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                  My spring break

                    By: Squirtle




My spring break started with going to the airport at night, so we could fly out to see my dad in Virgina the drive only took about 2 hours. Plus, it seems as if we took a different route this time.


When my sister, mom, and I got to the airport, we had to go through security and stuff. I thought most airports didn’t make kids go through!!!!


So when we are on the plane, I get to sit next to my mom. My sister doesn’t She sits in the MIDDLE row. That’s right, there are 3 rows.


It was the more long flight. So at the crack of dawn, we got on our half-hour flight.

Then, after the half-hour flight, we went to our rental car and drove off from Greensboro airport to the city of Roanoke.

Our dad was waiting outside for us. We waited for our mom to park the rental car, me and my sister were still in pajamas and it was the middle of the after noon, hot and sunny. I ran up to my dad and hugged him. Then my sister got a turn. Then my dad’s friend came out of the house and we hugged him.

The next day we went out for lunch and a movie. Monsters vs. Aliens, It was really funny. But we were sitting to close to the screen so I got really dizzy. And my dad lost my cell phone there so on 4-20-09 he is getting me a new one.

We went to see the big lighted star that night too. But It was really windy up there, if you blew over the edge you would roll for miles and into an intersection down in the bottom of the town. But it was pretty and big. Roanoke is known as “ the star city “ for this big night – lighten star. Oh yeah we had a water balloon war too. Awesome

The next day we. Played at home, but at night we set off for a water park. We stayed at a hotel and then in the morning we set off again. It was really fun it has a surf machine and an enter tubing river and lots of fun stuff. I made a friend there, we went in the enter tube river in the double tubes. They let triple enter tubes on a certain water slide that almost has a drop it is so steep and long. There is an arcade to where you can use a swipe card OR tokens. I ya ya.

We drove back that night but I kinda got sick. Aww.

The next day we went to the airport, we were so late we had to have our stuff gate checked. That’s REAL late, my and my sis were supposed to fly alone. So instead of getting on first we were last.

I think the flight attendat KNEW our captains might have no been the best. But they did a pretty good job. Maybe it was just turbulence rocking us so much….

Then soon after we got on the next plane. It was long but a nice man sat next to us, and hwen we saw our mom, we where ok.





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