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We are a fourth grade class on Long Island, New York. We are using this blog as a resource for online expression and communication of topics that we are exploring inside and outside of our classroom.

by Dean

teacher: Adam Dugger

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Deans files 09/12/08

I am excited I'm moving up to fifth grade,but I will miss the things I did in fourth grade like when we did the crayfish. I was scared to pick it up and now I am not scared to pick it up.When we did the experiment with the light bulbs I turned the switch to complete the circuit.When we did field day everyone did great and they got a ribbon. We all did great things before we finished fourth grade and now every thing is done and now we are going into fifth grade. Have a great summer!
P.S. I will miss you Mr.D (I mean it.)

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About the Blogger

Hi I am a fourth grade boy. I like to look at maps. My favorite color is green. My favorite subject is Social Studies. I like studying history.

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