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by teacher: samuel
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        I have four animals. For this paragraph, I am only going to write about two cats named Hoshi and Mychka. Here are the basics. Hoshi is solid grey, and Mychka is solid black. Hoshi is a major trouble maker. Hoshi is 4 and a half months and still once in a while pees on the the couch or bed. They are both Maine Coon fluffy girl cats! Mychka always seems like the perfect cat, because she never gets in trouble, has sleek fur, dosn't slouch, dominet, and acts just like a queen. Hoshi is the exact oppisit. She always gets in trouble, slouches, not dominet, and acts like a needy child! (She still has sleek fur though.) Of course I still like them equaly. NOT=http:// I alternate all the time. Mostly I like the one on me the most.

       The other two ones are a cat named Felicia, and the others a dog named Hannah. All our animals are girls. In the past we have only had one boy animal. We got Felicia who was abussed by this boy named Sage who went to this school, but got expelled in first grade. He was even in my kindergarten class. Hannah we got from the pound. This guy was sopposed to come and pick Hannah up that day, but never came. My brother cried because he didn't want any other dog but her. That guy never came, so my brother called and asked if she was still there. And she was!!!!


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