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Room 1 2011

Welcome to Room 1, 2011. There are many wonderful exciting action packed activities that we are going to be involved in this year. Be part of this magical journey by viewing our blog and be inspired for greater things...

by Belinda

teacher: Michael Cunliffe

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My skeleton plot writing sample.

An old victiorina manchen is up for sale. No one knows but it has haunted ‘staff’ of terrible ghosts including a butler and other ghosts ervents. The ghosts never want to leave ‘their’ machen.

It is very important to the horrible ghosts that they like the new owners. If they have to share ‘their’ manchen, they want to have a say who moves in!

A gigantic number of people visited the ordinary machen to see if they wanted to buy it. First a little family of three came, but the ghosts didn’t like the family in a way so they started opening creacky doors and to the family it looked like nobody was opening the door so the family ran away and bellowed out ‘we don’t want to buy that manchen.’ Next was a school teacher called Miss Grumpy. The ghosts learnt why they call her Miss Grumpy so they took her hand bag off her and she yelled out ‘that manchen is haunted.’ Next was a young couple. The ghosts tried to scare them away but nothing worked they pocked the couple they whispered ‘I am going to haunt you’ but nothing worked so they decided to become friends and they did.

The couple finally brought the manchen. The ghosts took on their gobs as being servents and also helped the couple have a fantastic life together.

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Hello and welcome to my awsome blog. This year you are going to see some action packed stuff so sit back and enjoy the show!

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