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It was a spooky night filled with darkness. The guards were walking around a museum quietly. Suddenly when the guards were gone, the ventilator on the roof opened, a person wearing black clothes went down to reach a painting with it's hip tied. The thief knew that there were lasers surrounding the painting. The robber threw something like a powder then the lasers started to show. The person unlocked the code. Then the lasers vanished. The thief looked at the drawing carefully. There was a glass surrounding a painting. The burglar took out a small sharp diamond and started cutting the glass. When the glass broke, the stealer took the painting, then went back to the air ventilator.

There was a girl called Sarah and she was twelve years old. She had dark brown eyes like sand and she had black hair which was shining under the sun. Her dad Albert was a police and her mother Alice was a reporter. Her parents were so busy that she didn't see them much, but in the weekend they spent their time together. Sarah was living in Paris because of her dad's work.

She went to a international school and walked there.
In the school, there was a boy called Jack, who sat next to her. Jack had dark brown eyes like Sarah, and his hair was the same color like her eyes. They were friends since third grade when Sarah came to the school. Whenever they had problems, they talked about it and solved it together. One day Sarah's dad told her about the news he heard last night. A thief stole an art piece from the Louvre museum, but it wasn't just any drawing, it was Mona Lisa drawn by Leonardo da Vinci! Sarah couldn't believe her ears. How can someone steel that famous art piece?
She told Jack about the accident that happened last night. The police were looking for an evidence, but they could only find a cut glass, decoded machine, and an empty space with no painting hung on it.

At school, there was a new history teacher who knew every thing in history and art. Her name was Ms. Linson. Everybody seemed to like her, but only two people didn't. It was Sarah and Jack.
Jack felt something mysterious about her new history teacher, and Sarah was thinking about going to the Louvre Museum and help her dad to look for evidence. When Sarah and Jack arrived at the Louvre Museum, they saw police everywhere. Sarah found her dad and ran to him with

Jack. When her dad saw them, he said, "Sarah and Jack! I was just looking for you! Are you sure you want to help me find the evidence?" They replied, "Yes, of course Sir!" Then they started to walk around the museum.

They opened their eyes widely. But they couldn't find anything for hours. When they went to the place where the Mona Lisa used to be, Sarah sat on a bench then looked up at the ceiling. Then she saw a ventilator a little opened. She couldn't believe her eyes. Sarah told Jack what she saw. She went to see her dad and told him, "Dad! I found something!" She ran to the place holding her dad's hand. She showed him what she saw and he called the other police to check the roof. They opened the ventilator that she found.

The next day, Sarah told Jack that she was going to check out some library books. She found out that Mona Lisa was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. One of the book's title was, "Paintings that Leonardo da Vinci Drew" It said: The paintings that Leonardo drew are many. One of them is Mona Lisa. Word "Lisa" meant Lady. The painting was painted on 1503 and it was finished on 1506.

Meanwhile, Jack was thinking about everyone he knew. His sister, mother, dad...... History teacher? When Sarah came home, she found Jack was at her house. She asked, "Did you find any clues?" Jack said "Yes, I did. I think Ms. Linson is the thief."

One day, Jack and Sarah talked about the thief that stole the Mona Lisa with Ms. Linson. After she heard the story, she told them to come to her house for a tea. Sarah wanted to go to the toilet so she asked Ms. Linson where the toilet was. Ms. Linson told her that it was downstairs. When Sarah was walking, something caught her eye. It was a small door between the stairs. Click! She went inside, it was dim. Some lights were coming from outside. She realized that some paintings were from the Louvre museum. She was panicked and she closed the door then walked up stairs. When Sarah appeared, Ms. Linson asked, " So, did you find the bathroom?" Sarah answered," Yes, I did. Thank you." Ms. Linson said, "You're Welcome." and looked at her suspiciously.

When they left their teacher's house, Sarah said " Jack, come on! I've got something to tell my dad." When they reached the police station, Sarah started talking about what happened in Ms. Linson's house to

her dad. He listened attentively. He told her daughter not to worry, because he'll take immediate action.

Sarah's dad went to Ms. Linson's house. Ms. Linson didn't say anything when saw the police. When the police finished searching, they didn't find anything. They said "Sorry Ms. Linson". Sarah heard this news from her dad. She thought again if she was the thief she would put the art somewhere else other than her house. Then Sarah got an idea. She told her dad to look in Ms. Linson's Mother's house. Sarah's dad searched for the painting again. Her dad finally found something covered with a red blanket. When he pulled it up, there it was. A woman smiling. Mona Lisa!!!

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