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Deep down the sea, sea creatures lived peacefully in the sea, until the sea was filled with plastic bags, cans, food and all other things. Some creatures died, because there wasn't enough oxygen and some drank polluted water. Polluted water showed a lot of symptoms to the sea creatures. The "Sea Hospital" was always busy saving the lives of the creatures. Dr. Octopus held a vaccine on one hand and a medicine in the other. He shouted, "Hurry Nurse! Before he dies! Get me some more medicine!" He tried his best to save the sea animals, but when he finished, other patients came with a lot of illness. Some had bobbles in their mouth and some had problems with their breathing. After when he cured all the patients, he was perspiring. He went to the "Sea Cafe" because, he promised Mr. Sea turtle to meet him there. Mr. Sea turtle waved his hands to Dr. Octopus. When he saw him, he ran to Mr. Sea turtle. Mr. Sea turtle ordered a sea coffee with some seaweed ice cream and Dr. Octopus ordered shell designed cupcake with a sea drink. While waiting for their orders, they talked about how the sea is getting full with garbages. Dr. Octopus said," I know! But I don't think this problem is going to be solved! The people think the sea is their junkyard!" Mr. Sea turtle said,"People sometimes clean the oils on the sea that floats!" Dr. Octopus said,"Look at me these days! I am curing every single fish!" Mr. Sea turtle said," Well, look at me! I am always thinking of how to get rid of these garbages. One of my scientist found out a chemical that can make things vanish and Mr. Shrimp's company is making marbles with that chemical, but there is one problem. The scientists' opinions are that the marble might make the whole sea vanish. So my company should look for a chemical that can only make the garbage vanish." Dr. Octopus said," That is good! I know a magician who was my friend along time ago. His name is Squid." They took a shell taxi and went to Squid after few days searching where he lived. When they arrived to a house that looked like a cave with a door, they knocked on the door. Then someone came out. Dr. Octopus said," Excuse me, are you Mr. Squid?" The person said," Yes, I am. Who are you?" Dr. Octopus said," It's me man! Octopus! Don't you remember me?" Squid said," Oh, Octopus! I'm so glad that you came here and who is that next to you?" Dr. Octopus said," Him? Let me introduce Mr. Sea turtle to you." When they finished talking they went inside Squid's house. Squid's house was immense. He had potions, magic dusts, and every other things that were magical. Dr. Octopus asked," Do you have like a chemical, potion, or a dust to make only garbages vanish?" Squid said," Yes, I have but you can't use it here. The dust only works inside my house or on the land. I don't have any materials to make this dust in to something that is solid. If it was, you could just say what you want to vanish. You can only take the dust in a glass bottle." Mr. Sea turtle and Dr. Octopus looked at each other and smiled. They asked," Can we take the dust?" Then Squid nodded and put the dust in a glass bottle. When Dr. Octopus and Mr. Sea turtle came out the house, they had a huge delightfulness and a bottle with a dust in it. When they were walking to go to the rode to catch a taxi, Dr. Octopus tripped then the bottle fell. Dr. Octopus stood up immediately and picked up the bottle as fast as he could, but almost every single dust was spilled. Dr. Octopus looked pale, but Mr. Sea turtle was still smiling. He said," Don't worry, my company made a small laser gun that can increase the amount of every single object." After few days, the marble was ready. Everybody gathered around the marble standing in front of the garbage wishing that the garbage was gone. Then in a fraction of a second, the garbages were gone. The sea creatures cheered with delightfulness and the sea was filled with laughter....

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Article posted May 25, 2010 at 07:23 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 174

Dear, people in Lebanon,

I think we all should stop throwing garbages in the Mediterranean Sea. The Sea creatures are dying because of them and some Sea creatures are almost extinct. There is a food pyramid also in the Ocean!

First of all, when you throw garbage, the fish become polluted which means the Sea creatures are full with germs. When fishermen catches the fish, it'll go to the market then people will buy the fish and eat it. Even if you wash the fish, the germs stay. If you eat it, you'll get some illnesses, or the person can die.

Secondly, When you throw garbage and there is oil on your garbage, the oil from your garbage spreads around the Sea. Sometimes, when the ship sinks, more oil spreads. When some animals like birds gets oil all over it, the birds can't get enough sunlight. When that happens, the birds die, because of the coldness.

