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   Dialoue from Twilight  by, Stephenie Meyers

1. " You don't care if i'm a moster? If i'm not human" edward said in a dark voice

2."Does it matter" Jacbo said in a husky  voice

3."Seventeen" Edward answered promtly

4." He said we weren't Dangous?" his voice was deeply skeptical.

5. "Easy for you!" He amened, toching my nose with his fingertip.         

   My mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down. We were in Paris on a sunny day. I was going to my best friend’s house for the summer. She lives in New York. I still sort of live there. See me and my mom travel everywhere. We own a house in New York, but we only go there two times a year. So I decided I would spend a month with my friends. Their names are Hannah, Penny and Martha. My name is Abby.

                About 30 minutes latter I was on the plane to New York City. Most of the time on the plane I just read Breaking dawn By, Stephenie Meyers. For the other 20 minutes I was listening to “The River flows threw you”. Finally I got off the plane. Hannah and Penny were screaming when they first saw me. I was so happy to be with my best friends again. I ran to go hug them.

                “I missed to soooooo much,” I said, half laughing half crying, “Where’s Martha?”

                “Oh! She didn’t want to come” Penny whispered backing off me.

                “ Why” I questioned

                “ Oh she is different now,” Hannah said all most disappointed like she wished I had not brought it up, “ But Let’s not let that ruin out time together”

                “Ok! Where 1st?” I asked, as we started walking to go get my things.

                “ Well, There’s a new outlet mall on main street. But if you want to go drop you things off at my new apartment we can” Hannah said grabbing one of my suit cases.

                To be continued

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