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Room 1 2011

Welcome to Room 1, 2011. There are many wonderful exciting action packed activities that we are going to be involved in this year. Be part of this magical journey by viewing our blog and be inspired for greater things...

by Belinda

teacher: Michael Cunliffe

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I am going to tell you an alarming story. I am positive that it is true. It happened 20 years ago in 1887. I have never told anyone this before. I was out walking in the dark dense forest when I became lost and white, soft snow started to fall from the grey clouds.

I knew I could not last the bitter murky night out in the open and made my way towards a bright, glowing light. It was a solid, brick house. I went into the house and a lovely man gave me some chocolate mud cake, some fresh spring water and some shelter for the night.

The owner of the house Jack, was very exotic. He told me a story about something that had happened that very freezing night three years earlier.

He told me that mail coach had been travelling in a mysterious snow storm, the panicking, saturated horses had slipped and the mail coach had toppled over a rocky, deadly cliff. The two black, chunky Clydesdales, the four men and the two drivers had sadly died.

The weather seemed to slowly, calm down so I decided to set off again. The owner of the house Jack told me quietly I would meet tonight’s mail coach if I set off immediately and tiptoed past the deadly cliff onto the crossroads. I would take me about a long hour but the black mail coach would halt there and I would be able to get a ride.

Anyway I set off again and I began to feel terrified and felt very strange. I had lost track of time and it became so dark that I couldn’t see. I was very surprised when I heard the mail coach clattering up behind me. It silently stopped and the two tall skinny drivers nodded when I politely asked if they would give me a lift.

I climbed inside the old fashioned mail coach and although it was even duskier than outside I could only just see that there were three men inside the coach. I tried to have a conversation with the three men, but none of the quiet, tired men would talk. Then I realised something was very wrong with the big, black coach and all the men. I tried to get the drivers to stop the cart but they didn’t so I tried to get out by myself but I couldn’t. I then heard a very high pitch screaming. It felt like we were flying through the air and I suddenly passed out. When I woke up two days later I found myself in my soft, warm bed. I had been found by two men in a snowdrift exactly where the coach had tragically crashed three years ago. But nothing else was found there.

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Hello and welcome to my awsome blog. This year you are going to see some action packed stuff so sit back and enjoy the show!

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