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Article posted June 12, 2009 at 05:50 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 1865


I have really enjoyed fifth grade!

At first I was not certain if fifth grade would be good or if I would not like the change from 4th grade. But y now I think it was probably the best year of any grade I ever will have.

I really started with a big achievement which lead into an even bigger achievement.   I made HCL which then lead to getting a first place for my science fair project.     I really enjoyed the science fair because it gave me a big challenge and I had a way to evaluate myself for all my work. Also doing the project at school and at home meant that I had to do it all by myself and not have parent support every second. I also knew so much and then the judges would ask you very interesting questions and sometimes ones you didn’t know which really made me think.

My goal for the upcoming year is to make the 7th grade math instead of 6th grade math because I really enjoy math and I want to be even more challenged. 7th grade math will be harder for me and then make me have to do stuff at home before and just plain learn even more challenging stuff. 

My challenge for the year was that Ali left and that is very hard because I miss her so much. She is one of my good friends and we have done so much together and this lead into a productive way of saying how much we missed each other… a poem.

5th grade has been a great year and I hope the rest of my years turn out to be this good!!!!

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Article posted April 1, 2009 at 06:30 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 445

The Boston Tea Party was when the British would not send back a ship full of tea and the colonists raided the boat and sunk all the tea.  After the raid King George got very mad and made the colonists pay for the tea before it entered the harbor so that they would lose money not the British. This group who raided the boat was called the Boston Tea Party.

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Article posted March 5, 2009 at 07:38 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 356

I really do not know what zero is but if I had to say a definition I would say it is the deviser between positive and negative that is not really one of them.  It is like a sandwich where there is white bread on one side and whole wheat bread on the other side but the jelly is not either type of bread it is the middle, devisor, inside. 

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Article posted January 22, 2009 at 07:42 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 222

  • What did you observe when the salt and water were combined?

When I just dumped the salt in the water the salt sank straight to the bottom meaning that the density was more than water.  When I stirred the water though, the salt started to turn into a solution.

  • How did the water and the salt change when they were combined in the cup?

They turned into a solution which means that the salt dissolved so that you could no longer see the particles and the water was clear/see through. 

  • How did measurement help you describe the changes?

Well there is not that big of a way to describe the changes but I think the water probably rose a little bit because more mass plus mass equals a bigger bit of mass and that is something I could measure.  Another thing I could measure or that helped me measure was that the salt particles went from about 2or 3 millimeters to microscopic so that you could not see them anymore and that you knew that the mixture was also a solution.

  • What have you learned about the properties of salt when you add it to water?

When you just plain dump salt into water it stays in the same circumstances as it started in, but when you mix it with water it turns into a solution.

  • How does experimenting with a solution of salt and water help you to understand the properties of salt and/or water?

It helps you because a property is something that you can recognize any mass or object by and so salt turning into a solution is a way to recognize salt and therefore it is a property and that property can lead to more and more and more properties.

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Article posted January 14, 2009 at 07:35 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 313

This is a the begining of a story By Ak and Kd.



    One fine March day two tigers were born to a dwindling species, and their mother Janalaa was lucky that they were so healthy.

As I opened my eyes for the first time I saw a world full of color, not black like I had been seeing for the last 16 days The reason the tiger had been seeing black for the last 16 days was that tigers cannot see for the first 16 days of their life. I saw the green of the bushes and trees and red of the berries on the bushes outside our den, brown of our den, blue of the sky and then the golden yellow of a sun beam that settled on my mother’s kind and aged face. In the middle of this beautiful world me my sister and mother huddled in a ball not knowing what was going to happen or when. We were content as we were in this big jungle with dangers unknown and us barely anything in this world.

I learned later that my sister was named Laani and I was called Saranga (Sarana).


Chapter 1

More family stripes


All we really did the first few weeks of life was sleep and drink milk fro­­­­­­m mother. All I really remember in these few weeks was the feeling of warm milk in my mouth and drifting off to sleep with with a full belly.

One day though things happened a bit unusually. My sister Saranga and I were asleep and then I woke up because the warm body that had been beside me a little while ago had moved. I opened one eye dazed and then opened the other eye immediately. My mother was not next to me and instead of my mother there was a big huge muscled tiger that smelled somehow familiar even though I had never in my life seen any other tiger than me my sister and mother. This tiger was not lying down and cuddling like my mother usually would, this tiger was lurking around in the bushes. I was so afraid because never before had anything come near other than a bird when my mother was off hunting. I did not know what to do so I kicked my sister to get her awake. She got up with a few purrs but I shut her up quickly by telling her about the strange tiger in the bushes. Father tigers do not stay with the mother for the birth of the children, but leave to wander their teritory. I tried to show her the tiger but the tiger was gone and she thought it was all made up and that I had just seen an orange bird fly by and thought it was a tiger, but I knew the truth.

