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We are Gifted and Talented fourth and fifth grade classes on Long Island, New York. We are using this blog as a resource for online expression and communication of topics that we are exploring inside and outside of our classroom.

by Sravya

teacher: Adam Dugger

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Dear Anastasia, My favorite holiday is Diwali because you get to light up candles and eat lots of sweets. My family goes to the temple and we help light up candles in the temple. On this special day there is always really good Indian food to eat. Yum!!!! I love this holiday. Dear A.J. My favorite movie that came on TV is 'AN AMERICAN GIRLL CHRISSA STANDS STRONG’. This movie teaches a lesson about being a bully..................... its not fun being one. My favorite character is Sonnoli because this character is actually a bully, but then finds out that being a bully is not fun. I agree with her, so that is why I like her. I love this movie. Dear Mike A. I liked the books that were at the book fair. They pretty much had what I wanted, but I think that the book prices should be a little lower. I got the book "Main Street". Dear Michelle, I like video games, but I am not a fan of them……………or should I say I don’t play video games a lot. I don’t have a favorite video game.

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I am a girl and I am in fourth grade. In my spare time, I like to practice tennis in the park, read and I like to draw. My favorite color is pink. My favorite subject is math. I was born in fall. I have a younger sister. My teacher is nice and funny. I am a Yankees fan. I am good at tennis.

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