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1. It TAKES a WEEK too SEEK a SNAKE in the LAKE so take your time too find a SNACKfor your SNAKE.When your SNAKE is bad you WHACK it with a STICK then let it LICK theSNACK and tell it that its bad. To give it a bath just SOAK it in the LAKE.

2. I was TRAPPED someone pushed me down a well with aligators and i WAITED and JUMPED over them and it was bad so i DOTTED out and CHASED the person who put me down there i  cracked my nuckles and punched him and he PUSHED me back down i WALKED on thir heads and they RAISED their tails and i WALKED on their tails too un till they were tierd of me and HEADED out.

3.The guy watches the farmer groom the CHICKS and COWS with AXES,then the farmer puts DRESSES on them so the can go on BUSES too CHURCHES with wite picit FENCES and or GATES. After church the animals are put in giant BOXES, the man still GASES at them then he puts on his GLASSES and PASSES the barn to his house to do his DISHES.

4. I play soccer against MONKEYS and my team name is the pretty PONIES and when we win we all get TROPHIES made of PENNIES and we have PARTIES, my dad ENJOYS the PARTIES because he loves BERRIES and we make smoothies at the PARTIES and usually before GAMES to stay healthy.

5. This morning while i was getting DRESSED i CRACKED my fingers and waited for something to happen. a car PASSED by and it looked like the people in it were REACHing for my mail box i had to tell them to go away. At lunch i ate salad with DRESSING, i REACHED for the milk but my dad PASSED it to my mom who was right next to me "WAIT" i shouted  "you skipped me" after dinner we were going to go somewere fancy and my DRESS was WAITING for me upstairs and my dog was JUMPING up and down to see the food and it was a busy night.

6.one night while i was SLEEPING something was PUSHING me so i woke up but nothing was there so i went back to sleep.Then i woke up to a sound of WHINING but i saw that it was my puppy,then i POPPED my nuckles and me and my dad went out to go BOATING in two kaiaks we had a race and my sister was CHEERING when we got the signal we started RUNNING with our arms. My dad was WAITING for me at the finish line. After that we were DRIVING home and i got sick from his DRIVING and it wasn't very fun.


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