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Pre-Language/Western Civ (Sp/Fr)

Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.

by Julia Osteen

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Article posted January 13, 2012 at 09:24 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 311

Chapter 1



Once upon a time there was a girl. She was going to write about Justin Bieber except her teacher told her you couldn’t do a report on Justin Bieber. She was VERY, VERY disappointed so she decided to just make up a story, and you are reading it RIGHT now! So let’s try this again…

   Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Mahlon McLeroy. She loved Justin Bieber VERY, VERY, VERY much! Her dream was to meet him, then he would fall in love with her, then they would date, then they would get married and live happily ever after. Now she isn’t stupid so she knows that’s not going to happen
. (It’s sad, isn’t it?) Well so one day she was just hanging out with her friend who lived in Country Club of the South (by the way Justin Bieber lives there.) So Mahlon and her friend decided to go on a walk. They didn’t think about Justin Bieber being there one single bit. As they were walking they stopped to take a little break for some water. And then all of a sudden they see Justin riding by in his car! OMG=http://! IT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER=http://! He looked AMAZING!!!! They HAD to find where exactly he lived so they could meet him and get autographs and stuff. They could also brag to people
"Apple Casual";mso-char-type:symbol;mso-symbol-font-family:Wingdings">J
(Just saying…) Alright, now it’s REASEARCH TIME=http:// They aren’t stalkers they are just trying to find her true love. They were meant to be together. That is why God put Justin Bieber and Mahlon McLeroy on Earth. DUH!


Chapter 2


    They SPRINTED home and ran STRAIGHT to the computer. They looked and looked and looked! It didn’t seem that hard. But just as they were going to give up they decided to look at 1 more site and then stop. But this web page said his address! If it was correct they would meet Justin Bieber!!! So they printed it out and got ALL of their Justin Bieber things on, got some paper and 2 pens, they got all pretty and left. This was their time. On the way there they were FREAKING out! What would they say? Would he like them? Will he be there? STOP!!! We can’t just worry ourselves to death!


Chapter 3


Ok now they calmed down and were off! They were trying so hard not to go crazy. It was so hard. But they did it… “OMG=http://=http://!! WE ARE HERE=http://=http://!! ITS REALLY HAPPENING WE ARE GOING TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER=http://”, Mahlon said. They ran up to his front door and someone opened the door…

It was Justin Bieber!!! They couldn’t believe this was really happening. They were almost in tears they were so excited! He just said “ Hey guys! I can see you guys are fans. Do you want autographs, pictures, anything.” Mahlon ran up and gave him a hug and got pictures, autographs, and even his number!!! He said he had to go so they left. It was so hard not to but they did. Mahlon got his number and texted him all the time. They started dating and finally got married and lived happily ever after!!!  


Article posted January 13, 2012 at 09:24 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 311

Article posted October 21, 2011 at 09:27 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 88

Chapter 1

A Missing Mystery

One day in Georgia there was a girl named Lily. She went to GACS and she was in 7th grade. She was at math on a normal, rainy Friday afternoon, but something was wrong. Her best friend Alice, with perfect attendance ever since kindergarten, had been absent all day. It was 12:30, the school had called her parents and they thought she was at school.  Alice was missing and no one had heard a word from her.

            When they had free period and lunch Lily saw that Alice’s parents came to school to talk to the principal and once the police arrived, to talk to them too, even though they didn’t get much talking done. Everyone was pretty quiet that day and if you looked closely you could see that Alice’s friends had tears drizzling down their faces. But her parents were hysterical. “Wh-Wh-Wheeeerree is my daughter!!!” Mrs. Taylor (Alice’s mom) managing to say in between sobs, and Mr. Taylor wasn’t saying anything either because the whole time he was trying to hush his wife.

Lily thought she would never see her best friend ever again. And she had to do something.

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Article posted October 12, 2011 at 12:51 PM GMT-5 • comment (1) • Reads 52

The Story of a New Hero 1.The Weird Dream

For Jake Taylor it was an ordinary day in bed drinking soup his mom made him, when waves of water came rushing from inside his bedroom. Then he got pulled inside of his bed and he met with Poseidon the god of water. For a god Poseidon looked very casual sitting on his throne with his trident. Poseidon said to Jake, ”I will gift you with my powers of controlling the sea and horses.” The only reason Poseidon did this was he was getting old and not very powerful. So with one great blow of his mouth Poseidon gave almost all his powers to Jake. Finally Jake woke up.

The next day Jake woke up and everything that he thought he dreamed he put it in his what he called a dream journal. When he finished recording it he went to the bathroom to get ready for school since it was Friday. When he turned on the pipe something strange happened, the water smelled like the ocean. “Weird,” he thought to himself. Jake went downstairs and said to his mom, “Hey mom, what’s for breakfast?” “Eggs and bacon,” replied Mrs. Taylor. When Jake finished eating he got dressed, brushed his teeth, grabbed his stuff, kissed his mom, ran out the door, and waited for the bus.

When he went on the bus, immediately after he sat down he started to sleep. Every day Jake has ridden the bus it always smells like the same thing, smelly socks wrapped in a hint of ginger. But this day was different. When he came off the bus, he went to his homeroom teacher, Mr. Gillinhage, he was from Germany. Jake sort of liked his school, Frank Lincoln Middle School, it was a decent school except for the bullies that always picked on him. Every day Jake came home with some sort of bruise put he never told his mom or his dad, his dad was always on business trips. All Jake thought about in his fifth period before lunch was his dream that he had. He was so much into his dream that he never raised his hand once even though Science was his favorite subject.

When Jake was ready for lunch he was in line waiting for “the grumpy, nasty, old witch” who would serve him food. When it was his turn the grumpy lunch woman said,” What would you like to eat? We have potatoes or rice with chicken today?” “I will have,” Jake said, “ Rice and chicken, please.” Even though he never liked the lunch lady he always kept his manners. Jake really didn’t have a friend so getting a table was pretty hard. After five minutes he found a seat and ate his lunch. “Eew, that is gross mashed potatoes,” someone else said.

He went out to recess. We went around the corner where he usually waits and played some video games. Before he knew it, his face was on the ground and three people were laughing at him. He got right up punched all three of them at the same time. After all the punches, and for some reason all of the sewage pipes burst and quarts of water spilled out and soaked the bullies. Jake sunk in the water and came up back breathing fine, he felt invincible and punched them again. In the end Jake was the only one that was not wet, but the rest of bullies were soaking wet. The funny thing is that no one ever noticed.

