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Dear mom and dad

I think you should help 5B from planting trees, because planting the trees can save the earth!

First of all, trees improve human health by producing oxygen and improving air quality. One tree absorbs over a ton of harm full green house gases over its life time and also produces enough oxygen for 4 people everyday. If these trees are cut down, you'll have less oxygen so we'll be hard to breath. The gases from the green house makes holes in Ozone Layer. The bad light that comes from the sun comes through that hole and if it hits a person, that person gets skin problems and other diseases. That's why the ice is melting.

Second of all, when there are floods and it's raining a lot, the water takes sand from the mountains and it causes a mountain slide but there are some ways to stop it. It is to plant trees! The roots of the trees keeps the sand so there will be less mountain slides. When there are less trees, there will be less mountain slides and there will be floods and muddy water. The muddy water goes to the sea and make the sea even muddy!

Lastly, When people cut down trees, many animals loose their habitats like squirrels, birds, dears, rabbits, and other forest animals. Habitats means animal's homes. If there are no animals, it means no life or no nature and it also means that we can't live.

So, what do you think? Want to help 5B with planting trees? Please help us! I know that you are going to help 5B and me!

Sincerely, SP

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