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leopardstar.jpg Leopardstar image by orkasplash12I am Leopardstar. Of BirchClan. ^_^ Don't get me confused with my sister, Riverclan's Leopardstar. Crookedstar just had to make HER deputy! Typical. Just because shes fierce. But dang she's aggresseve. Once she was leader I left and came upon a jungle. There were so many herbs! So I learned to heal. I lived there for several moons. Then I traveled back to the forest to pay my 'dear' sister a visit. A stayed for a moon or two, being Mudfur's assistant. That was before Mothwing and Hawkfrost came to the forest. They had a brother, but he died in a flooding celler. I was very used to eating fish with my sister. But then I left one night. I'm sure Leopardstar told her clan that it was nothing to worry about. - sigh - she is the older one. They only diffrence between us was our warrior names. Mine Leopardpath, her's  Leopardfur.


When I returned to the jungle, I formed a clan with other loners. And a rogue or two. They agreed with me being leader because I knew mroe about clans then them. I made a loyal she - cat, my deputy. Her name is Autumnfall. My first apprentice was Willowpaw. She is a fast learner. She soon became Willowdapple. Now, I have Lilacpaw. Shes not a very good listener, shes probably going to need to do extra work around the camp. Our first warrior, Tangleears, is a very proud warrior. We didn't have any warriors to train him, so we had our queen train him. I watched over her kits. Her name is Spottedpelt. I didn't have to give her a warrior name, she already was one! She's former MoonClan. I made friend's with their leader and compeltly forgot about Spottedpelt! Their leader is Foxstar. I lost a life going after two of her queen's kits.It was the first life I lost. Only clan leaders get nine lives.


Lilacpaw has got in plenty of trouble this past moon. She drank up the Moonpool! The Moonpool is our connection with Starclan. StarClan is our warriro ancestors. And she ate Willowdapple's pet koi.... We eat Koi, the Moonpool is a koi pond the people forgot about when they moved. The leader den, which is my den, is the very small house that is right in front of it. We only use our hunting grounds for patrols. But our new warrior, Warriorheart, will catch woodland creatures for us. I didn't need to name Warriroheart, either. We are getting many new recruits in my clan. i've adopted a stray kit to care for as my own. I believe her name is Cloudkit. Don't get her confused with Thunderclan's Cloudtail. I'm going off to find more adventure for you to explore. Please comment and show this to your teacher. :)


May StarClan light your path,


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