Lastly, When you throw garbages, some Ocean animals think it is food so they try to swallow it. When the garbage is big, and if the fish or other Sea creature swallows it, there will be a garbage in there throat. That is how they die. When you were fishing and when you leave the strings, the fish can be tied up and die. When you fly balloons to the sky, the balloon pops and sometimes fall on the Sea. When turtles see th balloon,(or plastic bags) is a Jellyfish. When the turtle swallows it, it dies.

So, try not to throw garbages on Sea from now on!

Sincerely, SP

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A dark night came to a place full of glasses around the artifacts. There was a keyhole in a door. Click! Then suddenly the door opened. The glasses shined from the moonlight, reflecting the silver light to the walls. A shadow appeared under the bright light and kneeled down beside a golden light. Then suddenly the golden light disappeared with the shadow, leaving a swinging door and a decoded machine making noises with the drill.

There was a girl called Athny who had dark hair with grayish and blackish eyes always glittering and her wisdom that always made a right decision. She had a mother who was wise and clever and a father who was a police and a detective. Her father was always busy, but sometimes he came home on weekends having a headache with solving his mysteries and finding clues. Athny always helped her dad for finding clues and evidence. One day her dad had a break so he stayed home reading a newspaper saying:

The Mask Is Stolen!

The mask was stolen from the Egypt Museum, on August 21, 2010. The mask looks like a pharaoh and it is gold. We found only a torn black piece of cloth…….

Athny heard the bad news from the radio. At night she sometimes used to ask about her grandfather, her father said, "Your grandfather Max Denswill, was a great man. He used to find treasures and maps and hid them, but one day he disappeared. Now no one knows where he is…." Her father's voice cracked, but he smiled again and told her to sleep.

Few days passed after the golden mask was stolen. Then her dad got a phone call. He said," What? Oh, Ok…." Athny knew something was wrong. She asked her dad what was wrong, but her dad didn't tell her. One day her father took out a bag. Athny noticed immediately that her father was leaving to Egypt. The bag got fuller day after day. One night, when Athny's parents and she were eating dinner, Athny was thinking that she wanted to follow him to Egypt. When she almost finished the food she said,"Dad, I want to follow you to Egypt!" Her dad said,"No, Athny! You know it is dangerous!" Athny said,"But, you know that I'm good at finding evidence and clues!" Her dad said with an angrier voice," Athny, you cannot come! End of discussion!" Athny felt anger and sadness in her throat. She tried to swallow it but it didn't go. Then she started running down the stairs with tears. When she stopped, it was all dark. She turned on the lights and she saw thousands of boxes. She walked between the boxes and one thing caught her eyes. It was a rusty metal box that had a drawing of an eye on top of the keyhole. It seemed to be an old treasure box. She found a key that was the size of the keyhole. It was rusty too. She put the key slowly into the hole. She turned the key and heard the sound that showed that the box was open. She calmed down then opened the box. The box was filled with old things like map, compass, a letter with weird writing, and a paper that had secret codes. She looked carefully at the codes and the letter. Then she noticed that the codes were for translating the letter. She put the letter and the codes back. Then looked at the map and the compass. There was only one X mark on the map in red. The compass didn't have E, W, S, and N. Instead it had a gold village, a statue, a crown that was gold, and a pyramid. She took the things and went to her room without her parents notice.

Ring! Ring! The next morning, Athny woke up and went to the kitchen with her bunny slippers. She smelled some pancakes. When she arrived to the kitchen, she saw her father sitting at the kitchen table arguing with her mother who was making some pancakes. The minute she saw them, she stuck herself flat to the wall and overheard them. Her dad said, " I know that Athny is good at solving a lot of mysteries, but this time I think it is dangerous!" Her mother said,"But take her! This time you are going to Egypt! She had never been to somewhere else here! This will be a good experience to her and there won't be any dangerous things there." When her mother finished her sentence, she put the finished pancake with the others that were on the plate. She cautiously put the plate on the kitchen table then called Athny. Athny pretended that she just woke up from her bedroom. Athny's mother stared at Athny's father. Then finally her father rolled his eyes saying, "Ok! You may be with me Athny, but you should be very careful! I'm going to leave tomorrow, go and start packing."

Athny put everything in her bag including an old map, the compass, the letter, and the codes. She didn't tell her dad about them yet. It was 10:00 in the morning and the plane was going to leave at 11:00. Athny and her dad took a taxi and arrived at the airport at 10:27 and went on the plane at 10:55. While waiting five minutes, Athny looked outside the window. She missed her mom already. Five minutes passed so quickly. When the plane took off, Athny felt like she was flying. Then she closed her eyes. She was sleeping.

