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Motto: Where there is Poke’mon there is love!

Do you ever think about you’r report card? I bet A LOT of you DO! But what if it was a report card for navigation!? How would you cope with it, and how would you teach the most sweetest children in the world!?



When I was walking down the street from my house, I said to myself “This is going to be an insane day!”I had to get my act together if I was going to fascinate my mom with my navigation report card! I’m just really sad about the separation between my awesome airplane fascination and me! I don’t know how I’ll be able to express my feelings about the separation between me and my awesome skills to navigate. I was also thinking about the extinction of the dinosaurs! (For some reason!) There was much complication between thinking about my navigation and the extinction of the dinosaurs! When I was thinking about them I was also able to generate a third thought about: ACTION! When I thought about action I thought about the movement of objects and creatures! I thought about my navigation score. “I wonder how well I navigate!” I thought to myself. When I was able to educate young children about airplanes and how to fly them, I was able to tell them about the education that I was told when I was as old as them. The thought at how sweet the kids were and how much they were good at learning navigation just told me that… This was going to be some troublesome children!

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