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Room 04 2011

Kia Ora! Welcome to Room 4. We are a room full of gorgeouly clever 9, 10 and 11 year olds in beautiful New Zealand Aotearoa. We love learning new things and always have lots of questions. The world is our oyster!!

by Maria

teacher: Leanne Stewart

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A Slender Loris is a small rain forest monkey. It was thought to be the first primate seen by man.


The Slender Loris lives in thin strips of rain forest in India and Sri-Lanka and some areas of Ireland. A Slender Loris lives in tall ever-green trees with lots of vegetation and dry forest floors where it was safe.


The Slender Loris’s is a loving creatures who will risk their lives to protect their families. Slender Loris like any other monkeys grooms each other for fleas and eat them. A Slender Loris will have 2 babies a year, not many for a monkey. A Slender Loris family will be up to 4-5 members big but hunt in pairs of two. Slender Loris sleep in tight balls or cluster with its family till night time comes then they will hunt for food. They can change colour in different temperatures of heat.


Slender Loris eat insects some spiders and slugs. It also will eat plants, nuts, fruits and some small mammals and flowers. They will eat gun leaves if they can find them because there are many other animals that eat gum leaves.


A Slender Loris has huge orange eyes with a white line going down to tis nose, it has brown grey or red fur. They have no tail but long legs and arms to help stay in trees. Its eyes are its most useful tool since it has night vision to see at night.

Life Cycle

When a Slender Loris baby is just born it looks like an alien monkey then when it grows fur, then when it’s fully grown it looks like a proper Slender Loris.

Slender Loris are endangered and need to be protected, if we each try to stop hunting their number could go up in the future.

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