When Athny woke up because of her father's voice, she looked outside the window and saw buildings and desserts. Athny felt the plane going down. When the wheel of the plane stood on the ground, it stopped slowly. Athny and her father went to the Egypt museum immediately by taxi. When they went inside the museum, it was filled with police. When the police saw her father, they ran towards him and said, "Mr. Denswill! We need your help! We just found a black piece of cloth that was torn!" Athny's father followed the policeman, but Athny went to see the empty box that used to shine with gold light. Then she went to find some clues. Minutes became hours. Athny was tired, but she still stood to find clues. She went out to the entrance of the museum for some fresh air. Then she found something sparkling on the wall. When she looked closer, it looked like a golden scratch. She thought that it was the mask's scratch. She wasn't sure that it is, but she went to tell her dad. When her dad saw the scratch, he looked at it carefully then took the piece of the wall that had the scratch on. He put it in the plastic bag carefully. It was late, so Athny and her father went to a hotel at 9:00, but her father and she stayed till 10:00, because her dad was looking carefully at the gold scar in another room and Athny was decoding the letter with the codes. She got till here:

Use the compass to find the three jewels.

The compass will lead you where ever you go.

Use the map to see where you are going.

If the mask goes to the wrong hands,

Athny stopped there. She put everything back to her backpack and slept. Tomorrow will be another big day!

Today Athny woke up early and went to the museum again. Although she went to the museum twice, she noticed something. Two policemen were always in the museum.

They also wore black clothes almost every single day. One was called Osama and the other one was Almaad. Osama always looked angry and grumpy, but Almaad always smiled and was kindly to everyone. One day they both were going somewhere while the others weren't looking. Athny decided to follow Robert since he always looked grumpy and angry. When Robert arived to a building, he had a little red blanket covering something. Before he held it up, he looked around. Then he pulled his red blanket. Well not all of it! A little bit enough for him to see. Athny saw a little bit of what Robert was looking at. It was kind of gold and silver. She directly went to her dad and told him what had happened. He said, "Maybe another person took it." He knew that Athny was not sure. One day her father, police men, and she followed Robert again and tied him with at thick rope. Athny's father pulled the blanket and then they only saw a golden mirror with a clear rectangle glass in the middle. It wasn't Robert! Athny told her dad to check all of Robert's clothes, but none were torn. Then who would have took the mask?

That night Athny's grandfather appeared as a blue bird in her dream. It sang as if it was calling for help. Athny tried to reach to it to free it, but her body didn't move. She tried screaming, but her voice wasn't there. When she woke up with horror, she sighed and said to herself,"It was just a dream." Then slept again. The next morning, she didn't go to the museum. She stayed at the hotel alone decoding the letter. she continued:

Use the compass to find the three jewels.

The compass will lead you where ever you go.

Use the map to see where you are going.

If the mask goes to the wrong hands,

the world will be destroyed.

Someone should get the jewels,

before it is too late.

Three jewels may grant you a wish

and the wish will come true,

Put the mask in a safe place,

then the world will be in

peace again.

She stopped there, because she finished translation. She read the paper again and thought of telling her dad what she found in the storage room. When her dad came back, she told him what she found in the storage room. Her father's eyes became huge. He said," Can you show me the map, compass, letter, codes, and the paper that you translated?" Athny nodded and took out all the things and showed it to him. When her dad saw them, his eyes hot even larger. Then said, "The letter says that if the mask goes into the wrong hands, the world will be destroyed. The mask will mean the golden mask and the wrong hands will be the violent people. Then what does the three jewels mean?" It was 7:35, but Athny and her father were still trying to solve the mystery. Then Athny got an idea. She took out the compass and studied it carefully. The compass' arrow was pointing at a direction. Her dad took out his compass, but the two compass were pointing at a different direction. They knew what to do. They started packing and slept for tomorrow's adventure.