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Article posted October 7, 2011 at 10:28 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 254

Chapter 1


“I can’t do this,” I said in a low whisper. I could hear the audience calling my name my heart was racing and I could barely breathe. I could tell my friends felt the same way. Arianna was freaking out and she could not speak and Devyn was hyperventilating. We prayed that God would ease our anxiety so scared out of our minds we walked onto the stage the bright lights shining. This is where it all started in middle school.


 Arianna, Devyn, and I practically ran the whole the 8th grade. We were walking down the halls earphones in ears when suddenly Arianna started screaming. Devyn and I turned to see what was wrong “What’s wrong Arianna?” Devyn asked. Devyn had bright brown eyes and long wavy black hair. “My song just came on.” Arianna said. “What song?” Devyn and me said simultaneously. “Upgrade You by Beyonce” she replied. “You would be listening to Beyonce you look just like her.” I said. It was true Arianna had big brown eyes and long light brown hair she was really pretty. But me I had red Beyonce hair like she had in the irreplaceable video I also had pretty brown eyes and long eyelashes to compliment them. Ring-a-ling-a-ling went the bell that means first period was starting “Uggggh science” we all groaned and we walked down the hall to class.


“Heat up the popcorn Jazmyne, the show is about to start!” shouted Arianna from upstairs. “I’m comin’ ok give me a second!” I shouted back. Beep!Beep!Beep! went the microwave. I quickly took the popcorn and put it in the bowl and ran up the stairs. “What took you so long,” said Arianna greedily reaching her hand in the popcorn bowl. “I was waiting for the microwave beep that’s what,” “You missed the first three minutes of the show,” “I don’t care turn on Victorious,”. Go heartbeat” said my favorite character Andre from victorious we laughed and laughed and laughed.

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Article posted October 7, 2011 at 10:21 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 236

Chapter 1

 “You’re an idiot!” Screamed Jared on the bus. “How do you get grounded right before the 3rd largest derby in the state!” “I know, but what do u want me to do? My mom said that I can’t go.” Christina said. “Go where?” Cried Alexandra. “Chris is-” Jared started. But Christina kicked him in the knee as a warning. Jared kicked her back. “Nothing!” Chris said with a odd smile. Alexandra Telco was the prettiest girl in the whole 10th grade and certainly the nosiest. Christina Alfred, Chris for short, was the nicest and friendliest girl in the 10th grade. She also had an over active imagination. Jared Marz was a jock. He was captain of the Arizona High football team. The bus got off at Boye Street. Chris and Jared got off the bus and walked down the cul-de-sac. “This my stop.” Jared said as he walk toward a small house covered in ivy and reddish brown brick. “Talk to you later!” Chris yelled back.

Chris walked toward her even smaller house with stone and  passed the Moxley’s house. The Moxley Family was a family of three. Mr. Moxley the tall, but stout businessman. Mrs. Moxley was the your everyday average house wife. But there son Mark was the devil in disguise. At the house there were millions of cardboard boxes. As if one cue Mr. Moxley walked into the forest of cardboard. “How y’all doing, Mr. Moxley?” Chris called across the “forest”. “Fine” He called back. “Y’all moving?” Chris asked puzzled.

“Yes ma’am.” Mr. Moxley called back

“Why some funny looking short guy bought it from us.”

“How much did it sell for.”

“I don’t know but it was a generous offer.”

“Alright. Tell Mrs. Moxley I said hi.”

“I will.” Mr. Moxley said as he turned back into the house with a armload of boxes.

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Article posted October 7, 2011 at 10:16 AM GMT-5 • comment • Reads 311

Valentine’s Day

By LH7

Chapter One

Never judge a book by its cover.

    If you judged this book by its cover you would probably assume that it’s a mystery book, right?

    If you suspected that, you’re wrong.

    This is actually a love story. Well, my love story. And Jenny’s. And Thomas’. And Ada’s. And a few more people’s. And it takes place on the love story day itself:

    Valentine’s Day.

    Yeah, this whole book takes place on one day, so now you think it’ll be short and boring, right?

    Again: Never judge a book by its cover.

    Especially this one.

                        Enjoy, Madison


Madison was braiding.

    String, that is. She was making bracelets to sell at school on Valentine’s Day, which was tomorrow.

    PING! Her phone beeped.

    She let go of the string and picked up her iPhone off of the table. She had gotten a text from her friend Jenny. ‘Sup? it read.

    Nothing, she texted back.

    U realize that Vday is in 40 sec, rite? Jenny replied.

    Yea, Madison replied.

    R u excited?


    Y not?

    Bcuz I’m not in luv.

    I understand i guess.

    U do?



    I guess

    So u dont like NE1



    see u 2moro then.

    KK :)

    Madison now had a suspicion that Jenny was hiding something from her that had to do with liking someone.

    And then the grandfather clock down the hallway chimed loudly. It was now officially Valentine’s Day.

    Madison picked up her string again and started braiding. She tried her hardest to make herself believe that today was still the thirteenth of February, not the day of love.

    She would never admit who she wanted to ask her out today.

    She would never even admit that she liked someone. She was good at hiding it, because people just knew her as Madison: the nice, quiet kid who loves football and apple smoothies, not boys.

    She wouldn’t admit anything.

    She tied off the last bracelet and threw it into a pile of about 50 others.

    At least there was one thing to keep her occupied with today.

Matt was typing.

    He was working on a new story about today. Valentine’s Day.

    He looked over at his clock. It was four in the morning. He could certainly not fall asleep now. He knew he would have to get up in two hours anyway. So he went back to typing, which got boring after about five minutes. He had been working on his story since midnight. That was definitely enough pages for today.

    He clicked out of Word and went online, where he opened Buzz. 40 new messages were awaiting him (because he had not checked it at school, there were a lot of comments that he had missed).

    He read through about thirty useless ones about brick tag, eyebrow dances, Caramelldansen, and tables pranks. And then the thirty-first popped up.    It was from Jess, his girlfriend. He smiled. It read, Happy V-day every1! Cant wait for Matt and my dinner date tonight!

    He clicked like and stared at his computer for a moment, thinking about her. Her profile picture looked back at him.

    He couldn’t wait either.

    Although, there was one other girl that caught his eye. She wasn’t incredibly pretty, but she was just so...nice....to EVERYONE! That was hard to do, Matt thought. He thought of her for a moment: her brunette shoulder-length hair and soft, grey eyes. He pictured the way she smiled at him at school, and how she had placed that bandage on his ankle when he had sprained it in third grade....

    No. Stop. He had a girlfriend now. He couldn’t think that he might possibly like Ada Blackwin.


Jenny was waiting.

    She was standing in front of the apartment building, looking at the parking lot. No sign of her mom yet.