Later that morning when mom got back from hunting I told her about the big tiger. When I explained him she got a quick look of worry on her face but then her face turned back to normal and she said "Oh I think you were just imagining it because no other tigers ever come here". But I insisted that mom had to make a check around. After lunch of a young gazelle (which was delicious and tender) we set of to search for any evidence. Sure enough there was proof, excrement, scratches on a big tree and a unknown scent that was definitely tiger but not ours. Mom concluded that it must have been our father and that we should not be scared just aware.

He came every other day but stayed at a fair distance getting further each time he passed through.

I got use to the fact of our father being around but I was very intent on meeting him so one night when I was supposed to be asleep. I was thinking and made up my mind to go out and actually meet him. That morning when my mother was away hunting I told Saranga my idea. Saranga agreed and we started planning. We agreed that the best time to go was the next morning at dawn when mother would go hunting for us and our father would be arriving in a few minutes. So the when our mother came back from hunting we ate and went on normally but the truth was that all we could think about was the next morning and meeting our father. That night I could barely sleep but when we finally got to sleep I dreamed of my father and what he must be like.

In the morning I woke up to Saranga kicking me and I knew it was time to go. As I figured out later my mother had just left as I woke up and that no time had been lost since saranga had been up hours before me waiting for my mother to leave to hunt. We left for the meadow where he would enter our teritory (as well as his).

When we got there we hid in some bushes on the edge of the medow to hide and wait. It was good we got there so early because after a minute of hiding he emerged from the forest his big majestic body was walking across the field and for a second I forgot what we were doing and just was hypnotized but then I remembered what we were there for and I got out of my daydreaming impulse and started on our plan. We had decided that I would stay in the bushes and make sure it was a good time well saranga would come out of the bushes right infront of his path and pretend I was hurt. Then I would come out of the bushes pretending we were still playing and see our father and pretend to be afraid and run away from him well saranga would try to limp after me and not make it.

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Article posted January 6, 2009 at 08:40 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 246


This year as always we had our annual New Year’s Eve party. Every year we invite over a hundred people to celebrate New Year’s Eve at our house. This year over a hundred said they would come but then 96 people came instead but that was still a good number. Before New Year’s Eve I would check the e-vite every day to see who was coming and who was not. I am going to tell you about the party so here I go. The day of new years eve I was cleaning the house and getting everything perfect as well as resting since I was going to stay up till after midnight and had just been sick the 5 days before and needed to get more rest.


     At 7:00 when the party started I was all ready and waiting looking from door to door nonstop to see if anyone was coming. Sadly at 7:20ish 20 whole minutes after the party started, the first guests arrived. The first guests were a boy I knew from pre-K and his younger brother. Next our old neighbors came that I had seen a lot for the last few years. Those people were 2 twin boys that are a year older than me. Finally the third guests were a family that had a girl my age/one of my friends named RL.


When my friend RL came I went down to my room to jump in my beanbag and listen to music.  Soon more and more people came so that I could have even more friends to play with.  Soon my friend KC came with her new ipod and we listened to her music on her ipod well jumping in my beanbag eating all sweets and doing all different sorts of things such as going into my sister’s room and making her and her friends scream at us for even looking at them.  Well the party went on that way with soon every one of my friends were there except for AM who was in Louse and not coming back for 6 months!  Well we just ate spied on the grownups well they thought we were surveying them for what their favorite cookies were.  This all went on until a little before midnight. 

A few minutes before midnight me and a few of my friends all got in real feather masks, big fluffy boas and face paint and then went up stairs right at midnight to watch the firework that my dad was about to set off at as close as he could to midnight.   After the firework all the kids got sparklers and we played with them in the rain well we froze half to death or at least my feet did.  After the sparklers we went up onto our deck to do wish a boat which was where we did our wish for the coming year by lighting a candle and letting it float on the water’s surface in a bucket.