Ring! Ring! Athny woke up the next morning and she found out that her dad was already wearing his cloth. She brushed her teeth, washed her face and wore her clothes. Her father and she went to the police and her father asked," Can we have a ride on your helicopter? This is very urgent! Oh, and follow the direction that I tell you to go please!" The police said,"Yes." Without knowing what he was talking about. They kept going to the direction that the compass was pointing at. Then suddenly the part where there were golden buildings, started glowing and the compass' arrow kept spinning. Athny's father looked at the compass' reaction and said,"I'll walk with Athny from here." Athny's father and she lost their way until the compass stopped spinning. They walked on sand all the time leaving foot prints until they found something glowing under the sun. They ran toward the light and found a gold village, but only one building was shining with green and gold light. They checked every single house to see if anyone lived in the village, but there were no sign of people. They walked to the building that had two colors. Athny thought this was too easy and some kind of a trick. Her father felt someone watching him. They were close to the building that had green light, but her father stopped and looked around. Then suddenly he took out the map and looked at it. The map had two gold dots and a red dot right behind the gold dots. The red dot came slowly towards the gold ones. Athny's father whispered, "Take cover!" They ran toward the closest building and hid. Athny looked at the map and the red dot was still come towards the gold ones. Then there were sounds of guns. Athny's father and she tiptoed fast towards the green and gold light building. When they heard a cracking sound behind them, they quickly went inside the building with two colors. When they went in, they saw a brightest green small jewel. They wanted to get the jewels but first of all, they had to hide from this guy holding a gun and second of all, before getting the jewel, they had to save their own lives first, so they knelt down and stuck themselves to the wall as flat as they could. They saw a shadow coming towards them. Athny didn't know what to do neither did her father.

The shadow got closer while Athny's father moved towards the jewel. Before he could reach it, he saw that the shadow was very close, so he went back and stuck himself to the wall again with Athny. The shadow finally showed its body. He looked like a ninja man. While Athny saw him, the man didn't see her. The man came closer to them. Athny found a little rock next to her, so she threw it hard as possible. The rock flew very fast and it went over the man's head. Then when it landed on the ground making a sound, the man turned around and ran. Athny's father took the jewel without making a sound. Then he ran away with Athny as fast as he could.

It was almost 7:00 now. Athny's dad and she made a fire and set the tent. They had dinner with few cans and looked at the map, compass, and the letter Athny translated. Her dad and she understood what the three jewels had meant. The compass was pointing at an another direction and the gold vilage in the compass was green now. It was 9:00 when they finished talking, so they went in to the tent and slept.

The next morning they followed the compass again. This time the arrow spun slowly and then pointed at one direction. The arrow glowed blue and the space where there was a drawing of the crown glowed red. They went to the direction where the compass' arrow was pointing at. Then they arrived to a house that looked like a hut. Athny was nervous, so she took out a mint gum and chewed on it. She asked her dad if he wanted one, but he refused. When they went closer, they saw a bird cage with a blue bird singing and a lot of pigs in a pigsty. Her dad said,"Hello! Anybody here?" There was no answer. When her father knocked, no one came out. They opened the door then went inside the house. The house was bigger and beautiful than it looked from the outside. Then suddenly a woman came out of nowhere and said, "Who comes into my house without a knock?" Athny said," We already knocked and also shouted if anyone was in this house." She said,"Oh, whatever! Oh! You must have come from far away place!" Athny's father said, "Well yes, but not so far." She stared at him then at Athny and said, "Where are my manners! My name is Sakra, and yours?" Athny said, "Athny." Sakra led them to a table to eat. Athny's father and she were eating very fast, because they didn't eat enough food to fill their stomach for days. After they ate, Sakra took out a stick and a crown. She wore the crown while saying something like a spell then touched Athny's dad's head with the stick. Then suddenly, her father became a pig! Sakra told the pig, Athny's father, to go to the pigsty. He had to listen to Sakra or something much worse was going to happen! When Sakra touched Athny, Athny didn't become anything. She was just normal. Sakra said, "Nooo! She has mint! My magic won't work!" Athny took the stick away from Sakra and said, "Return my father, otherwise I will break your stick!" When her father became normal, she found out the blue bird was the bird that she saw in her dream, so she said to Sakra, "Turn that bird into what it was!" When the bird turned into human, Athny's father and her mouth fell open. It was her grandfather!