    This is not like her, Jenny thought. She’s a half an hour late to pick me up.

    She shivered. Wearing nothing a white polo and a khaki skirt, not a jacket in sight, she was freezing in the October weather. She tried sticking her arms inside of her shirt, but that didn’t help. She pulled her arms out just as her mom came around the corner in her red Kia Soul. Jenny had always admired her mom’s style when it came to cars. Instead of a minivan, she had a bright and bold square car.

    When she hopped in, she tried to ask her mom why she was late, but Maroon 5 was blasting so loud that Jenny’s mom couldn’t hear her.

    “MOM!” she finally screamed louder than the music, and her voice cracked.

    Her mom reached for the knob to turn the music down. “What? I couldn’t hear you,” she said.

    “I asked you why you were late to pick me up,” Jenny said.

    “Oh,” her mom said. “I was enjoying a nice organic all-natural smoothie with Mrs. Dolan across the street and I lost track of time, I guess. Oh, dear, Happy Valentine’s Day!”

    Jenny sighed. “At six in the morning, mom? And thanks,” she said.

    “It’s not bad to be an early riser, Jennifer,” she said, and her eyes shifted to Jenny’s bare arms.

    Jenny’s mom sighed. “We have got to get you a new jacket,” she said. Jenny’s white jacket that she had gotten a few weeks ago had had organic orange juice spilled on it that was apparently permanently staining.

    Jenny’s mother pulled out of the parking lot and around the corner, and turned onto the highway.

    “Mom,” Jenny asked. “What time is it?”

    “It’s 6:30, sweetie,” she said.

    “Yes!” Jenny should, pulling her laptop out of its case. “They should be posted!”

    “What?” Jenny’s mom asked.

    “Our partners for that mini project that we’re doing tonight at six, remember?”

    Jenny’s mom gasped. “I forgot about it completely! We have to get you all ready.... maybe you’ll agree to wear some more mascara than usual...”

    “Mom!” Jenny said. “It’s just a school activity! No need to get fancy!” Jenny felt that her mom wanted everything to be pretty all of the time. Just for school, Jenny had to curl her hair, wear makeup, and wear earrings that had to have at least three layers of dangles.

    “I know, sweetie, but there’s never an excuse to not look your best,” she said.

    Jenny opened her computer and turned it on. She got onto Safari with no problem (for some reason, her computer could connect to a Wi-Fi network almost anywhere) and opened up her school page. The names were posted on the front page.

    “Here they are!” Jenny said. “Let’s see…ta ta ta…aw…” Jenny felt like her whole shop was shutting down. She clenched her fists.

    “What’s wrong?” Jenny’s mom asked.

    “I’m paired with James,” she said.


James was angry.

    For one thing, he was riding on a crowded city bus with no one to talk to.

    Another thing: he was missing a shoe.

    Another thing: he was partners with Jenny.

    Jenny was his enemy. She had accidentally spread rumors that he had picked his nose in fourth grade (which so wasn’t true!), and they had been enemies ever since. They hadn’t even spoken a word to each other in almost three years. And there was that little thing haunting him about her....

    He couldn’t work with her. It would end in an all-out fight.

    And he might be kicked out of the group.


    Stop it, James, he thought. You might jinx it.

    The bus came to a halt outside of the school. “All students of Ashton Middle School may exit the bus at this time,” said the voice over the intercom.

    James and two other people stood up. One was Thomas, James’ best friend (who James had not even realized was on the bus). He had dark hair that hid one eye and a pale complexion. The other was a girl with very long brown hair and green eyes. Madison.

    Thomas walked over to James. “Guess what?” he said.

    “What?” James said. “No...let me guess....um.....nah, I got nothing.”

    Thomas smiled. “I think I’m going to ask Madison out today,” he said, his eyes shifting, probably making sure that she was not still on the bus.

    “Good luck with that, man,” James said.

    Thomas raised his eyebrows. “Are you saying that you think she’ll turn me down?” he said.

    James shrugged. Thomas playfully punched him in the arm.

    “So,” Thomas said. “What’s up with you?” They stepped off the bus and onto the pavement.

    James looked down. “I’m missing a shoe,” he said.

    “That’s interesting,” Thomas said, smiling. “Come on! It’s Valentine’s Day! Why aren’t you happy?”

    “Because Valentine’s Day isn’t a day to be happy about,” James said. “It’s a day to have happy couples make you envious.”

    “Ah,” Thomas said, a smile coming across his face. “You like someone, then?” He nudged James with his elbow.

    James shrugged. “I guess,” he mumbled.

    “Come on,” Thomas said. “Tell Thomas. Please?”

    James mumbled something so low that neither of them could understand it.

    “What?” Thomas asked.

    “Jenny,” he whispered.


Ada was thinking.

    She was the only one in homeroom that Friday morning, Valentine’s Day. Stuffed inside her jeans and jacket pockets were 34 homemade valentines that she was ready to hand out to her friends.

    She had already stuck one inside of Matt’s locker, along with a fake rose that she had bought on her way home from school at the dollar store. She hoped that when he looked at it, he would recognize her handwriting and ask her out...

    ...and they would live happily ever after.

    But it probably wouldn’t happen.

    But there was still a chance that it would.



    Her thoughts were broken by the sound of someone knocking on her desk. She opened her eyes and saw that many more kids had come in. How long had she been thinking? And then she looked up, and there was Matt and Jess.

    Oh, how Ada hated Jess.

    And it wasn’t just because she was dating Matt....

    No, wait. It was.

    “Hi, Ada,” Matt said. Jess scowled behind him. Ada looked down a little and started crying on the inside when she saw their hands interlocked.

    “Hello,” Ada said softly. She hoped that she wasn’t blushing.

    “What’s up?” he asked.

    She shrugged. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she said.

    “Yeah, I guess. Listen, Jess and I came here because she wants to give you a valentine.”

    Ada raised her eyes in suspicion. Why would Jess want to give her a valentine.

    Jess smiled (which Ada could tell was totally fake) and pulled a pink card out of her pocket and handed it to Ada.

    “Thanks,” Ada said, doing her best to look happy. She tried so hard to be nice to everyone...but that was really hard to do when it came to Jess.

    “Okay, see you around!” Matt said, smiling. And then he and Jess walked out of the room, still holding hands.

    Ada looked back at the pink card. It had one silver heart on the front of it. She opened it up. Inside were five words in neat handwriting:

Back off Matt. He’s mine.

She could feel a tear sliding down her cheek.

    And then Matt appeared in the door. “By the way, I got an annonymous valentine today. Do you know who it’s from by any chance?”

    Ada wanted to tell him so bad that it was her, but instead she said, “No.”

