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Deep down the sea, sea creatures lived peacefully in the sea, until the sea was filled with plastic bags, cans, food and all other things. Some creatures died, because there wasn't enough oxygen and some drank polluted water. Polluted water showed a lot of symptoms to the sea creatures. The "Sea Hospital" was always busy saving the lives of the creatures. Dr. Octopus held a vaccine on one hand and a medicine in the other. He shouted, "Hurry Nurse! Before he dies! Get me some more medicine!" He tried his best to save the sea animals, but when he finished, other patients came with a lot of illness. Some had bobbles in their mouth and some had problems with their breathing. After when he cured all the patients, he was perspiring. He went to the "Sea Cafe" because, he promised Mr. Sea turtle to meet him there. Mr. Sea turtle waved his hands to Dr. Octopus. When he saw him, he ran to Mr. Sea turtle. Mr. Sea turtle ordered a sea coffee with some seaweed ice cream and Dr. Octopus ordered shell designed cupcake with a sea drink. While waiting for their orders, they talked about how the sea is getting full with garbages. Dr. Octopus said," I know! But I don't think this problem is going to be solved! The people think the sea is their junkyard!" Mr. Sea turtle said,"People sometimes clean the oils on the sea that floats!" Dr. Octopus said,"Look at me these days! I am curing every single fish!" Mr. Sea turtle said," Well, look at me! I am always thinking of how to get rid of these garbages. One of my scientist found out a chemical that can make things vanish and Mr. Shrimp's company is making marbles with that chemical, but there is one problem. The scientists' opinions are that the marble might make the whole sea vanish. So my company should look for a chemical that can only make the garbage vanish." Dr. Octopus said," That is good! I know a magician who was my friend along time ago. His name is Squid." They took a shell taxi and went to Squid after few days searching where he lived. When they arrived to a house that looked like a cave with a door, they knocked on the door. Then someone came out. Dr. Octopus said," Excuse me, are you Mr. Squid?" The person said," Yes, I am. Who are you?" Dr. Octopus said," It's me man! Octopus! Don't you remember me?" Squid said," Oh, Octopus! I'm so glad that you came here and who is that next to you?" Dr. Octopus said," Him? Let me introduce Mr. Sea turtle to you." When they finished talking they went inside Squid's house. Squid's house was immense. He had potions, magic dusts, and every other things that were magical. Dr. Octopus asked," Do you have like a chemical, potion, or a dust to make only garbages vanish?" Squid said," Yes, I have but you can't use it here. The dust only works inside my house or on the land. I don't have any materials to make this dust in to something that is solid. If it was, you could just say what you want to vanish. You can only take the dust in a glass bottle." Mr. Sea turtle and Dr. Octopus looked at each other and smiled. They asked," Can we take the dust?" Then Squid nodded and put the dust in a glass bottle. When Dr. Octopus and Mr. Sea turtle came out the house, they had a huge delightfulness and a bottle with a dust in it. When they were walking to go to the rode to catch a taxi, Dr. Octopus tripped then the bottle fell. Dr. Octopus stood up immediately and picked up the bottle as fast as he could, but almost every single dust was spilled. Dr. Octopus looked pale, but Mr. Sea turtle was still smiling. He said," Don't worry, my company made a small laser gun that can increase the amount of every single object." After few days, the marble was ready. Everybody gathered around the marble standing in front of the garbage wishing that the garbage was gone. Then in a fraction of a second, the garbages were gone. The sea creatures cheered with delightfulness and the sea was filled with laughter....

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