Athny's grandfather stretched and smiled at her and said, "Hi, Atheeny!" Athny said, "Actually it's Athny." "Ok! Oh, this is my son! You found me at last! This woman turned me into a blue jay for two years! Now, Sakra where is the jewel?" Sakra said, "What jewel?" When Athny's grandfather stared at her she said, "Oh! That jewel! Wait a second." She took of her crown and took out the red jewel that was on her crown. Athny asked her grandpa, "Grandfather, if you became a blue jay, how did you put the things in our house?" "Well, I found this mask and a map, a compass, a letter, and a code with it, so I just followed it. I found the three jewels and them on the mask then made a wish that the mask will be safe and also the things that I found will be in your house. I decided to hide the jewels in a safe place. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I had two disciples, but one day they left. One of them were Sakra and When I had only the red jewel, she took it and turned me into a blue jay with the power of the red jewel! Sakra's magic doesn't work with mint. I knew that already, but I forgot about the mint. That is why I turned in to a blue jay for two whole year! Many people fell in her magic." Sakra looked a kind of shy. Athny's grandpa stated again, "I had another disciple named Al…Almad yes! Almad, but I don't know where he is." Athny said, "Almad? That police? Some policemen were saying that he doesn't show up these days. Oh! Grandfather did you know that the golden mask missed?" "Oh my! That is a big problem! If a harmful person makes a wish, the world will be destroyed or be vanished! I think it is Albert who is doing all this! The last time I saw him, I could tell that he was planning on something destructive! Well we wasted a lot of time on talking. Lets find the last jewel, before someone else finds it!" They said, "Good bye Sakra!"

The part in the compass where there was a drawing of a crown was red now. They just had to find the last jewel. Athny's family had to walk a lot this time, because they were far away from the jewel. When they arrived, they saw a statue in front of a pyramid. Grandfather pointed at the statue and said, "This should be the statue that holds the blue jewel, but where is it?" Grandfather noticed immediately what had happened. Then he said, "We should go inside the pyramid now!" Athny ran as if there was a fire on her feet. Grandfather came in to the pyramid last. They were walking in a hall with torches at the side. Athny figured out that there were holes in the walls. Then suddenly, when they were in the middle of the hall, something made a sound from the wall. Then big needles came out from the holes! They ran with their lives depending on their feet. They found an entrance to another room. They tried to go there, but there were so many needles flying in the air. Athny was running all the time screaming. Then suddenly she stepped on a button or a rock. Then everything stopped.

The next room was just a plain normal hallway. They walked slowly to see if there were any holes in the wall. They found nothing, so they walked peacefully, but this time it was much different than they thought. They heard a cracking sound on the ground. Then the floor started falling down. They just had to run, but they had to open the door swiftly. When they went into the other room, the roof started falling! They were exhausted to run, but to save their own lives, they had to. There were two doors waiting for them this time. They opened one and went in. Every thing was calm in the fourth room, so they st down on the floor and rested a little bit. They found a big sand glass next to them letting the sand go down to the other side and they also found codes on the floor. They didn't know what was going to happen if the sand glass finished, but they knew something bad was going to happen. Athny's mind was racing with her father's and her grandfather's. This whole adventure was about the mask and the jewels, but what was the code? Pharaoh? Jewel? Pyramid? She stepped lightly on the "P" code, but in cracked and broke. She stepped on the "J" code, but it also broke. Then finally, she stepped on the "M" code, but it didn't break, so the code started with "M" she looked at the codes that were in front of her "F-E-J-A-K-S-G-Y-X". She tried to make a word with those letters, but it didn't really work. She kept on trying then she got the code. She told her dad and her grandpa to follow her. "M-A-S-K" It worked! They finally opened the door and went to the next room.

The next room was very dark. It didn't have torches. Only the sun from the outside came in from some little holes and there was a person standing in front of a golden mask. One of the mask's hole was filled with one blue jewel. The man said with a similar voice, "You've hardly came here, but this isn't the end. You think I'm going to give you this mask easily?" The man ran towards Athny and passed her. She wasn't hurt, but she figured out that the bag with the jewels was in the man's hand! The man showed his face in the sun. He wore a black mask covering his whole face except his eyes. Athny's dad and grandpa tried to get the bag that the man was holding, but the man was too quick. Suddenly, Athny's dad hit the man's hand and the man dropped the bag. Then her dad held the man tight not letting him move. Her grandfather helped her dad with it. The jewels were sparkling from the sun waiting for Athny to pick them up. Athny walked to the mask and put the green one in the empty space. When she was about to put the red one, the man hit her dad and her grandpa and pushed them away. Then he ran towards her and threw her to the ground and made her drop the jewel. He took the last jewel then put it on the mask. The mask glowed with different colors and glowed. When the man was about to make a wish, Athny found a rope hanging from the roof she swung on it and kicked the man's face. Then his mask got off his face and he fell on his head and fainted. It was Almaad!