    And then Matt shrugged and disappeared, and Ada buried her face in her hands and let the tears pour out.




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mso-bidi-font-family:"Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT";color:#77001A">by: NK

mso-bidi-font-family:"Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT";color:#77001A"> 

"Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT";color:#310065">Chapter 1

mso-bidi-font-family:"Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT";color:#77001A"> 



color:#310065">I told myself. This was not the first time I had been in this situation. The first time that I had snuck out to see Jared was six months ago, when they had first started dating. My parents had yet to find out, but I was starting to worry. “Sydney,” my mother said in her unnaturally high voice, “Where have you been?” “At Lina’s,” I said with as much nonchalance as I could muster. Lina has been my best friend since we were kids. I peeked up at the stairs, hearing my two sisters climbing down. They looked at me and gave me a quizzical look. Then I heard my father say,“ Renée, Opalei go back to bed.” I gave the twins a look that said go. I was glad when they went back up. I gulped and looked back at my parents. My mother sighed.“ Just go to bed, we’ll continue this discussion in the morning.” I nodded and ran upstairs. I knew that that was the end of the discussion. As soon as I got there, Renée and Opalei bombarded me with questions like, “ What was that about?” “What did you do?” and “Mom looked like she was going to cry.” I shooed them away and went to my room. When I next awoke, the only thing that I could remember from last night was the burning red letters of my digital alarm clock, reading

"Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT";color:red">2:47

"Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT";color:#310065">.

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     Chapter 1

Hello. How are you? Well, I’m fine. Anyway this story is about a girl names Jadis Alexa Crest, a black haired, African American girl with a headstrong attitude.

     At this moment she was carrying a rather bulky backpack and, from a crack in the thick trees of the forest, a man was watching her.

     He was bald, his skin was gaunt, and his eyes were yellowish ant terribly sunken in. He wore a short sleeve polo shirt, plaid shorts, a baseball cap, and strange shoes. It was quite absurd considering it was an unnaturally cold fall day, and your breath could easily be seen, but we aren’t at that part yet.

     Jadis continued to walk though, not seeing the thin figure between the oaks, with a black cloud above her head. Her mother was a counselor and her favorite thing to talk about was Jadis.

     Jadis had tried out for choir, drama, volleyball, dancing, and softball. She had got into swimming, but she couldn’t get her hair wet. All that was left was soccer, her favorite sport, but why bother? She hadn’t gotten into the other ones.

     And school was, sadly, terrible as well. All of the girls she had known and loved came back prissy and snobby, with expensive clothes and even more expensive shoes. Obviously their parents had won the lottery and had gotten a whole bunch of money. So that was that. The girls came back not paying any attention to Jadis.

     She sighed and walked down the quiet lonely road, crunching her feet on the fall leaves and humming quietly to herself. She passed the oak tree with the man behind it and felt a sudden rush of cold. Just a breeze she thought and walked on.

     She walked into her house and saw her mother at the table drinking green tea and humming to herself. Her father was across from her, drinking Columbian coffee and reading the newspaper. She walked past them without drawing any attention, something she was awesome at and walked into her room.

     She patted the head of her knee-high ceramic kitten with ruby eyes and said, “Hi Bartumus.”

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The great escape

Chapter 1 The Capture

Hi my name is Alex Smith and I’m just a normal kid who goes to school and lives a normal life. I am in my room doing my homework and talking with my friends online. I was getting tired and my friend Ford Jones was getting annoying. I knew I had to finish my project so I stayed up a little longer and finished it, and I went to bed while listening to my Iphone. I am just waking up and I’m in some sort of room and I am strapped to a chair and I couldn’t move at all. I herd some voices and they said that I was no use to them so they said to kill me and in that moment I knew I had to get out fast.

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Chapter 1


I walked by a very old Antique house and saw a red flicker then nothing. I was scared so I ran as fast as I could back to my apartment building on 54th street. When I got home the phone rang and so I picked up the phone and there was a recording that said, “ Come to your front door and you will receive a message.” It was very peculiar that on a Friday night this strange message would appear because two days ago my sister went missing two days ago.


My name is Talia Animat. I am 15 years old. I live in Manhattan, New York in an apartment complex on 54th street.








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The Time Travelers


Chapter 1 The Things


         The year is 2500. For the last 50 years Mankind has been fighting the Things. Things are these 8-foot tall creatures that are made out of metal, but they are not robots. They still have a heart, a brain, and organs. The Things came out of nowhere with their huge space ships with lasers, tanks with huge rockets on them, and a lot of other explosive weapons. The Things first attacked all of our bases that we had on distant planets. The Things destroyed the bases so fast that we never got the message that they were heading for Earth. When they attacked us they first started on the surface and worked their way down through our tunnels to the Center of the Earth. The Center of the Earth is Mankind’s Capital. That is all we have left but we have a plan…


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Chapter 1-How it all began

A group of scientists gathered together at a top secret lab at an island only known to top notch FBI agents to see if they could create the ultimate military contraption-a radioactive satellite that sent out a shockwave that would change the minds of terrorists to peace instead of war. After years of planning, it was finally ready to be activated. The scientist who pushed that button to send out the shockwave had no idea that the button he just carelessly pushed almost created Armageddon.


Chapter 2-What went wrong

One of the scientists had a virus and with the futuristic scientific material they were using, it was possible for the machine to get a virus. That virus changed the programming in the contraption to not change terrorists minds to peace, but changes every persons mind on Earth to war. The scientist who pushed that button had no idea what he just did. The group who invented it felt cocky and quite full of themselves because they thought they had just caused world peace-but quite the opposite. That moment a huge and unbelievable thing happened-all of the sudden everybody had the weird and unexplainable feeling of war in their minds- even the most peaceful people felt war-hungry. Of course there was the one outsider left who was the only one who could save the world. And that person was a 2 year old kid who can’t talk.


Chapter 3-Armageddon on Earth

So every person was hungry for war, and that meant everybody was in action-getting weapons, and no one trusted anybody but himself or herself, even though they should have betrayed their tampered conscience. The 2 year old kid had no mind of his own, or at least he couldn’t think for himself.But someone else could.


Chapter 4-Earth saved by a toddler

The person who actually helped the baby kidnapped him and took him on a jet to the ocean, planning to drown him, but when he dropped him, something strange happened-he was falling out of the skies at an unbelievable speed and he landed on the soft sand, not breaking a bone or getting a scratch-and he toddled over to the button and somehow disabled the satellite and saved the world. That is how a baby saved the world.

