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Our class in a better community



      Our class is a better community because; we will do things that we agreed to do on 7 different things. The 7 different things were, the hallways, the bathrooms, PE, Homework, Bus, Lunchroom and recess. I will tell you about most of them today. The first one is the hallway.

      The hallways are a place were we go to get from places to places. Our agreements were to not say anything when we are in the hallways. There is no reason to because we are only in them for a short period of time that we can talk when we get to the place we are going next. For explain, say we were going to PE. All we have to do is walk a few yards out of our classroom and when we get to the room we can talk if you want. (But in this case I don’t think you should cause we would not get a 5). The discipline is 1. Stay in for recess 2. Go to the back of the line. And more

      Now, the next thing is the bathroom. The bathroom has been getting disrespected. So we decided that our rules were to Flush, Don’t litter and No Vandalism. We were willing to put up signs in the bathrooms to help make more people do these things. The discipline is 1. Stay in at recess and clean the bathrooms. 2. Go to the principle. 3. Call home.

      The next one is recess. At recess there are things that you can do and things you can’t do. So the rules are simple. Follow the school rules. No kicking, No bad words. No climbing up the slide, none of that. The discipline that we will show to the duties is sat on the wall for the rest of recess. And if it is worst to the principle you go.


Those are some of the things that are going to make our class a better community.


The end


By, Annabel green     

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