you catch a robber dude!

“No really, I want to give free ice-cream anytime you want!!!” he said.

“Thanks! Can I have a fudge ripple?” I asked hopefully.

“Sure thing, little lady, here ya go,” He said as he reached into his van behind him and pull out a scoop of fudge ripple on a large cone.

“Thanks!” I said as I lapped it up happily. My friend frowned.

“Can I have a popsicle?” she asked. She was eyeing the sign with the new rainbow pop on it.

“‘O ‘course!” he said, handing her one of the most colorful food I’ve ever seen. She smiled as she bit into it. Her mouth turned red and purple. We all laughed merrily.

Yeah, I remember that day as if it were yesterday, oh yeah, it was! Well, did you like my story? Whenever I think about it, my stomach lurches, I can’t even look at ice-cream or popsicles anymore, I’ve had more ice-cream than most people have had in their whole lifetime! Well, see ya!!!








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Article posted April 16, 2009 at 10:12 PM GMT • comment (8) • Reads 141

Hi world! (Again)

This is Hedwig. (Again)But for a change, I’m gonna (I know, I know, gonna’s not a word…) tell you ALL about my spring break. PROF. MCG MADE ME! On the first day of break- Geez, this was a while ago- it was Friday and I just hung out in my house, happy that it was break. OH! How about I write it like this!

Friday- Lazed around the house, occasionally getting up to go to the bathroom or something like that. Well, I actually went outside for an hour and played with my neighbors…

Saturday- I can honestly say that I don’t remember anything I did-OH! I had my friend came over on…Friday! (Sorry, forgot to mention that) We had a sleepover! She brought her laptop over and we stayed up until 3:00 am (So, we were up until Saturday) But that was a bad idea, because in the morning, at like 9:00, (am, of course) we had to take my brother to his soccer game, ugh! We were pretty tired. (That’s what 6 hours of sleep does to you) Then we went to the Antique Mall, cool place! We didn’t get anything, but liked it anyway. We then went on a walk down to a beautiful beach. I spotted two snakes, cool! We went geocaching (read this blog to hear all about that-GEOCACHING!) but, alas, we found but nothing. Finally, we headed home to eat snacks and play on the laptop, (YouTube, Paint, Webkinz...etc.) what a fun day!

Sunday-My friend went home that morning, because my grandparents came up! They’re my mom’s parents. My grandma taught me how to crochet and brought me some clothes that her friend’s granddaughter had grown out of. Then, we went to a small island! (Prof. McG.’s orders: I don’t tell you WHAT island…) We drove all around it! (Well, all of the places that we could, anyway.) We drove to the ferry terminal and there we played on a beach. The beach was right next to the ferry terminal, so we could walk down easily after we parked. The ferry ride was short, less than 20 minutes. We drove for a while on the island, looking for beaches that WEREN’T private. We finally found one that was the property of a small white church. Ya know what? I think you aren’t even reading this! So, I’m going to try out a trick from the book, Trial By Journal. I’m gonna BLAH BLAH BLAH in the middle of some random sentence. Back to the church beach. There was a long fleet of stairs that led us down to the beach. (Ugh, walking up was no fun!) There my mom and grandma found some seashells that smelled like, pinch your nose, poo! EWW! I found a rock there that I cracked into three pieces. I’ll try to post a picture of BLAH BLAH BLAH them. It was all sparkly on the inside. Sparkly and a light creamy orange, that would describe it. When we left, my hands smell like…the poo shell. BLECH! We passed some llamas on the way back, that was cool! We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant, (Again, Prof. McG.’s orders: I don’t tell you WHAT restaurant…) except my brothers kept messing around. Sigh. That was a LLLOOONNNGGG, (Yet FUN!) day!

Monday- On Monday, I went to two parks! One was…oh yeah, not supposed to tell you. At that park we played with bubbles and a Frisbee there. We also sat and watched the waves crash against the rock, but most just played Frisbee. (And watched out for geese poo.) I saw an otter! Cool, huh? We had a small snack and then headed to the second park. (Which I’m SO sorry I can’t remember!) My mom stopped at a place where they BLAH BLAH BLAH sell bagels. She got one of each type. They were for tomorrow!

