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“I’m bored, what should we do today? We’ve been sitting here for hours, just watching T.V!” I exclaimed, “Why don’t we go Go-karting?” My cousin Belinda suggested, “We did that yesterday Bells, it’s getting boring.” I said, “Or why don’t we go to paintball? Belinda suggested again, “Then why don’t we go to your boat Ali?”Jad, my other cousin, said “Yeah why not!?” Clara, my sister, said, “We’ll just have to ask our dad,” she added, “Yeah!” I said. I asked my dad and he gave us permission to go jet skiing on my boat. But he also said to be very careful, to make sure we don’t get hurt. We were all very thrilled to go, we wore our swimming suit and left the house to my boat to go jet skiing.

When we arrived we all got out of the car frantically. We all ran to the boat to get ready for jet skiing, and me and Belinda jumped on the blue Jet Ski very excited, so did Clara she went on another jet ski, so we took off. We went speedy; all of the water was flying around me, and I didn’t stop moving. While I was driving the Jet Ski, Belinda stopped me, and suggested that we go to movenpick, but I disagreed I suggested that we go next to Biel because movenpick was too far. We went next to Beil, it was very fun. We were jumping on the gigantic waves, and drifting everywhere. I could tell that Belinda was really frightened and enjoying it because of her screaming, I could tell from the way she screamed, I could tell from her voice when she screamed. Sometimes, she was screaming with enjoyment, and sometimes she screamed when we were jumping a high wave!

My sister got bored and she went back to have lunch, we told her that we are going to stay for ten more minutes. My sister reminded us to be careful, and we did, until, well…until I speeded up, at 50 mph,   I was frightened I didn’t know what I was doing and on top of all that the steering gear was stuck, I wasn’t able to control the jet ski, it was controlling me. Belinda held tight to me, she accidently pushed me forward, she put all her weight on me, and I banged my lips on the gear.

 For a moment I didn’t feel like it was a bad injury, I was in pain, but I didn’t feel the blood oozing out of my lips, until I touched the injury carefully and felt the liquid oozing out like a river.  I was even more frightened when I knew my lip was cut open. I drove the Jet Ski back to the port. I ran back to where my boat was parked and showed my driver the cut on my lip. He took me to the hospital immediately, and we went straight into the emergency room. The doctors there stitched my lip up and fixed my broken tooth and that was the end of my painful day.

I will never forget this day, this fun day.

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