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My story is when a person, a seventies singer from the seventies suddenly came to 21 century. He drank a lot of sprite at that time it cost 5 cents so he didn’t realize he was in 2011 until he saw the spite cost 1 $ he was mad. But he underestimated the amount of a dollar in 2011. So he came to a random place to get a job he got minimum wage $7.25 he was happy when he got his first pay check because he was poor.

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“Mellissa!” yelled Ashley as she got out of her car. “ I could not wait to see you. I missed you all summer. Where were you, you never answered my texts.”

“Sorry, my mom took my phone away all summer. I had to help my grandmother. She had some problems.” Mellissa replied knowing it was a total lie.

“Oh, ok. Is she all right now? Were you able to help? You know my granddad was a doctor so I could probably get him to figure out what is wrong with her if you want.”

“She is fine now.” Mellissa said wanting her to go away. “I don’t think I will need any of your help. I have to get to class now, but thanks anyway.”

“Ok bye. Well if you need anything you know who to call.” Ashley said in a disappointed tone.

As Ashley walked away Mellissa was so relieved. She thought that she would never leave. All last year, Ashley had dressed like her, talked like her, and even died her hair a dark brown to look like her. Ashley was the weirdest person in the. Mellissa was the one every one liked. The one everyone wanted to hang out with. Then there was Ashley the weird one. The one with the nasal like voice. The one who everyone hated.

“Mellissa!” called Alyssa. “What were you doing talking to Ashley? You know her reputation. You don’t want to be like that do you? Aren’t you going to tell her that you don’t like her. She has to know where she belongs.”

“She doesn’t mean too, but I mean if you dressed and talked like that you would surely want to change. I mean it is not like she is intentionally sabotaging me. Believe me I think it is annoying to, but I mean I kind of feel bad for her.”

“There is no need to feel bad. Just get over it. She should be the one feeling bad. She has been the one annoying and bugging you. You have not done anything to her. All you have done is avoid her. You haven’t said anything mean.” Alyssa said.

“Yah, I guess your right. She does need to know where her place is. I am in my group and she is in her group. Some groups just don’t mix. Right?” Mellissa questioned.

“Exactly, who are we to worry about her. Come on,  homeroom is about to start.” Alyssa said.

Alyssa and Mellissa walked through the 6th grade hallway. They shared some of their old memories from last year. As they got to the 7th grade hallway they both walked into Mr. Ruel’s homeroom. Mr. Ruel was known for pretty much nothing. No one knew anything special about except for the fact that he was really boring whenever he teached. Mellissa talked with some of her old friends from last year and met some new ones. Everyone in the class liked Mellissa. Right before the bell rang Ashley came in. Ashley the most annoying person in 7th grade in Mellissa’s homeroom. Mr. Ruel got up and checked everyone off and then said the thing that Mellissa was scared of the most.

“Now class, I know all of you probably want to sit next to your friends and talk, but in my class there are always assigned seats, always. I put all you names in a hat and then pulled them out to see which table you would be at. I am going to put the paper up and feel free to look at it. These seats will start tomorrow.” Mr. Ruel said.

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Chapter 1

Charlie was playing kickball with his friends, Bob and Joe. They were having a lot of fun until they heard a strange noise and saw something flashing at the corner of their eyes. They looked up and saw a spaceship landing a couple of yards away. They ran toward the spaceship and hid behind a tree to spy on it. Once it landed, the door to the spaceship opened and over 1,000 aliens came out of it. This amazed Charlie and his friends so they came out of their hiding spots and walked closer and closer to the spaceship. When they got to the spaceship, the aliens started speaking a very, very weird language.

“Bleep blop, bleep blop, bleep blop”, said the aliens and then the alien up front stuck out his hand to Charlie and then the two of them shook hands.

“Hello. My name is Charlie. What is your name?”

The aliens were astonished by Charlie’s language. Then, the aliens started speaking their language again. After that, the aliens started speaking English and said,

“My name is Cyber. How are you today?”

Charlie and his friends were flabbergasted. The aliens can speak English, thought Charlie.

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It has been two months since they last came. I haven’t been the same since. They did something I just know it. They didn’t say who they were and they were wearing masks. I don’t really know how to describe them to you. They wore all black and like I said they had masks on, ski masks to be specific. They were wearing black gloves and black shoes. As soon as I saw them I blacked out. I know what your thinking. You think that I’m talking about terrorists or something. You’re wrong they were nothing like terrorists. If they were they would have shot me instead of doing what they did. They transported me somewhere else. I don’t know how they did it. You wont believe what’s happened. That’s why I’m writing this. I don’t want people to think that I’m crazy. I hope that you will believe me. You will at least stay and finish this book wont you? Of course I will have no way of knowing what you will do. Choose wisely for what I’m about to tell you will change you forever.

Chapter 1

I woke up on the floor. That was probably the first thing that I noticed. I was cold uncomfortable and stiff. I seemed to be inside of a room of some sort. The floor was some kind of material that I couldn’t define. I sat up and looked around. The walls and floor were a sort of shiny white material. It was almost springy. I stood up to see that there weren’t any doors, but that there wasn’t a ceiling either. I walked around the entire perimeter until I came to a small opening of a sort. You couldn’t see it unless you stood at a certain angle. I had just turned around when it happened; a huge spider about the size of a Great Dane was slowly coming through the ceiling. It looked at me with about eight beady, black eyes. We just stood there for a minute staring at each other when suddenly the spider lunged at me. Thank goodness that I was standing right next to the hole or I would have been lunch. When I stepped out of the hole I found that I was standing in a large room surrounding the spiders den. There were crowds of people sitting in stands booing at me. I turned to look back at the spider den and saw that on the side that I was looking through the walls were clear. I had been thrown into a sort of coliseum. Only after I noticed all this did I look up to see the people in the crowd. That’s when I noticed that they weren’t exactly people. 

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The Power


Ch. 1

The Thing


            “What was that?” Chris yelled as the huge boom settled. “Chris, stay here while your father goes outside to see where that noise came from,” Mrs. Lawrence said. “But I want to see!” Chris replies. “Fine,” Mrs. Lawrence said. “You may go with your father, but be extremely careful.” “Come on Chris,” his father called. As they walked outside, the ground was still vibrating from the big crash. “Do you think it was an earthquake?” Chris asked his father. “I’m not really sure; it didn’t really feel like an earthquake,” he replied. As they got closer, the air seemed to buzz with energy. “Ouch! I tripped!” Chris exclaimed. “What is that?” his father said. There it was. The thing.

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I was born on July 4, 1998. I was eight pounds, four ounces. After I was born they found something wrong with my head. I had to have several tests and some scans. They found out that I was born with brain cancer.