Tuesday- Tuesday was a stay-home day. (Mostly.) At the beginning of the day, I played on webkinz and messed around on the computer. Then I felt an urge to earn some money. I asked my mom for some ideas. She said I could put away all of the laundry for $10. But, I also had to sort and fold it. Even my BROTHERS! It was a dull process. I put on some music and tried to cheer up. My mom interrupted me in the middle of my process. She said she needed to run to the store to buy some things and asked if I wanted to come. Of course I did! We had fun and I persuaded her to get a placemat with all of the presidents on it! When I got back, I had to finished that load of laundry. I said I’d do another load of laundry for an extra two dollars. She said yes. So, I had earned some more money! That was Tuesday!

Wednesday-Wednesday was another LLLOOONNNGGG day. We went on a SIX MILE (and a half) HIKE! I know, amazing, right? We walked right up close to a lake. (Again, Prof. McG.’s orders: I don’t tell you WHAT lake…) It was beautiful! The hike absolutely KILLED my legs. But the scenery made it all worth it. There were baby butterflies fluttering around in the sunny spots. They were the first of many, I suppose. There were some cascades and even a waterfall! The waterfall was amazing! It sparkled in the sun. We stopped at 2 ½ miles and had lunch…the bagels! The thing that stinks is that It’s not like it was a loop, where it’s easy to loop all the way around, it just makes an abrupt stop 3 ¼ miles through. So we had turn back. We hiked ALL THE WAY BACK! At least it wasn’t serious hiking, like at an upwards angle the whole way. Nah, it was flat. At the end, we stopped at the 1 mile marker. There was a beach that headed off the trail. One bad thing is that my two dopey brothers got in a fight. My older brother actually pushed my younger brother into the lake…I could barely stand it on my feet! Luckily, it was only waist high, not REALLY deep. Well, my brother had a fit. THEN he tried to push my older brother into the lake. It backfired and he went in head-first. A not-so-good ending to a great day!

Thursday- Another hike around a lake. We hiked a round a small lake, 2.5 miles long, I think. But this time my mom let me ride my bike! It was pretty fun. My little brother was allowed to ride his bike, too. Only 0.5 miles in, my brother’s chain fell off. He had walk the bike around the rest of the lake! I felt pretty bad for him. We stopped at a couple of docks on the way around. My older brother threatened to push me in at one, but I knew that was just a dumb joke. My little brother tried to ride down a hill, not a good idea. He fell and skinned his leg. That night my grandparents came down to watch a new show with us…Harper’s Island. I was only allowed to watch 15 minutes of it. It was after all a murder mystery and someone died within the first 10 minutes! Anyway, my grandparents brought a big jar of jellybeans! Yum! That was the end of my Thursday.

Friday-LAZY DAY! We stayed home all day because my dad went to school. (He’s trying to get a better job.) I mostly lazed around eating jellybeans and playing on the computer. I occasionally got up to go to the bathroom and stuff, but mostly just lazed around. My friend asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with her, but my mom said no. Hmm…oh yeah! We (me and my brother) played outside for awhile with our neighbors. That was fun. And um…yeah. That’s about it.

Saturday- BLECH! First thing I do is go to my brother’s soccer game. It took FOREVER! At least I got my dad to get me hot chocolate! After his game, we went to Fred Meyers. There I cut 5 inches off my hair and you can barely tell! Well, when I was getting my haircut, guess who walked in! My friend! My friend who came over LAST Friday. She was surprised, too. Apparently her mom had bumped into my dad in the store and he told her I was getting my haircut. My friend didn’t hear that, so my mom sent her to the haircutting place, saying the thing she was supposed to be looking for was BLAH BLAH BLAH pretty obvious. We chatted for a while, and then it was time to go home. When we got home, my dad boiled some eggs. Woo, hoo! Easter Egg dying! That was fun! My mom bought some glitter that you dipped the eggs in. I made six. After that, we went and played with our neighbors on their trampoline.

