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Me and Ravenpaw walked along the edge of the former forest of a while. Then we came to another forest. I sniffed the air. " Stale fox scent. " I observed. then we padded on.



Then the smell hit us. " The sun - drown place! " Ravenpaw exclamied. We padded down a small slope and we could smell all the clans. I think that's ThunderClan territory. We can cut threw there. " Ravenpaw said. We slid down to the edge of their territory and kept on.



We were almost to the camp. '" INTRUDERS!" A voice boomed.  A large brown cat skid right in front of us. "Ravenpaw!"  The cat yelled. And all of a sudden the cat's son bounced over. "What are these skunk bags to here?!" He yelped. I almsot bared my teeth at the little furball. " Foxkit! This is an important cat! " Dustpelt chided.

By now the whole clan had come here. Four cats appoched up front.  A gingler tom that msut have been leader, a pale ginger she - cat that must have been his mate, a dark brown tabby with amber eyes that must have been deputy, and a long - furred gray tom.


"Greetings Ravenpaw, who is your friend?" The leader questioned. I held my head high with proud eyes. " I am Leopardstar, leader of BirchClan. I search for my sister, she also is Leopardstar. " I explained.


The long - furred tom spoke. " Now I remember, your half RiverClan. I'm Graystripe. I heard all about you. I'm also Thudnerclan's former deputy. Everycat thoguth I was dead. "


The pale she - cat spoke next and purred. " I'm Sandstorm, and this is my mate, Firestar. "


" I'm Brambleclaw the deputy. " The darkt tabby explained.


I chuckeld. " Yes amd your father would be an elder by now if he was still alive. "


Brambleclaw snorted a little.


'Leopardstar now is not the right time to visist your sister, RiverClan is in trouble and won't tell us why." Firestar tried to explain to us.


I hissed.  "RiverClan is never in trouble! and birchClan won't ever be either!" I pelted over near the WindClan border. RiverClan was on the other side of the lake but I had to pass WindClan first. When I was out of earshot Ravenpae spoke. "She's getting more like her sister ever day." And with that, he darted after me.



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