Athny's family came out of the pyramid. Athny's dad called the police. After few minutes, the police came with some helicopters. Her dad told the police what had happened and the police said that Almaad was going to stay in jail. Athny didn't wish for anything, because she had everything she wanted, a family. - The end-

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Dear mom and dad

I think you should help 5B from planting trees, because planting the trees can save the earth!

First of all, trees improve human health by producing oxygen and improving air quality. One tree absorbs over a ton of harm full green house gases over its life time and also produces enough oxygen for 4 people everyday. If these trees are cut down, you'll have less oxygen so we'll be hard to breath. The gases from the green house makes holes in Ozone Layer. The bad light that comes from the sun comes through that hole and if it hits a person, that person gets skin problems and other diseases. That's why the ice is melting.

Second of all, when there are floods and it's raining a lot, the water takes sand from the mountains and it causes a mountain slide but there are some ways to stop it. It is to plant trees! The roots of the trees keeps the sand so there will be less mountain slides. When there are less trees, there will be less mountain slides and there will be floods and muddy water. The muddy water goes to the sea and make the sea even muddy!

Lastly, When people cut down trees, many animals loose their habitats like squirrels, birds, dears, rabbits, and other forest animals. Habitats means animal's homes. If there are no animals, it means no life or no nature and it also means that we can't live.

So, what do you think? Want to help 5B with planting trees? Please help us! I know that you are going to help 5B and me!

Sincerely, SP

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It was a spooky night filled with darkness. The guards were walking around a museum quietly. Suddenly when the guards were gone, the ventilator on the roof opened, a person wearing black clothes went down to reach a painting with it's hip tied. The thief knew that there were lasers surrounding the painting. The robber threw something like a powder then the lasers started to show. The person unlocked the code. Then the lasers vanished. The thief looked at the drawing carefully. There was a glass surrounding a painting. The burglar took out a small sharp diamond and started cutting the glass. When the glass broke, the stealer took the painting, then went back to the air ventilator.

There was a girl called Sarah and she was twelve years old. She had dark brown eyes like sand and she had black hair which was shining under the sun. Her dad Albert was a police and her mother Alice was a reporter. Her parents were so busy that she didn't see them much, but in the weekend they spent their time together. Sarah was living in Paris because of her dad's work.

She went to a international school and walked there.

In the school, there was a boy called Jack, who sat next to her. Jack had dark brown eyes like Sarah, and his hair was the same color like her eyes. They were friends since third grade when Sarah came to the school. Whenever they had problems, they talked about it and solved it together. One day Sarah's dad told her about the news he heard last night. A thief stole an art piece from the Louvre museum, but it wasn't just any drawing, it was Mona Lisa drawn by Leonardo da Vinci! Sarah couldn't believe her ears. How can someone steel that famous art piece?

She told Jack about the accident that happened last night. The police were looking for an evidence, but they could only find a cut glass, decoded machine, and an empty space with no painting hung on it.

At school, there was a new history teacher who knew every thing in history and art. Her name was Ms. Linson. Everybody seemed to like her, but only two people didn't. It was Sarah and Jack.

Jack felt something mysterious about her new history teacher, and Sarah was thinking about going to the Louvre Museum and help her dad to look for evidence. When Sarah and Jack arrived at the Louvre Museum, they saw police everywhere. Sarah found her dad and ran to him with

Jack. When her dad saw them, he said, "Sarah and Jack! I was just looking for you! Are you sure you want to help me find the evidence?" They replied, "Yes, of course Sir!" Then they started to walk around the museum.

They opened their eyes widely. But they couldn't find anything for hours. When they went to the place where the Mona Lisa used to be, Sarah sat on a bench then looked up at the ceiling. Then she saw a ventilator a little opened. She couldn't believe her eyes. Sarah told Jack what she saw. She went to see her dad and told him, "Dad! I found something!" She ran to the place holding her dad's hand. She showed him what she saw and he called the other police to check the roof. They opened the ventilator that she found.

The next day, Sarah told Jack that she was going to check out some library books. She found out that Mona Lisa was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. One of the book's title was, "Paintings that Leonardo da Vinci Drew" It said: The paintings that Leonardo drew are many. One of them is Mona Lisa. Word "Lisa" meant Lady. The painting was painted on 1503 and it was finished on 1506.