After midnight everybody started leaving all my friends left except LF and LM who stayed a bit longer or maybe even 2 hours longer but I had no idea because I was too exhausted to stand up. I fell asleep on the rug once and got up finally very sore from the hard floor and then my friend LF told me to get up and go to bed so I did and I was so glad to fall asleep.

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Article posted January 5, 2009 at 08:26 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 101

During Thanksgiving break I did a lot of different things that would be a lot to tell you, but here is my Thanksgiving break. I hope you do not get bored.

So the first day of our break was thanksgiving. My day started out as a normal day other than the part of sleeping in. I slept in had breakfast and then went on Webkinz which was not usual since I had not been on Webkinz for 2 or 3 months. I played for a little while. Next I had to do my hair in French braids, brush my teeth, etcetera to get ready for thanksgiving dinner. Before I knew, it was time to go our friend’s house.

We left and sadly I had not had lunch and it was about 12:00. I was starved even though it was only 12:00 and my parents said dinner would be in only 2 HOURS! That is amazing not only for the reason of me having to wait 2 whole hours but also the reason that dinner is at 2:00 in the afternoon.

When we finally got there we were escorted in (or as you could say just plain opened the door for) and were provided some food and given a bowl of bread to snack on. We stayed there for a while playing and snacking. The main thing we were doing was playing on what should be a one-seated hammock but was being used for 2 people/child bunk bed. The way it was being transformed in to a bunk bed is that they had one tighter part a loser part and then a tighter part on the top and so that was switched around so the normal part was under the upper hammock and it was a hammock like a bunk bed. Well, the other 2 were doing that with the dog now added in on the lower half and my screaming sister wanting to get in. I was taking pictures with my camera of the hotel sort of thing swinging and hitting things.

After that it was time to go to the Neighbor’s house for dinner and preparations and that is the end of this story.

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Article posted November 21, 2008 at 06:20 PM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 101

Mountain School

I think my favorite activity would have to be quinoa. The game is where someone has the quinoa and passes it to

someone else in the circle then that person sais quinoa and the 2 people on either side of them say quinoa .There are

hand movements that go with it. The person with the quinoa has there hands up and together like a Buda, everybody

without the quinoa have there hands in a Buda position but facing down, the last hand movement is the movement of the

people on either side of the person who receives the quinoa they to a movement like choppin at the waist of the


The point is to get everybody out of the circle and you to be the winner. To get someone else out in which there are 2


1. You can say quinoa in a funny way and if the person you pass it and the people doing the chopping actions, do not say it in the same way they are out of the game.

2. If the person forgets to do the motions or does them late or forgets to say quinoa.

I did not have a least favorite activity because I liked everything. But if I really really think about it I guess I would have to say the compost. First of all because it smelled bad and even though I did not say it smelled that bad it is true that it was not my favorite smell. Second reason was because it was hardto turn the wheel and also pretty boring. Third because I already knew about compost and the process.

I learned that a vine maple does not only get it’s enery from the sun or also called photosynthesis only from it’s leaves like most plants they also get it from their branches. I think this is a very interesting fact. I also learned how to identify a vine maple in the winter. The first way is that vine maples have 2 buds at the end of each branch not just 1. The other way is that the branches come off in pairs.

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Article posted September 21, 2008 at 06:35 AM GMT0 • comment (3) • Reads 97

My sister and I have two rats. My sister’s rat's name is Hickory. My rat is named Hemlock.

Hemlock is the more active of the two rats. She climbs on my bed from the ground or into my sisters drawers. Hemlock does not like going on strange people. Hemlock has a dark brown hood to behind her ears and a little on. But about a centimeter from behind her ears white starts and goes to her tail.

Hickory is an albino rat which means no color or pigment. Even her eyes are a different color. Her eyes are red. Hickory is not the best climber, but she is great with other people. Hickory is easier to cuddle with.

One time Hemlock was running around in my room and I was talking to my friends. While I was talking Hemlock climbed up onto the boxes under my bed then in between the boards supporting the mattress. Then up on my bed. But that was not enough for her. Then she climbed into my pillow case. I would not have found her if it was not for the little tunnels being pushed up from my pillow.

One time I was reading a great book and I had just got up. I heard a shout come from outside my room and it was my dad saying that there was a rat out. I knew that the rat would be Hemlock and I jumped out of bed. The rat was Hemlock and she was behind the bookshelf. Hemlock had pushed open the door to the cage which was not latched and climbed down some bars then jumped down 12 inches onto the shelf and then down another 12 inches to the floor. It was very lucky we found her because the upstairs door was open and she can climb stairs.

