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Thursday January 28, 2010

Dear Mom,

       It’s happening, and it’s not a joke. Some people don’t care about trees, animals or even themselves! They go cutting down trees whenever they are bored! This is why I’m hoping you will give me a job for a week, and whenever I do that job, you give me just one dollar. That way I can purchase a tree with the money that I earned and plant a tree with my friends.

Planting trees is very important to all living things. Trees provide us with fresh and healthy air. Trees bring beauty to our country as well. They are a huge part of a food chain. For example, giraffes eat leaves, and tigers eat giraffes. If there are no trees there are no leaves. And if there are no leaves, there are no giraffes. And if there are no giraffes, there are no tigers. And there goes the zoo.

Surely, you have heard about recycling and reducing. This process is very important. Instead of cutting down another tree to make new paper, we can recycle used paper and use it again. We can work on advertisements that tell people how important trees are, how they are being cut down, and how they can help by recycling. Schools, hospitals, restaurants, and malls should always have recycling bins. It is very important to keep in mind that paper is made from trees.

 A world without trees is a horrible world. No beauty, just a plain, old, ugly world. No oxygen. No living things! And what’s a world without humans, animals. And TREES? Would you like to be living like that? Actually, you wouldn’t even be living.

Just one dollar for seven days, and a tree will be planted. When one tree is planted, the world becomes prettier, healthier, and better to live in.


Your Little Girl,



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