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January 22, 2010

To the Minister of Energy
Ministry of Energy and Water
Minister Mohamed Fneiche
Pierre Gemayel Avenue
Ashrafieh, Beirut
Beirut Governorate, Lebanon

Dear Minister of Energy:

A topic I believe quite strongly in is that the use of solar energy should be increased. I believe it is an astonishing power source that is used all too little.

Increased use of solar energy will decrease pollution. There will be no smoke at all. Also, empty gas cans will be things of the past, as we will need no gas cans, since, well, there will be no gas. Not only that, but since there will be no gas, it would not be possible to spill any.

Another reason is that increase use will stop global warming. Doing that might fix the ozone layer. If it doesn’t stop global warming, it is sure to decrease it. Also, by stopping global warming, it will, by association, stop the melting of polar ice caps.

Last but not least, my final reason is the oil crisis. Solar energy could stop that. Plus, solar energy is a renewable energy source. It could also slow down weathering, erosion and deposition, because you won’t need to dig for oil.

In conclusion, my strong belief in solar energy had driven me to write this letter and I hope that it leads to extended use of solar energy.

Sincerely yours,

Lebanese citizen

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