One time me and my friend and sister made a fort that was three stories and put the rats in it. The rats loved the fort. They climbed on every level. We took it outside and let them play. Even though there was a door that was wide open the rats stayed in. We did not even need to watch them.

This summer I was at my friend’s house and we were making houses for our rats. I was making a house out of a basket. Lucy the cat had come along and put a foot in the house and then out again. I put Hemlock in the basket and hemlock jumped out as quick as lightning. Later when I put Hemlock down Hemlock would go straight to me. Hemlock was very scared.

My favorite thing to do is to put Hemlock on my sister’s bed and leave her alone. Hemlock will always go onto my sister’s chair and onto the floor. From the floor she goes up into my sister’s drawers. Then it is my turn to find her. First I have to pull out every drawer. Then if I do not find her she is usually behind the drawers or on the floor under the drawers. One problem is if I find Hemlock she usually gets away.

These are some adventures of my rats.

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Article posted November 23, 2008 at 06:00 AM GMT0 • comment • Reads 116

I have downhill skied ever since I was 3 or 4. I had my first lessons in Colorado 1 winter well I was visiting my grandparents. Next I had a ski lesson at whistler and then 4 at Komo Kulshan

My first ski lesson I do not remember that much except for the fact that it was in Colorado. And when I asked my mom she said the name of it was Eldora. I also remember there was a magic carpet which is a sliding rug pretty much that pulls you up. Somewhat like an escalator that was flat. Then you would ski back down and go up again.

My second was at Sun Peaks in Canada where I skied with someone dressed in a bear suit and I went to the top of the mountain which was so amazing for me.

My third was at whistler which also had a magic carpet which was so nice so I did not have to ski up the hill. And ski down ect.

When I was 5,6,7,8 I had moved so I had different ski lessons and these were Komo Kulshan. What you did was go with one, two or three adults and you would go skiing on the easier to harder runs with at least one adult per child until you could get up on your own. The classes were usually around 5 kids so on the lifts they would ask other people to ride with the younger children. The first year we only rode chair 2 and the second, chair 2, 3, 4 and the third year all chairs and the fourth every single chair a lot except for chair 1 which we never rode on. At the end of each season of ski lessons (which there were 8 of on every Sunday) there was a race. The race was timing not against anybody else running at the same time as you and the person who got the fastest timing at the end of the race got to stand on the first place stand and second the second place stand and third the third place stand and everybody else shared the third place stand. The stand were this big snow sculpture with blue coloring of each number (1, 2,3 ) on the place it should be. The first stand was the highest then the second ect. After that there were more activities.

Yearly I go on a trip during spring break with my friend EF. The first year we went to manning where we rented a lodge. The room for me my sisters and EF was like a small orphanage where there were 2 bunk beds and a puny room. Manning was the first place (and last so far) that I went cross country skiing. I really enjoyed cross country skiing. Downhill skiing was fun, but one memory just stays in my head. I was getting on the chair and my glove got caught, I did not make it on the chair though and so I was being pulled by the chair and to make it even worse the man operating the chair was running to help me and not stopping the chair. When he finally stopped the chair I got my glove detached but it stuck in my mind. We also went inertubing which was so so so so fun. We would go down and then hold onto a rope and be pulled back up.

The second year I went skiing with EF we went to Hemlock. Our cabin we never stopped marveling over though. The house was 9 stories tall if you counted the loft where we got to sleep. We had a midnight party which was awesome. Well the skiing was really really fun and nothing so bad happened except for the fact that my skis broke. The skis would not lock with my boot. We also went sledding a ton. There were about 12 feet high snow drifts which were awesome to sled down. Our cabin came with a hot tub which we would get in and then go lie in the snow, then go into the hot tub then lie in the snow ect. We would also run as many laps as possible bare foot and then go in the hot tub. I think are highest was 22 laps across the driveway.

The last year we went to whistler. We had two bunk beds in our room and we liked jumping from one to the other doing somersaults off of them and more. At whistler we had the BEST skiing and nothing bad happened to me, but my dad got his nicest skis stolen. At whistler I first used a T-bar lift thing which I thought was awesome. My youngest sister was in ski lessons (which she hated) the whole time. At whistler we had the best skiing of the three places we have gone with EF and her family.

I have done a lot of skiing and more than said here such as night skiing but here is a good amount of things I have done skiing and of course I go skiing as a family a lot.

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