While I was there I met a girl who had brain cancer as well. Our mothers came often to the hospital to check on us. Several times we tried to reach out to one another. Our mothers requested for us to be put next to each other, as that is what I'm told.

After about a year in the hospital we both were allowed to go home. Little did I know my friend from the hospital lived right down the road in the neighborhood. As we grew older we played together more and more often.

As little kids our parents didn’t trust us much on our own, but we went over to each other’s houses often. Once my friend and I were playing in my backyard and we went into the trees behind our house and we found a little creek. Beyond the creek we saw a meadow full of tall grass and flowers.

We went back to the house that day thinking we should tell our moms what we found. We didn’t though because we thought that if we did we would be banned from going back.

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You can enter the text of your blog here         My story Ch 1

mso-ansi-language:EN-US;mso-fareast-language:EN-US">My story is when a person from the seventies suddenly came to 21 century. He drank a lot of sprite at that time it cost 5 cents so he didn’t realize he was in 2011 until he saw the spite cost 1 $ he was mad. But he underestimated the amount of a dollar in 2011. So he came to a random place to get a job he got minimum wage $7.25 he was happy when he got his first pay check because he was poo

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Chapter 1.


 Once there was a boy, and he loved football. He loved to play football, he loved to watch football, and he loved to talk about football. He even had his own team on fantasy football. His name was Tim. Tim was a pretty cool guy. He had many friends. Did very well in school. And was a great athlete. 

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One day there was a boy named Steven and he loved to play lacrosse, he wanted to play travel lacrosse in the summer for the Duluth Coyotes. It was his second year playing lacrosse; he wasn’t very good his first year but he had trained hard the whole off-season to be the best he could be. If you played for the Coyotes then you would usually play in the GLL and he played for the Trojans that came from the school CAGS in that league. And today was his first game for the CAGS Trojans. He came in and warmed up with his best friends and his fellow midfielders Jack, Brandon, David, and Trey. They were playing the Tigers, a team said to have the best player to come through the league in a long time, his name was Troy. The Trojans started the game and won the faceoff against the Tigers, he throw it to his friend named Ethan their attack, Steven found an open whole and ran through it, Ethan sold it perfectly and hit me perfect on the cut the he then bounced it into the bottom left corner for the first score of the game. The fans cheered and the referees signaled that the goal was good. It was going to b a long day.


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Emily was so exited. She finally got to go to Paris! After years, and years, and years, and years of dreaming about it, she was going! It got even better too, not only did she get to go to Paris; she got to take her best friend, Annabelle along with her.

“ This is going to be the best summer I’ve ever had=http://” Emily exclaimed.

“Do you remember what to do in the airport?” Her mother asked.

“Yes, yes I remember,” Emily, answered.

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Chapter 1

Her Background

Selena Gomez was born in Grand Prairie Texas and she grew up in Dallas. She is an only child, and she has 4 dogs. Their names are Fina, Willie, Chip, and Wallace. Her parents’ names are Mandy Cornett and Ricardo Gomez. Her whole name is Selena Marie Gomez and when she was 5, her parents got a divorce. She was then raised by her single, working mother.


Selena gained a lot of her interest in acting when she was little, watching her mother prepare for and to act in theatrical productions. She started acting in 2002, when she was only 7 years old on Barney and friends for 1 episode. Since then, she has become hugely famous.

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Chapter 1

I sat on the bench, waiting. The airport is a busy place, especially after dark.  I was waiting for the clock to say it was 11:00.  I would board a plane then, headed to Los Angeles, to see my dad for the summer.  That’s how my life went: I remember when I stood in court, while I listened to the judge try to explain in lawful terms how my life was being torn apart.  I looked at the paper I was holding. The headlines screamed in my face:

France and U.S. Having a War!

And another:

War Declared!

I started reading.  It is really the only thing that can get my mind off the noisy airport and the summer to come.


After years of fragile relationships and shortages of supplies, President Cuban has finally declared war with France.  We need volunteers for the Army, Navy, and Air force.  All of us believe that this will be a bloody war and possibly called “World War 3”.  Both sides have made alliances, and we are figuring the names out currently. So far the alliances are:

With France: Greece, Ireland, UK, and Mexico.

With US: Italy, Brazil, and Iran.

China and Russia are not sure if they will join the war, but each are good friends with each country.

We will give you the best update we can as soon as we can.  –New York Times


I do not like wars. I think that they are silly little fights over land, or gold, or rights.  Just like two toddlers fighting over a teddy bear. But the toddlers won’t kill each other- wars do.  Oh well. There is nothing I can do about it. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


I woke up to the sound of my mother crying.  I hopped out of bed, hoping to see what was wrong.  She held a newspaper that said:


War Declared!


After years of America accusing France about not giving enough to the U.S., and the Americans siding against us in wars, President Papoulias III is glad the US declared war with France.  Papoulias III says, “France will not be accused and we will not quit! As our heroes, and the heroes of those heroes, and the heroes of those heroes, we will fight strong alongside France, and for what is right in the eye of Greece! We will fight, and we will win!”  We are asking men ages 12-18 to sign up for our fighting force.  We are helping out France, many of our troops will be sent there.   We will give you our next update as soon as possible. 

–Greek Times


Good.  I am old enough- I just turned 14. I will need to sign up eventually; they will want lots of people to help fight in this war.   I will fight for my country, even if mom doesn’t want me to go headfirst into a war. Yes, I will go. And I will help win the war of this millennium.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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Chapter 1

There was a basketball player who was the best in the NBA. His name was Jake Bryant. He came from a poor family. In his childhood he never thought he would ever get out of that New York slum. Every night from the time that he was 8 years old he would go down to the downtown court. In the lights of that court he would get beat up by the 20 year old's that he was trying to face. They would block him and steal the ball from him. Everything bad that can happen in a basketball game. How was this going to make him a better basketball player?

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Chapter 1

There was this boy named Peter Kelly. When he was little, his parents divorced. He went to go live with his mom. 2 weeks later his dad died in a car crash. Before Peter’s dad died his dad taught him baseball. He told him the basic rules and played with him. This is where the story begins.

“WOOHOO”, yelled the crowd as the ball sprung into the air. It was in the ninth 2 outs and the bases loaded. The ball was coming right at him. Then all of the sudden everything went black. When he woke up he was at the operating room, and he could not feel his right arm. Then his mother explained that he had fell on his right arm and broke it.

Will I ever play baseball again he thought to himself. This can not be happening his mother also said that he had been unconscious. Just then he felt something weird in his leg when he got up after the operating session he zoomed out of the room in a instant.