Sunday-EASTER! When I got up it was 6:30. I woke up so early because I was excited to get to the candy. I got Robin Eggs, (colorful malt balls) a big chocolate Easter bunny, Peeps and a ton of Starburst jellybeans. Oh yeah, and the Turkey Eggs. SO +GROSS+! = SO GROSS! They’re basically giant marshmallow filled jellybeans. I had one and almost threw up. Well, I dressed up in a pink Easter dress. I normally HATE dresses, but this one was pretty. Since no one else was up yet, I ate some candy and went on the computer. After that I just hung out waiting for the Easter egg hung to begin! My neighbors, (Diagonal and next to us), came to our BLAH BLAH BLAH house at eleven and we waited while the adults hid the eggs. Finally, they were done. I ran up and down, looking for eggs. I found…15 total. 5 were filled and plastic. 4 were empty and plastic and 6 were hardboiled. There was one egg that I found a dollar in, PLUS a candy! That one was cool. Then our neighbors stayed at our house, playing hide-and-go-seek, video games, watching movies and going on the computer! I was sad when they left. It was finally time for bed. I admit, I snuck some candy into my room and ate it while reading my book. What a perfect end to Spring Break!

Well, did you like it? I know I said BLAH BLAH BLAH a lot, but that was to check if you were actually reading it. Then again, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to read the WHOLE THING. I mean, total it’s 1,861 words! That’s A LOT! If you actually DID read the WHOLE THING, thanks! I worked hard on it, you know. I asked my parents to refresh my memory and whatnot. Okay, now I’m just trying to get 2,000 words. So far I have 1,831. Hey! Maybe I could tell you all about my kitten! Oh, never mind. I’m soooo desperate to get 2,000 words it’s scary! Oh, well. Maybe next time, bye!




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Article posted February 3, 2009 at 10:12 PM GMT • comment (2) • Reads 158

Hey Everyone!

I'm just going to type about the Iditarod project our class is doing. I think that working with other people from other classes is going to be really fun! I can't wait to here more about my group of people. I think that it will be awesome! I also think that to commuticate with the others in my group will be fun. Comment here, comment there, comment everywhere! You know what I mean.

Well, See Ya!



Article posted February 3, 2009 at 10:12 PM GMT • comment (2) • Reads 158

Article posted January 15, 2009 at 07:24 PM GMT • comment (3) • Reads 309

       Some kids say they have cool teachers. Yeah, yeah, whatever. My teacher is famous! She has the amazing ability to travel back to native times. Our class has visited our old relatives’ Victorian houses. They were sooo fancy! She took us to prehistoric times to meet the caveman. We had to leave when we smelt volcanic acids. Apparently there was a volcano nearby. Most people have only seen a plastic nativity of Mary and Joseph in the manger, but we saw the real thing! We’ve traveled across the nation, educating children of all ages about history and nature. We met George Washington before he met his grave. Poor guy, he was so confused when we asked him where the TV was. It’s so cool we are able to travel to all of these places and times to relate to all of the animals and people of the area in time.      





Article posted January 15, 2009 at 07:24 PM GMT • comment (3) • Reads 309

Article posted January 5, 2009 at 10:14 PM GMT • comment (1) • Reads 175

            Yo, Yo, Yo! Or should I say Snow, snow, snow! What’s up everybody? Hedwig here, typing in a blog for one of my favorite blogging site, DragonBlogs! This fine blog is entirely based on, you guess it, snow! Well, actually it’s based on my perfect snow day! Here I go!

            The first thing I’d do is definitely grab a blanket and some cocoa and just watch the snow through my sliding glass doors. I’d watch the fat flakes fall down onto my deck. Then, when I couldn’t sit still anymore, I’d put on my snow clothes, get my brother and out we’d go!

            We would probably go to our neighbors house first, since it’s not very fun without them. We would then go sledding down the small hill in between our two houses. I just know we would get bored of that, so we would start a snowball fight. I would soooo win. But after awhile, my toes would get pretty cold, so we would all head inside for some more steaming hot cocoa. We would all go downstairs and I would watch them play video games while I warmed up. That would be fun!

