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Welcome to Room 1, 2011. There are many wonderful exciting action packed activities that we are going to be involved in this year. Be part of this magical journey by viewing our blog and be inspired for greater things...

by Jessica teacher: Michael Cunliffe
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My Grandma has silver sparkling hair. She is very small and she has got beautiful blue eyes. Her arms are short and her legs are soft. Her neck is very soft too. She likes to cook with me especially chocolate biscuits and lemon muffins with sugar on top. She likes to go on the swing chair and play netball with me.
She smells beautiful like roses. She likes to do the
gardening and she likes to go for runs. When she goes for a run I sometimes go on my bike. She is very cool because she always lets my brother and me get lollies whenever we want to. I have more money than my brother because Grandma asked me if I wanted to save it or spend it. I said I wanted to save it so she gave me her money. My brother didn’t feel good about that because he wanted some of my Grandma’s money too.

Jessica Cartwright.

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