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            Once upon a time there was an eleven-year-old girl. She was sitting in her Language Arts class, typing on her Mac book. She was confused. She didn’t know what to write about. Her teacher said it just needed to be a creative writing piece, but she couldn’t think of anything. Everything that she thought about writing about wouldn’t work. All of her ideas just weren’t right. She just decided to write on her computer what she was doing, so she did.

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The Magical Chicken Nugget

            One day a little girl named Tami went to her favorite fast food restaurant with her dad, which is Chick-Fil-A. She walked to the register and the cashier asked, “May I take your order?” Tami happily ordered her all time special, the 8-count nugget meal. But this meal was different. This meal was special. There was something inside that nobody has ever had inside of a chicken nugget meal. Tami hadn’t noticed yet so she was being her normal happy self. Tami skipped to the table, her dad holding the tray. They sat down and ate. When Tami opened her bag something MAGICAL happened. Tami suddenly fell into a trance.

            When Tami awoke she was in the hospital being rushed to the ER. She tried to get up but the doctors pushed her back down. Suddenly Tami fell to sleep. She was having a strange dream. She dreamed about the Wizard Of Oz. Instead of there being an actual Dorothy, Tami was Dorothy. There was something different about this Wizard Of Oz movie though. Tami said to herself, “I don’t think I am at Chick-Fil-A anymore.” “Am I the only character?” The thing was, Tami IS the only character.

            Tami breathed in heavily. The doctors were telling her to calm down. “I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!,” she demanded. She was flying!  The doctors didn’t know what to say because they didn’t know what was wrong. The only problem was, if they didn’t know what the problem was they couldn’t fix it. This is where the chicken nugget comes in.

            The chicken nugget that Tami had eaten had so much power inside of it, it made her fall into a trance. That is what is so magical about this order of chicken nuggets. They had one magical power in each of them. So if she ate all of the nuggets she would have 8 powers right now. Except this one little chicken nugget was too much for her body to inhale. So that caused her to end up in the hospital.

            Tami walked lonely around the trail. She was trying to figure out where she was. She searched everywhere to find someone to give her directions. Suddenly the bushes beside her rattled. Tami screamed and jumped away. Then a little, cute puppy walked out. The puppy barked. She slowly reached down to pick it up. Then someone behind her yelled, “ NO IT IS A TRAP!!!!” But it was too late. Tami had already picked up the puppy. All of a sudden a cage from a tree branch came rushing down. Tami tried to run but the cage was coming too fast. The Evil Witch named Ellen had tricked Tami. Then, all Ellen stepped out of the bush laughing her most evil laugh. “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA=http://!” “I’ve got you know Tami!” Tami struggled trying to get loosed from the cage. Tami recognized Ellen from the real world. Then Tami thought speaking of the real world…

            Tami still didn’t know about what the chicken nugget had done to her. But her dad did. Her dad thought he would go head and tell her because as soon as she found out she would know how to use her power. I think Tami would like it a little better if she could actually USE her power. Her dad told her to calm down while he explained it all v-e-r-y- s-l-o-w-l-y. Then she figured it all out. All of her other powers flew inside of her body. All of a sudden she had super vision, flying abilities, fighting skills, super strength, smartness, night vision, and seeing into the future. She knew how to use all of them immediately. Then she landed to safety. All of the doctors looked at her and her dad in awe and in a scary way. They back away from the family slowly. Then they turned and ran out of the room. Tami stared at her dad with her new blue eyes. Her dad stared back. She sadly asked one simple question, “Why daddy? Why didn’t you tell me? Now I am having strange dreams that I don’t usually have.” Then her dad asked, “What kind of dreams are you having?” Tami couldn’t answer because she was going back to her dream.

            Tami thought and she thought fast. She bent the bars out of her way so she could get out of the cage. She grabbed the dog and said a quick prayer for a safe lading, then she realized WAIT I CAN FLY!! So she jumped out of the cage and flew down safely to the ground. When Ellen reached her castle she was outraged that Tami had escaped. “I’ll get you yet Tami!! You just wait!” Tami walked down the dark long trail being aware of everything that was going on to make sure she didn’t get caught again.

            Tami awoke and her dad asked her the same question. She replied, “Well I am in the Wizard Of Oz. And I am walking down a trail and a puppy pops out of the bushes but it was a trap Ellen caught me and--” “Slow down sweet heart!” Then she told her dad the dream. He looked at her for while. Then he asked, “Are you sure?” “Yes” she replied. Tami had gotten a lot calmer since her dad told her what is going on. They drove back to the Chick-Fil-A to see if these things were supposed to happen to her. The cashier that served them earlier in the day looked at them with an akward look as they explained what was going on. When they were done explaining she guided them to the back room that no one has ever noticed. They walked in there was a misted person floating in the air. It explained to the family that Tami was the chosen one so she received those powers.

            Tami named her new puppy Cuteness. The pair walked down the trail slowly. Making sure nothing was in any of the bushes and still searching for another person. Tami wished she could’ve seen the person’s face that ALMOST saved her life. Then a boy came out of nowhere and screamed, “HEY YOU GOT FREE!” Tami looked at the boy up and down thinking if this was actually the person that tried to save her life or just some stalker. The boy was still talking, “Hi!, My name is Jimmy. I am the boy that screamed that it was a trap from the witch. I am the prince of this land I have never seen you around here before. Are you new here? Did you just move? Where are you coming from? How come they didn’t introduce you to me?” Tami was very happy to see a prince. She actually thought he was kind of cute. What should she tell him though? She couldn’t say that a chicken nugget knocked her here. That would just sound weird. So she lied to him and said that she got here just a few hours ago. He held her hand while they walked to his castle. Tami blushed a little because she had never held a boy’s hand that she liked. Jimmy let go once they reached it. Tami looked, her mouth hanging open. Jimmy said, “C’mon, Let’s go inside. I have something that I want to show you.” He entered the secret pass code that only him and his loved ones know, but now Tami knew it. That gave her an idea. Wait, he said this pass code was only for him and his loved ones. Then why do I know it? Did he just say he loves me in code? Tami shrieked at the thought. Jimmy looked at her, “Are you okay?” Tami looked him in the eyes and nodded. Then she saw something she hadn’t noticed before. Jimmy’s eyes were an unusual color, yellowish green. Then Tami asked Jimmy, “Is that your original eye color? I like it.” He looked at her and said, “Uh- er umm.. of course they are.. psht  its not like I have contacts or something.” Tami looked at him in suspense, but let it go because the way he stared at her calmed her down immediately. He smiled a bright white smile, grabbed her hand and started running up a flight of steps. Then, they came to a sudden stop. “This is my room, Welcome!,” Jimmy said. He was still hold on to Tami’s hand. They sat down on his bed and talked for a while. Then out of nowhere, Jimmy leaned up and kissed Tami. Tami smiled, it was her first kiss! She was supposed to be happy, right?