            My perfect snow day would finish with me sitting by the fire with yet another cup of cocoa. Oh, and don’t forget the magical sound of Christmas songs playing in the background. That would be wonderful!

That’s what my perfect snow day would be like! 

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Article posted December 11, 2008 at 08:10 PM GMT • comment • Reads 143

Are you ready for the

Big singing

Contest?” My

Dad asked as we were driving to the theater in his

Elephant. (That’s what we call my

Father’s car because it’s big and

Grey.) “I think it should be illegal to

Have such a big car, Dad, you’re so

Irresponsible.” I said,

Joking around. “Well, your being immature!” My dad

Keith said. “Yeah, well you’re immortal and illogical and

Like to arrange chairs!” I said.

Meanie!” My dad said.

Nuh-uh!” I said back. It didn’t have much of an effect.

Oh, not you didn’t!” he said, only

Partially joking. “I’m the 

Queen of the world!” I screamed,

Rushing to the

Stage. We had arrived at

The singing contest.

Um, oh, there’s my colleague, Lily!” I said, running

Vigorously to her.

Whatcha doin’?” I asked her. “Getting an 

X-ray, what did

You think?” “Are you having an affair with

Zorro?” I asked her. “Who’s Zorro?” She asked me. She doesn’t know anything.


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Article posted December 10, 2008 at 11:04 PM GMT • comment (2) • Reads 129


  5 dialogue descriptors from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

1.       "I can do this." I sniffled. Pg. 243

2.       "Bella," he said in a suspiciously soothing voice. Pg. 410

3.       “You’re kidding!” He laughed. Pg. 483

4.       “Get inside, Bella. We have to hurry.” His voice was urgent. Pg. 391

5.       “I hope you haven’t been showing off-it’s rude.” She said with a sigh. Pg. 325                                                                                                                                                                                          

  I was at Spanish class and my teacher was handing back our 500-word essay. She gave me mine with a smile and said warmly “You are a true learner when it comes to different languages.”

                “Thank you, Mrs. Estrada.” I said, loud enough for everyone to here me. Lizzie rolled her eyes. I smiled. I loved it when I outshone perfect Lizzie Smithson. She was soooo bossy. I heard her whisper something like ‘show off’ to her friend Pearl.

                Pearl Holly is just one of those pretty popular brats, I think you know the type. I wondered what she had scored. “Hey, Pearl, Lizzie, What did you get on the test?” I said snidely.

                Lizzie looked at me with disgust. “Actually, I got an A-!” She said proudly, smiling her perfect smile. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t help it. That was only one grade behind me!

                “Betcha you cheated!” I said angrily. “You could never do that well!” I said a bit too loud.

                Everybody turned to face me. I blushed bright red and said in a small voice “Well, I do think that,” Mrs. Estrada turned to me. She looked furious.

                “I have never been more disappointed in you, Ms. Johnson!” Mrs. Estrada said, her voice trembling with anger. I gulped. “You have never been this rude to anyone. Well, not that I know of. Ms. Holly, has Ms. Johnson ever done anything to you that made you feel bad?” She said, turning to Pearl with concern.

                Pearl put on her pouty face screwed up her eyes. “Well, actually, she made me feel bad by saying that my new shoes are…are…ugly.” She whined. And with that, she dove her face into Lizzie’s arms and sobbed.

                I had said nothing of the sort! “But…But…” I stuttered. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

                “No buts!” Mrs. Estrada said harshly. “Principals office! Now!”

                I tried my best not to cry as I walked down to the office. The secretary looked at me from behind her big computer monitor and said dully, “Copies again?” Of course she wouldn’t expect me to be visiting the principal! I was never in trouble!

                “Um, no. It’s about this.” I mumbled, handing her the note with my teachers messy scrawl stating that needed to visit the principal. I looked down at my feet while she read it.

                She looked at me with concerned surprise. “Are you sure this is for you?”

                I gulped and slowly nodded my head. She sent me to the principal. He took one look at me and sighed. “I knew you would eventually visit me.”

                Worst Day Ever!

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