Meanwhile, Jack was thinking about everyone he knew. His sister, mother, dad...... History teacher? When Sarah came home, she found Jack was at her house. She asked, "Did you find any clues?" Jack said "Yes, I did. I think Ms. Linson is the thief."

One day, Jack and Sarah talked about the thief that stole the Mona Lisa with Ms. Linson. After she heard the story, she told them to come to her house for a tea. Sarah wanted to go to the toilet so she asked Ms. Linson where the toilet was. Ms. Linson told her that it was downstairs. When Sarah was walking, something caught her eye. It was a small door between the stairs. Click! She went inside, it was dim. Some lights were coming from outside. She realized that some paintings were from the Louvre museum. She was panicked and she closed the door then walked up stairs. When Sarah appeared, Ms. Linson asked, " So, did you find the bathroom?" Sarah answered," Yes, I did. Thank you." Ms. Linson said, "You're Welcome." and looked at her suspiciously.

When they left their teacher's house, Sarah said " Jack, come on! I've got something to tell my dad." When they reached the police station, Sarah started talking about what happened in Ms. Linson's house to

her dad. He listened attentively. He told her daughter not to worry, because he'll take immediate action.

Sarah's dad went to Ms. Linson's house. Ms. Linson didn't say anything when saw the police. When the police finished searching, they didn't find anything. They said "Sorry Ms. Linson". Sarah heard this news from her dad. She thought again if she was the thief she would put the art somewhere else other than her house. Then Sarah got an idea. She told her dad to look in Ms. Linson's Mother's house. Sarah's dad searched for the painting again. Her dad finally found something covered with a red blanket. When he pulled it up, there it was. A woman smiling. Mona Lisa!!!

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Mirror River

So much depend upon

a still mirror river

filled with rocks

shined from the glowing sun

with animals on one side

looking at themselves


So much depend upon

windy charming fall

that was green, but

was painted with orange


So much depend upon

honesty in my heart

trying to get me out of a lie

and take me to truth


So much depends upon

a dim light sunset

coloring the sky,

blue to red

and sliping, drowning under the sea


So much depend upon

on precious time

that never stops

and never to come back again

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I am from parents that are from South Korea and came here to work for 3 years. I am from parents that are cautious when they’re talking. I am from two parents who help under privileged people.

I am from a family that is proud of their country. I am from a family that has good luck. I am from a family that thinks of others first. I am from a family that believes in God.

I am from a country that is inventive. I am from a country that is idealistic.

I am from a school that has knowledgeable teachers. I am from a school that has innocent students.

I have a teacher that is trustworthy. I have a teacher that is great.

I am from the nature that is incredible and brilliant.

I am a responsible person and I am proud of my culture. I am a thankful person, because I was born. I am a respectful person and a person that likes to make people laugh. I am a girl that has a great family. I am from Korea!

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Article posted December 8, 2009 at 07:41 AM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 118

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If I become an animal, I would like to be a bird. Birds fly carrying their worries and freedom in their heart. A lot of hunters kill birds and there are less birds left. I am very talkative and birds sing a lot. I thought that is kind of same actions of birds. I had two birds and I wanted to free them, but they were so cute that I didn't let them go. I kept them and they started to look pale. Then one of them died. Then after like one week, another one was dead too. They died because of stress! If I was a bird in the cage, people would try to hold me and feed me. Even they do good stuff to me, I won't be happy though, because I would like freedom more than kindness and love. I think birds are sensitive so my opinion is that it's kind of hard to have a bird, but flying it would be great for me!!

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It started when Mrs. Rishani said that we are going to go to the science lab. We lined up immediately and started walking. When we entered the lab we saw microscopes. A teacher in the lab told us that she put banana, onion peal, muscle, and other things inside the microscope. From the microscope that had muscle, I looked inside and the cells were strait. Banana and onion peal are white so the teacher had already put a color inside the onion peal and banana. The onion peal had brown Nucleus, because the teacher had already put a color in it. Some of the students finished looking at all the cells, so they went to a place where the lab teachers put living things in alcohol. There were crocodiles head, lizards, and other things like starfish and worms. Then the teacher called us. She was poking Mrs. Rishani's finger and tried to take one drop of blood! When the blood came out the science lab teacher put the blood on a plastic or a glass that was thin and looked like a square. There were thousands of cells inside one drop of blood. When we went back to class, I couldn't wait to tell my brother what happened today!

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