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Sir Stinky Breath

Chapter 1

            Once upon a time in a small village named Shama-lama-ding-dong there was an evil worm called “Wormy” that wanted to destroy the whole town. When a young villager named Peter Piper overheard Wormy planning his attack he suddenly remembered that he used to have pet worm, but he forgot to feed it. Then Wormy noticed Peter and remembered him. Wormy said, ”If you tell anyone I’ll  cut you into pieces smaller than me!” Peter was no ordinary because unlike others he had a reason to be known he was the town’s most forgetful person. He had angered the townspeople many times and he didn’t want them to think he was crazy too! So he did what he does best and forgot about it completely. 2 weeks later the ground began to rumble…

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My Dream

Chapter 1 My Dream (Part 1)


         “I have a dream that one day I will be on the Food Network” Jordan said. It has always been Jordan’s dream to be a star on the Food Network ever since she found a love for cooking. Jordan loves baking she epically loves baking cupcakes. When Jordan grows up she wants to be a baker. Jordan fell in love with baking when she first started watching this show called Cake Boss. When Jordan saw this show she knew what she wanted to do, she wanted to bake. Before Jordan wanted to be a teacher but now Jordan knows what she wants to be.


         One day Jordan was going to take a trip to New York City for her brother’s birthday. She was so excited because she thought this might be her chance to become a star on the Food Network because that is where all the shows are filmed. As she was flying to New York City she was dreaming about becoming a star on the Food Network.


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Justin Bieber

Chapter 1

         I bet you have heard of him! He’s amazing at singing (to some people) and looks amazing too! It’s…JUSTIN BIEBER!!! He is a kind person and not a brat like lots of famous people are.  He is a Christian so he thinks of other people beside himself. I love him!

         His full name is Justin Drew Bieber. He was born on March 1, 1994 in Stratford, Ontario. His parents names are Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber. Pattie had Justin at age 18. Since things weren’t going well they got a divorce. That is why their last names are different. I feel bad for him. 

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“Welcome, and thank you all for being here at the kickoff of the 2050 Anna Harris Live Unspoken Tour.” Anna was backstage crying. This was her first big concert and 25,000 people were standing in the arena waiting to see her. She felt alone again. After her parents and sister died, all she had done was sing and post a few videos on Youtube. Now, everybody called her “the only thing better than that Justin Bieber kid.”

Anna Harris jumped on the platform, and started rising up and forced a smile. She finally reached the stage and saw fireworks above and dry ice surrounding her. The crowd went wild. The music started playing. Anna froze.

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The Super Monkey

Chapter 1


One day, a monkey was walking along the woods, and suddenly, he tripped into toxic waste and got super powers. He could fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, and summon bananas from the trees. “I can’t wait to tell my friends, they will be so jealous!” said the monkey. Later, the monkey got a little carried away with his powers, and started burning down trees and eating ALL bananas. He ate so much, he looked a little like Harry the Hippo. His mom didn’t even recognize him when he got home! “May I help you?” his mother asked. “Mom, it’s me! Don’t you recognize me?” “No.” she replied. “Did you eat my son?! You do seem very fat.”


It did take a long time to prove he was her son. She finally believed him when he told her things only he would know. “How did you get so fat?” she asked. “Well… I jumped into toxic waste and got super power. I have the power to summon bananas from the trees. “You do?” she asked curiously. “Maybe you can get ME some bananas!” “Sure!” he said, and soon bananas came flying in the house.


Soon after that, his mom got fat! She looked like Ricky the Rhino! When his father came home, he thought that two monkeys had eaten his family! “What have you done to my family!” he asked. “We are your family!” “Oh yea, prove it! When is my birthday?” he questioned them. “October 11.” they said. He believed them now. “How did you get so fat?” “Our son fell into toxic waste and got super powers! He can summon bananas from the forest!” “Well then,” he said. “Can I have some bananas?” Then the super monkey summoned the bananas and they came flying in.

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One day Maggie was playing outside. She was riding her bike. Her parents were in the backyard planting flowers. Maggie is 6 years old and loves dogs. I mean really loves dogs. The air crisp and cool with a little sting of sunshine. It was the beginning of March and spring was just around the corner! Now Maggie has a younger sister and a dog named ginger. Her sister is named Macy and she is just a baby. Ginger on the other hand is a GIANT golden retriever who is kind and loyal. So Maggie was on her bike riding on the sidewalk. Right before her eyes…

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It’s Thursday night. I’m walking home from basketball practice that’s right down the road from my house. I’m about to go crazy right now because it is like the most interesting, crazy, and the best day of my life.

So anyway all these thoughts are running through my head about

the day, my life, and anything else that is as great that I can think of. First my day started with running into my archenemy, Joanna, who always has a reason to tease me. This might not sound even close to a great day, but because of this is why all the events happened after. Anyway, she kept on talking about how she was going to win her basketball game and that there was no reason even to try so much that I just had to start running away. Tears were running down my face I was so mad at her. She had no reason to say a peep about my team when we are so much better.

So now I’m running through the school yard and the tears were now streaming down my face. I can’t see anything. It’s just a huge blur of water droplets.

That’s when I thud into something much, MUCH larger than me. I scream, except I can’t scream. I’m being pulled into something much larger than me. I’ve never felt this feeling before. I’m just tumbling down, down, down…

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Hi my name is Alex my friends call me Cricket for short (I think). But anyway I love school. You might think I’m a good student with good grades and good personality but I’m not. I’m what you describe as a bad boy. When teachers see me I can see the fear crying in there eyes. You might think I’m a horrible person but I’m not – “Cricket let’s go”! I heard my screw call me I ran towards them.


     James asked “You got the stuff”. “Oh snap” I said. “I forgot it” I said. “Dang man, you always do this” James yelled. If you get us shot I’m going to raise from the dead and kill you myself!!!” he yelled. My gang and I aren’t close at all. We act more like rivals than a pack. We were like a dog pack. But I was the underdog, the weakest, the stupidest, and the ugliest. Compare me to James I’m worthless.


     “Cricket!” I heard Shiloh call me. He had brown hair seemed to be black eyes and a super round head. On the charts of the group he was number 3. He told me I was stupid earlier. So I was sick of him. So right at that moment I slugged him right in his jaw. But it seemed to be not hard enough so I got one right back. Even harder than mine. “ Who do you think you are fool” he said. In fear I got up stared him up and down and left. But I was going to my side of town, so that meant I was running things.


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